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D4: Preparing for Graduation Dr. Adam C Shisler UTSD-Houston ‘12.

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1 D4: Preparing for Graduation Dr. Adam C Shisler UTSD-Houston ‘12

2 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet You Ready for This?

3 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Big Goal for Today

4 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Private Practice Postgraduate Residency Two Roads

5 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Congrats you’re going to residency!

6 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Congrats - - More school 

7 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Questions License Budget Benefits Loan Action / Status ADA / Org Dentistry Associations

8 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Q1 License –Active license stays active –Can you afford it? –Does your residency need it? Malpractice Coverage –Residency –Moonlighting

9 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Q2 Budget –Good God you have to budget Mint, Personal Capital, Quicken –Moving budget (if a new city) –Stipend, per month? Twice a month? –Taxes?

10 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Q3 Benefits –Health Self / Spouse / Family Med/Dent/Vision Life/Disability/Short-term Disability –Malpractice

11 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Q4 Loan Action / Status –Where and How Much? –Forbearance or Deferral –Repayment

12 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Residency Big Q5 ADA Membership –1 st 4yr New Dentist ($0) One-time use and start –Postgrad membership ($30)

13 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Yay, no more school

14 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Private Practice and Post- Residency No Brainers –License –Malpractice –Nitrous / Sedation Level PRN Thinkers –Contract / Compensation –Calendar / CE –Attire: Professional / Scrubs / WC –Equipment

15 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet No Brainers License –Active and displayed Malpractice –$1mill / $ 3mill Occurrence –Employee held Nitrous / Sedation Level PRN –Training for staff

16 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet How do I know what I’m worth?

17 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Contracts and Compensation Employee / Independent Contractor Full-time / Part-time Length of Contract (yr+) Compensation –daily rate –% collections / production –+/- lab bills Ownership / Completion of TP Paid working interview PRN

18 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Contracts and Compensation Non-compete New patients 90 day walk away Benefits (short-term disability) 401(k), IRA, Profit Sharing, Bonuses Vacation / Sick Organized Dentistry Dues CE Budget Fringe Benefits –Clothing, Cell, Gas, Tolls

19 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Student Loans Find, organize, and educate –Amt, time, rate, federal, fixed Repayment –6 months post registered graduation date Refinance –Fixed or variable, shorter periods –No early payment penalty, fixed rates –No federal protection, or IBR Largest expense every month*

20 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Budget for Ebbs and Flows Pediatric Dental Office Example Summer – Busiest Pedo Sept – Children back in School December – Holidays January – New Insurance Benefits Spring – District/State Testing How does this affect expenses? Affect Cash flow?

21 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Organize Your Year

22 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet More questions…

23 @ASDAnet #ASDAnet Just find a way to do what you love…

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