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Work at school. Touring of Waraw Leisure time.

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1 Work at school

2 Touring of Waraw




6 Leisure time

7 Visit in Raciąż

8 Art


10 Our research


12 Chemical group

13 Red Zone Black Zone Blue Zone

14 Chemical group


16 Biological group 11th December 2007 Water Ph = 8,08 Water temp. =8º C Air temp.=6º C

17 RED ZONEAscomorphia Sp. Trichocerca BLACK ZONEEurycercus Lamellatus Graptoleberis Testudinaria BLUE ZONESimocephalus Sp. Kalliocotia Longispina Pelomyxa Actinophrys Sp. Anostraca Squatinella Amphiieptus Spirostomum Harpacticoida Euchlanis Spirogyra Varians Chilodonella

18 Red zone TrichocercaAscomorphia

19 Black zone Eurycercus lamellatus Graptoleberis Testudinaria

20 Blue Zone AnostracaPelomyxathree Kalliocotia Longispina


22 Geographical group


24 Task 1 Find the places scen while field classes. Powszechny Theatre Confectionery factory "Wedel" ”Bożego Ciała” Church Habitable building Buildings and apartment Monument Sport Stadium A dock called "Pod pstrągiem" Water company "Wawer" Bakery Medical Centre

25 Task 2 Match the letters from A to E with streets. Międzynarodowa Stanisława Augusta E. Wedla Avenue Zieleniecka Avenue Lubelska

26 Task 3 Examine the field and check if your map is orientatcd to the north. Mark the proper quarters. Task 4 Colour the objects on the map with following colours: blue - waters bright green - grasses dark green - park' s plants brown - schools, kindergartens, nursery schools red - churches violet - buildings navy blue - factories and offices


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