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Prezentace portfolia TESLA, akciová společnost

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1 Prezentace portfolia TESLA, akciová společnost
Presentation 2013 Transmitting technology

2 History 1921 - company Electra was established
the company was bought by Philips - production of radio receivers production of light bulbs, vacuum tubes and radio receivers started national enterprise called TESLA, low voltage, and electronic plants were established production of transistor radio receivers started put into operation the first television transmitter and the first directional connection done privatization, the company became joint-stock majority of Irish financial company TESLA company is back in the hands of Czech

3 TESLA technology in the world

4 Antény a vysílače DVB-T
Products and services Antény a vysílače DVB-T Custom turn key solution, advisory, production, installation and service of antenna units and antenna systems for TV and radio bands (A-TV, DVB-T, FM, T-DAB etc.) Design, production, installation and service of antenna system steel supporting structures or masts Maintenance and repair of older antenna systems, technical analyses of current situation considering further use or recovery Design, measuring, production, installation of coaxial cables, rigid lines and accessories Design, production, installation of passive elements (coaxial splitters, lines, filters, etc.)

5 TV DVB-T FM T-DAB Antenna systems Antény a vysílače DVB-T
SIDE TOWER DIMENSIONS TOWER SECTION TV DVB-T FM T-DAB Frequency bands: IV.-V. TV 500 – 650 mm I. TV band (48 – 66 MHz) Ch1, Ch2 FM (87,5 – 108 MHz) III. TV band (174 – 230 MHz) Ch6 – Ch12 T-DAB (174 – 240 MHz) IV.-V. TV band (470 – 860 MHz) Ch21 – Ch69 III. TV 1500 – 1750 mm UKF-FM 2200 – 3200 mm Input impedance: 50 Ω Maximum wind speed: 220 km/h Range of temperature (°C): -40 ÷ +60

6 Antenna systems I. and III. TV band, FM and T-DAB – antenna units without reflector – panel antenna units (tube reflector) IV. - V. TV band – panel antenna units (metal plate reflector) – superturnstile antenna systems Horizontal, vertical and circular polarization

7 Antenna systems - parameters
Wide range of standard radiation patterns Special design of radiation patterns according to requirements Omnidirectional and directional solution Stainless steel design of antenna units Hot dip galvanized steel support structure Side or top way of mounting

8 Antenna systems - development
Design and production of new types of antenna units, coaxial parts of feeding network as splitters, elbows, lines Modern computer software CST Microwave Studio

9 Antenna systems - services
Design of custom antenna systems Installation, start up and supervision Warranty and customer service Expert reports of antenna systems

10 References Sagem SA - delivery of D3 a D4 diplexers, GYSEL splitters, France Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. - lease of 2 DVB-T transmitters 400W for experimental digital terrestrial broadcasting , Prague and FNB Brno, Czech Republic České Radiokomunikace a.s. - deliveries of RF spare parts, coaxial parts, coaxial rigid lines, accessories, related services, etc., Czech Republic TP EmiTel Sp. z o.o. - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting RTON Zakopane, RTCN Zamość, RTCN Bialystok, Poland technical expertise of antenna system on the object Ziełona Góra / Jemiołow, RTON Jelenia Góra / Śnieżnie Kotły, Poland Contineo, s.r.o. - delivery of transmitter DVB-T/H 200W and related antenna system with vertical polarization Žilina, Slovakia RS TV S.A. - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting TON Łódź EC Dalkia, RTON Kielce EC, Poland A. FURRER AG - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting SLR Chruszczewka, RTON Lomža, RTCN Płock / Rachocin, RTON Jelenia Góra / Śnieżnie Kotły, Gdaňsk Chwaszczyno, RTCN Siedlce / Losice, Kazimierz Dolny / Góry I SLR, Dobromierz SLR, Wierzbica Górna / Radio Maryja, Lanieta / Centertel, Damaslawek / Plus 2, Poland

11 Certification Certifikace

12 Contacts Kontakty Company address : TESLA, akciová společnost
Podebradska 56/186 Praha 9 – Hloubetin 180 66 Telephone : Fax: WWW:

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