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Management School. What is internationalisation?

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1 Management School

2 What is internationalisation?

3 What is Internationalisation? International Research and Visiting Professors International Student Mobility (PG) and ERASMUS International Staff Mobility International Staff and Profiles Internationally Delivered Programmes International Recruitment (Greater Diversity?) International Income Streams International Advisory Board

4 Triggers of Internationalisation Saturation E.O.S Life cycle Economic Sourcing Foreign Market Advantages International Opportunities National Policy Globalisation Narrow line Capacity I.T.

5 Internationalisation Fairly new initiative (following EQUIS) Appointment of an Associate Dean – valued by EQUIS A move to become more proactive than reactive to suggestions and proposals Accreditation and its importance

6 EQUIS ‘Off shore joint programmes in Shanghai and Singapore…. Appear to be revenue related….. what other benefits will accrue from these projects as the overseas partners are not research-led institutions of comparable standing….’ ‘Encourage more international visitors… the presence of prominent international visitors could assist in raising the bar for research productivity and potentially move 3* rated papers to 4*’

7 Further EQUIS advice.. The profile of the international student body requires greater diversification…… exchange of activity needs to be taken to a higher level..’ ‘The Advisory Board achieves an international reach by virtue of the experience of some of its members whose careers have taken them abroad. The addition of some international industry members who live and work outside of the UK would assist in raising the international focus.’

8 Internationalisation SIM Accounting (UG) Mannheim (M) Sweden Linkoping (M) Austria W U Vienna (M) ERASMUS and SYA Advisory Board HKBU (Global Marketing) Sino-British College (UG) Consortium Maastricht Paris Dubai International Seminars Recruitment and Diversity

9 Barriers to Internationalisation Governmental regulations e.g. visa, work permits, human rights, corruption, price, foreign exchange, expropriation Senior management Experience, language Which markets? Which definition or angle? Finding the right partner Goal alignment Finance Market research Internal politics Bureaucracy and pace Lack of support Lack of flexibility Lack of agility

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