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La Cuisine Française Anaïs Ms. Lindsay Gordon Honors Project.

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1 La Cuisine Française Anaïs Ms. Lindsay Gordon Honors Project

2 Regions of France

3 Cuisine of Northern France
Regions share a border with Belgium. Strong Flemish influence Beer is used often in cooking.

4 Cuisine of Northern France Picardy/ Nord pas de Calais
Forests provide wild game such as boar and venison hochepot carbonnade waterzoï 1. hochepot (stew made of beef, pork, mutton and oxtail with vegetables) 2. carbonnade (beef cooked in beer with onions and spices) 3. waterzoï (boiled fish in a creamy sauce)

5 Cuisine of Eastern France
Heavily influenced by Germany. People eat sauerkraut, sausage, pork, and beer.

6 Cuisine of Eastern France Alsace and Lorraine
Borders Germany and Switzerland. Lighter and more delicate than German cuisine. Alsace choucroute garnie backenoffe tarte flambée Kougelhopf Lorraine Quiche Lorraine Goose foie gras-strausborg is center of production in france.rival of south-western foie gras 1. Choucroute - (sauerkraut with sausages and other salted meats and charcuterie, and often potatoes. ) 2.Backenoffe- Stew of beef, mutton and pork, first marinated in local wine, with potatoes and onions, originally cooked in the baker’s oven. marinated beef, pork and mutton stewed with onions and potatoes in wine) 3. Tarte Flambee- pastry filled with cream, onions, cheese, mushrooms and bacon. 4. kougelhopf- brioche pastry with butter, eggs, raisins, whole almonds marinated in kirsch. 5 Quiche Lorraine. bacon, onion, and cheese tart

7 Cuisine of Eastern France Franche-Comte and Savoie
Saucisse de Morteau Fondue Raclette Savoie Tartiflette Jura Mountains comte cheese vin jaune Freshwater fish Vin jaun- yellow wine Saucisse de Morteau- coarsely chopped flesh, salted then "embossé" in natural bowels. smoked 48 hours in the "Tuyé" (traditional chimney) and this exclusively with coniferous tree. 2. Melted-cheese dish is a sort of variation on fondue. To make it, a wheel of cheese is held to a fire until a layer of it is sufficiently melted that it can be scraped onto a plate. It is traditionally accompanied by boiled potatoes and bread. Savoy- mountain cooking based on cheese and potatoes, walnuts, freshwater fish 1. tartiflette -is the regional meal of Savoie. a gratin composed of patatoes and lard baked in the regional cheese Roblochon. Invented in 1980’s for ski restaurants.

8 Cuisine of Eastern France Burgundy
Dijon mustard Bresse Chicken Coq au vin bœuf à la bourguignonne escargots à la bourguignonne the young Bresse chicken is raised in the open on the farmlands of the Bresse region, where it is free to roam. Thanks to this daily exercising, its flesh becomes more firm. In order to make the flesh more tender, Bresse poultry farmers confine the animals in a coop. The chicken is placed in semi-darkness, and is then fed exclusively flour mixed with cereals and dairy products Coq au vin (chicken in a red wine, mushroom and onion sauce) bœuf à la bourguignonne (beef stewed in red wine with mushrooms and onions) escargots à la bourguignonne (snails served with parsley and garlic butter)

9 Cuisine of Southern France

10 Cuisine of Southern France Lyon
Quenelle Rosette de Lyon Salade Lyonnaise Cervelas Lyonnais Lyon is gastronomic center of France. RHONE ALPS Famous chefs, famous culinary schools Bouchons Lyonnais, and these serve traditional Lyonaise food. 1.Quenelle-light dumpling made of fish) 2. Rosette de Lyon (dry sausage made from leg of pork) 3.Salade lyonnaise- hot bacon and a poached egg 4. cervelas lyonnais -(a brioche filled with a mixture of sausage, truffles and pistachio nuts).

11 Cuisine of Southern France Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azure
Herbs de Provence Bouillabaisse Ratatouille Pistou Salade Niçoise between the Mediterranean and the mountains of the Alps, SPANISH INFLUENCE Olive oil,garlic,tomatoes, Herbes de provence- basil,  lavender, marjoram, rosemary, sage, summer savory and thyme.  1. Bouillabaisse-a fish stock containing different kinds of cooked fish and shellfish The stew and the fish are usually served in separate bowls, with the stew poured over slices of French bread seasoned with a spicy sauce of bread crumbs, olive oil, and chilis called rouille, although sometimes an aioli is served. 2.ratatouille-vegetable stew made out of tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, onions and olive oil 3. Pistou-a thick soup made with beans, onions and leeks and flavored with garlic and fresh herbs 4. Salade Niçoise, comprised of lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, tuna, eggs, black olives and anchovies.

12 Cuisine of Southern France Languedoc-Roussillon
Divided into three culinary regions Haute Languedoc- cassoulet Bas Languedoc- Brandade de Morue Côte Languedoc- les Petits Pâtés de Pézenas HAUTE-the use of pork and bird fat, especially duck, 1.cassoulet-beans and duck confit BAS- the plains and sloping hills that run to the coast. Like provence, fish 1. Brandade de morue- (NIMES) salt cod puree that is served on toasts or used as pie filling COTE-almost a part of Provence on one end and Catalonia on the other. Bordering Spain is Rouissillon = french catalonia 1. les petits pâtés de Pézenas, pastry of lamb sweetmeat

13 Cuisine of Southwest France
The Southwest is known for luxury products like truffles and foie gras. truffles, foie gras, goose, cassoulet,roquefort, confit, goose fat, pates The South West is known for its luxury products such as truffles - the "black diamonds" (les diamantes noires) and goose liver pâté - foie gras - which comes from a goose that has been force fed over a period of a few months so that its liver grows larger than normal. Basqe cuisine Important areas are bordeaux, perigord, toulouse

14 Cuisine of Southwest France Aquitane
Pays Basque Bayonne ham Garbure Piperade Perigord Truffles Foie Gras Confit Gascony southern part Bordeaux Basque influenced by spain Ham- dry cured Garbure- vegetable soup with ham Piperade-regional vegetable dish. It consists of tomatoes, onions, mild green peppers and red bellpeppers. Seafood, peppers

15 Central France Dishes often feature a combination of pork, cabbage, potatoes and cheese.

16 Central France Auvergne
Potée Auvergnate Truffade Aligot Dishes often feature a combination of pork, cabbage, potatoes and cheese, potée auvergnate, a soup-like stew of pork and cabbage with potatoes, onions, turnips, leeks and garlic. Truffade, mashed potatoes with cheese through it that is then fried with bacon and garlic, is a common accompaniment to meat. Aligot (Auvergne) : melted cheese mixed with a puree of potatoes

17 Western France

18 Cuisine of Western France Brittany
Specializes in seafood Crepes and Galettes Cotriade Coquilles St. Jaques Fruits de Mer Cotriade-fish chowder

19 Cuisine of Western France Normandy
Specializes in heavy cream sauces, seafood, and apple dishes. Calvados Moules à la Normande Sole Normande Tarte aux Pommes Calvados- apple brandy pre-salé lamb -Salt marsh lambs, rouen duck, crème fraiche, brioche Butter and cream from insigny Trou normande- glass of calvados in middle of meal filet mignon de porc normande (pork tenderloin cooked with apples and onions in cider and served with caramelised apple rings) moules à la normande (mussels in a cream and white wine sauce) sole normande (Dover sole poached in cider and cream with shrimps).

20 Cuisine of Western France Loire Valley
“The Garden of France” Beurre Blanc Tart Tatin Friture Rillettes Freshwater fish, wild game, mushrooms Friture- deep fried tiny fish, not common anymore. Hard to catch, hard to clean Brochet au beurre blanc or Loire Pike with butter sauce. Rillettes-made by cooking meat slowly in a lot of fat until it's very tender, shredding it, and then mixing in enough of the cooking fat to form a paste, which is served on sliced bread. Like a pate

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