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La Cuisine Française Anaïs Ms. Lindsay Gordon Honors Project.

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1 La Cuisine Française Anaïs Ms. Lindsay Gordon Honors Project

2 Regions of France

3 Cuisine of Northern France Regions share a border with Belgium. Strong Flemish influence Beer is used often in cooking.

4 Cuisine of Northern France Picardy/ Nord pas de Calais Forests provide wild game such as boar and venison –hochepot –carbonnade –waterzoï

5 Cuisine of Eastern France Heavily influenced by Germany. People eat sauerkraut, sausage, pork, and beer.

6 Cuisine of Eastern France Alsace and Lorraine Borders Germany and Switzerland. Lighter and more delicate than German cuisine. Alsace –choucroute garnie –backenoffe –tarte flambée –Kougelhopf Lorraine –Quiche Lorraine

7 Cuisine of Eastern France Franche-Comte and Savoie Franche-Comte –Saucisse de Morteau –Fondue –Raclette Savoie –Tartiflette

8 Cuisine of Eastern France Burgundy Dijon mustard Bresse Chicken –Coq au vin –bœuf à la bourguignonne –escargots à la bourguignonne

9 Cuisine of Southern France

10 Cuisine of Southern France Lyon –Quenelle –Rosette de Lyon –Salade Lyonnaise –Cervelas Lyonnais

11 Cuisine of Southern France Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azure Herbs de Provence –Bouillabaisse –Ratatouille –Pistou –Salade Niçoise

12 Cuisine of Southern France Languedoc-Roussillon Divided into three culinary regions Haute Languedoc- –cassoulet Bas Languedoc- –Brandade de Morue Côte Languedoc- –les Petits Pâtés de Pézenas

13 Cuisine of Southwest France The Southwest is known for luxury products like truffles and foie gras.

14 Pays Basque –Bayonne ham –Garbure –Piperade Perigord –Truffles –Foie Gras –Confit Cuisine of Southwest France Aquitane

15 Central France Dishes often feature a combination of pork, cabbage, potatoes and cheese.

16 Central France Auvergne –Potée Auvergnate –Truffade –Aligot

17 Western France

18 Cuisine of Western France Brittany Specializes in seafood –Crepes and Galettes –Cotriade –Coquilles St. Jaques –Fruits de Mer

19 Cuisine of Western France Normandy Specializes in heavy cream sauces, seafood, and apple dishes. Calvados –Moules à la Normande –Sole Normande –Tarte aux Pommes

20 Cuisine of Western France Loire Valley “The Garden of France” Beurre Blanc –Tart Tatin –Friture –Rillettes

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