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English? Yes.

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1 English? Yes

2 Where is Daniela Margarida from? She is from the Azores, Portugal.

3 How old are you? I am 10 years old.

4 How are you? I’m fine.And you? I’m fine, too.

5 Numbers 1-5 1- one 2- two 3- three 4- four 5- five

6 Verb to be Full Forms Short forms I am I’m You are You’re He is He’s
She is It is We are They are I’m You’re He’s She‘s It’s We’re They’re

7 Counties and Nationalites
Countries Nationalites Portugal Germany Mexico Spain Italy Portuguese German Mexican Spanish Italian

8 Colours Red Green Yellow Blue Orange Brown Purple Grey Vermelho Verde
Amarelo Azul Laranja Castanho Roxo Cinzento

9 Goodbye

10 Autora: Isabel Parreira Ano: 5º Turma: 13 Nº: 14

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