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Proposal to Upgrade Helmcken-Centennial Park 1.  View Royal Fastball Association  Triangle Athletic Association  Victoria Fastball Club - Devils ‘A’

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1 Proposal to Upgrade Helmcken-Centennial Park 1

2  View Royal Fastball Association  Triangle Athletic Association  Victoria Fastball Club - Devils ‘A’ program  Senior Women’s ‘D’ League 2

3  We teach kids the game of Fastball and in doing so they learn:  How to have fun through competition  How to be good sports  A work ethic  To achieve goals through cooperation with team members 3 Our fastball program has a long standing history in the community

4  We mentor & develop the youth of today to help shape the citizens of tomorrow  We promote athletic activity in all ages  In 2007, 4 VR teams made it to Provincial Championships  View Royal Fastball has been part of community since the 1960’s 4

5  Bantam ‘A’ Provincials – July 2006 ◦ 16 teams from across the province  Senior Women’s tourney – each July  Team Canada Skills Clinic – June 2007  Bantam ‘C’ District Tournament – June 2007  Mite Tournament – June 2007  Frank Bell Memorial Slow pitch tournament –July 2007 5

6 Fields are in use from March-October  Assessments & Clinics  Softball BC – ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions ◦ 180 Regular Season Games April-July ◦ 4 Minor tournaments in 2007 ◦ 2 Adult tournaments in 2007  FallBall – ‘all Divisions’ ◦ 120 Games August-October  Victoria Devils ‘A’ Division – practices & clinics to mentor other divisions  There are practices nearly every day fields are free April-July The ‘season’ has grown from 3 to 8 months! 6

7  Two fastball diamonds in need of upgrade  One diamond that is inadequate for fastball  One ‘diamond’ for Learn to Play  A batting cage & warm up area  Equipment sheds that are in need of repair  An Executive that cares, great volunteers & lots of enthusiasm It’s a good park…but we need to invest time & money in it for the future 7

8  To ‘skin’ Diamond 4 and make it a competitive fastball diamond  Upgrade our 2 existing diamonds  Fix the sprinkler pipes  Fix the sheds  Upgrade D4 backstop & other fencing 8

9  Extra diamond will allow more games played and practices to be held ◦ Will allow 150 + games/year more & will attract more players to the park  With proper playing surfaces we can bring Provincials, Westerns and Canadian Championships to View Royal – with economic spin off to the city  The park’s proximity to the highway is ideal for out of town teams to travel for tournaments. Lower mainland teams want to play on a good surface  Diamonds will be easier to maintain at season start and throughout season  Authenticity – playing fastball on a grass infield is like playing hockey on a gravel road. The game needs a proper field to be played safely and correctly  Demographics in Victoria are changing as young families are being pushed into the outlying districts…this facility is needed We want to be the park in the area where everyone wants to play. 9

10  View Royal Fastball & partners will contribute financially as well as through community donations and volunteer labour  Town of View Royal needs to contribute financially for the project to succeed 10

11 ItemDiamond 4Diamond 2Diamond 1 Other InfrastructureTotals Excavation2,000$2,000 Road Base1,200 Irrigation2,250750 3,750 Infield Mix (top dress) 4,8003,360 11,520 Backstop & Side Fencing 9,295 Equipment Shed Rebuild/Relocate 2,900 Labour & Field Layout 1,500500 3,000 Totals 21,0454,610 3,400$33,655 11 Estimated Total Cost of Upgrade: $33,665

12 Our estimates are fiscally prudent as we are budgeting for the least expensive option that will still improve the playing surface. 12 *$70/ ton proposed

13 OrganizationContribution Type Amount View Royal FastballCash$5,000 View Royal Fastball & PartnersField Layout500 View Royal Fastball & PartnersLabour *2,500 Triangle Athletic AssociationCash1,000 Victoria Fastball ClubCash1,000 Victoria Senior Women's LeagueCash1,000 Don Mann ExcavatingExcavation2,000 Total Cash & Contributions$13,000 *Assumes 500 hrs @$5/hr 13

14 14 We are asking for $20,655 to improve our park

15 1. Skin and prepare D4, including irrigation & re-setting bases and plate in Oct/Nov 2007. (This gives us three playable diamonds for spring 2008) 2. The backstop and fence work can be done over the winter or in the early spring This phase will also include the work that Town of View Royal already has budgeted funds for:  Build ‘out of play’ fences on D1;  Moving the concrete barricade and out of play fence on D2. This would facilitate levelling the right field portion of D4 near the tennis courts with the material removed from D4 when we skin it. 3. Irrigation repair and top dress D1 & D2. The irrigation repair could be done through the winter and the top dressing could be done in the spring. (This involves replacing sprinkler heads and placing heads behind home plate to allow full coverage of diamond) 4. Relocate and rebuild of equipment shed could be done at any time. 15

16 16 Diamond 2 * Diamond 4 Top dressing D1 & D2 will also allow diamonds to be sloped for better drainage and will eliminate pooling Grass in infield will be removed (aka ‘skinned’) Backstop will be upgraded to same strength as D1 & D2

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19  100+ parents & ballplayers attend each annual field maintenance day  Volunteers regularly help maintain fields during the season 19

20  View Royal Fastball was fully engaged in last year’s park planning process.  Diamond 1 & 2 can be top dressed in Feb/March  Diamond 4 should be skinned now before winter arrives to minimize costs and to be ready for next season  This plan will revitalize our ballpark and with a better quality playing surface will attract more players and tournaments 20

21 21

22  Sicamous, BC – (population 2,300) - 4 diamonds  Duncan, BC- 2 diamonds  Nanaimo, BC – McGirr Park – 4 diamonds  Surrey, BC - Softball City, – 4 diamonds 22

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30 30 D1, our best diamond after a rainy day

31  The benefits to View Royal are: ◦ An increased sport tourism profile ◦ Increased safety and playability of fields ◦ Investment in the youth of the community  We are asking permission to proceed with Diamond upgrades ASAP  We request the town aid with funding - $20,655 for this phase 31

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