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Welcome ! Mrs. Lopes, D4 Open House Here’s a few things that I wanted to share with you.

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1 Welcome ! Mrs. Lopes, D4 Open House Here’s a few things that I wanted to share with you.

2 A little bit about me… I was born and raised in Hawaii and attended University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have a B.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and an M.Ed. in Special Education. I have taught in Hawaii DOE schools for 20+ years in general education, special education and inclusion classes. I have also taught in DoDDS Pacific schools in Japan at NAF Atsugi (Lanham Elementary School) and US Army Base, Camp Zama (Arnn Elementary) for 6 years, all in 4 th grade. I am very familiar with the unique and challenging needs of the military child and will do all I can to help make your child’s time here in Hawaii fulfilling and successful.

3 School Supplies Each student needs an inexpensive pencil pouch to hold spelling and vocabulary flash cards. Please have child bring to class on NLT Monday after Thanksgiving holiday. Leave the expensive, treasured items at home. I will confiscate any items that are a significant distraction for students. I will determine when items will be returned. Check with your child periodically to see if they need refills on supplies, especially folder paper and pencils.

4 Water Bottle/Snacks Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to school, it will be left outside of class on the table. Please label bottles. Water bottles should be taken home daily to be washed. There is no scheduled snack time in class. Students may bring snacks to eat during recess.

5 Birthdays I am happy to help your child celebrate their special day. If you would like to provide a treat (cupcakes, etc.) for a birthday, please let me know at least 1 day in advance so I can be sure put it in our schedule, usually at 1:45 pm.

6 Planner/Homework Folder The student planner, homework folder, flashcard pouch and reading log should be brought to class daily. Students will write their assignments in their planners daily. I will stamp each assignment in planner so you know it was written accurately. Please sign the planner daily. Students receive a stamp on their chart for every day their planner is signed.

7 Thursday Folder Kuleana (Responsibility) Folder Thursday Folders are very important and often contain time-sensitive material. Please check folders every Thursday and return on Friday. Kuleana Folders gives you a “snapshot” of your child’s week. Primarily, any missing homework and behavior positives and negatives. Please sign the folder on the Friday block of that week and students return to school on Monday. Students will receive individual points when folders are returned.

8 Homework Neatness counts. Turning homework in on time counts. All assignments need to have student’s name and date on them. If no name, there is a possibility student will not receive credit for assignment. Completing homework in class on the day it is due is not permitted. Chronic late/missing assignments could result in recess detention. I will contact you if this becomes a concern.

9 Homework Math and Language Arts homework will usually be given daily. Science, Social Studies, and Health homework will be given periodically. Homework given Monday-Thursday, sometimes Friday, if necessary. Students receive a stamp on their chart for each assignment completed on time. Late work will be accepted up to one day only after due date. After that, “missing” grade (0) stays as is.

10 Homework Students are responsible for getting any missing assignments from me upon return from an absence. Students have one week to complete missing assignment after returning to school from an absence. All assignments will be posted on my Mokapu Elem. Webpage Please subscribe to my page (Mrs. Robin Lopes) so you can receive email notifications whenever the page is updated.

11 Tests/Quizzes Passing grade on tests and quizzes is 75%. Students who score below 75% are responsible for making corrections and have test signed by parent. When corrected and signed test/quiz is returned by the following school day, score will be changed to 75%. If turned in later, the grade will remain as is.

12 Class Rules Listen when the speaker is talking Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself Respect others and their property Come to school prepared to work

13 Point System Individual Points –Students can earn points for doing homework, staying on task, getting planner signed. –Students will turn in completed point chart to participate in weekly raffle for rewards (small prizes, no homework passes). Team Points –Teams earn points for cooperating, helping others, doing tasks that help the whole class. –When every team has completed a point chart, the class will earn a class activity (eg. extra PE time, no homework night).

14 Consequences Positive: 1.Following classroom rules 2.Transitioning well between activities 3.Cleaning up materials after an activity 4.Practicing multiplication facts when finished work early Students receive a team and/or individual stamp for appropriate behavior

15 Consequences Negative: 1.Not following classroom rules 2.Talking out of turn 3.Teasing others 4.Whining or complaining 5.Disrespect towards others Students will be “counted “ from 1-3 for each repeated behavior. When they reach 3, they will receive 3-5 min. of refocus time. Parents will be notified if negative behavior is chronic.

16 Curriculum Language Arts – Reading Log –will be assigned M-Th. This is assigned homework, not optional. –Parent signature is required. –Fourth grade expectation – students will read at least 25 chapter books. –Options for completing Reading Log: read to self, read to someone, listen to reading (audio books).

17 Curriculum Language Arts – Wonders –Will be assigned M-Th (sometimes Friday). –All assignments and e-copies will be posted on my webpage, when possible. –Students should be studying spelling and vocabulary flashcards daily. Pouches need to be in class everyday, in case there is opportunity for students to work in partners to quiz each other.

18 Curriculum Math – Multiplication Sundae –During 2 nd and 3 rd quarter, students will be taking weekly quizzes, from 0-12 times tables. –Students must past a test with 100% to earn an ingredient for their sundae. When tests are completed, students will participate in an Ice Cream party and use the ingredients they earned. Date of party to be determined. –Students will have the opportunity to make up any tests they did not pass or missed due to absence.

19 Curriculum Math – Envision –Students will usually receive a worksheet for homework. –There are 2 sides: Reteach and Practice. –The Reteach side provides an example of the concept introduced. –Reteach is required homework. Practice is optional, but students will receive Bonus points for completing them, regardless of errors. -All math homework is due the following school -day.

20 Curriculum Social Studies –In 4 th grade, students learn about Hawaiian history and culture. –Grades will be based on class participation and completion of projects. –Students may receive parent assistance for home projects, but 95% of work should be done by the student.

21 Curriculum Science –Students will learn about the Scientific Method by participating in a variety of hands-on experiments –Students will participate in a science fair in which they will share their a science experiment they complete in class.

22 Open Door Policy My door is always open. I’m usually here by 7:30 a.m. and stay until 3 p.m. Feel free to drop by any time. If you would like a conference, please schedule a time and date. School office phone #254-7964. Or just drop me a email (most reliable way) at is I try my best to respond within one work day.

23 Before you leave… Please fill out email/phone information form. Please write very clearly and provide the most reliable email address and phone number. I use email as my primary form of communication. If you have a different preference, please let me know.

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