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Lauren Sanchez, Middlebury College

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1 Changes in leaf area index (LAI) due to ice storm damage at Harvard Forest
Lauren Sanchez, Middlebury College In collaboration with Harvard University Spring Student Symposium 2010

2 Introduction Global carbon balance Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE)
Carbon sink Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) Long-term measurements Factors affecting NEE measurements

3 Disturbance- Ice Storms
Impacts on ecosystems Variable damage Tree species Nature of stand New England ice storms Winter 1998 and 2008 Potential impacts due to the changing climate

4 Leaf Area Index Interaction between vegetation and the atmosphere
Ratio = foliage surface area ground area Values range from 0-7 Eddy covariance method Whole-ecosystem function approach Measurements- sonic anemometer and eddy flux tower

5 Research Question: Is there a correlation between ice storm damage and change in LAI values? Hypothesis: Plots with more ice storm damage, particularly CWD, would experience a greater decrease in LAI

6 Methods Site description Measurement locations and plots
Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA Measurement locations and plots Biometry component CWD and FWD survey Classifications, observations

7 Observed LAI values at Harvard Forest

8 A comparison of 2008 and 2009 LAI values

9 The average amount of woody biomass in each plot due to the ice storm
With D4 Without D4

10 The relationship between ice storm woody debris and the change in peak LAI for each plot
= 0.191 P= 0.172 With D4 Without D4

11 The relationship between ice storm FWD and the change in peak LAI for each plot, excluding D4
 = 0.442 P=

12 Comparing the CWD, FWD, and change in LAI values between two deciduous plots

13 Discussion The total FWD biomass is comparable to CWD
High variability between plots Importance of FWD survey Strong correlation between amount of ice storm damage and decrease in peak LAI Significant relationship for FWD data Also significant correlation for FWD data in deciduous plots

14 Future Study Continue to extensively track LAI values
Investigate LAI trajectories and changes in green up and peaks Climatic modeling and PAR data to determine effect of weather

15 Acknowledgements Steve Trombulak and Andi Lloyd
Dr. Steven C. Wofsy Leland Werden Tammy Connell Department of Energy GCEP Program Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harvard Forest

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