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CyberThink Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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1 CyberThink Ecommerce Shopping Cart
Presented By: Paurva Buch Prachee Patel Rachit Purohit

2 System Request Project Sponsor : Ravinder S. Thind, President and CEO
Location : Corporate headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ. Website :

3 Business Profile Provider of IT Solutions and Staffing
Outsourcing and BPO Services It also has 2 other headquarters at England and India.

4 Business Requirements
Form for users so that they can register and login to the system in order to do shopping. Login verification should be done for security purpose. Browse for the products and select the products and it will be added to the cart. They can update or remove items from their cart. Online Payment processing can be done in order to shop for the products. Confirmation of payment and shipping will be sent by .

5 Business Requirements
Coupons and Discounts will be given to the users for online shopping. Administration module with shipping management, in which admin can set shipping charges that will be used by users during shopping Administration module with newsletter management should be developed in which updates for products or any changes will be sent to the subscribed users. Administration module with Report Management should also been developed for viewing reports.

6 Context Level Data flow to and from external entities and Online Shopping Cart External Entities Customers Vendors Admin

7 Context Level DFD

8 Level 0 (Metadata) 9 Processes Customer Registration Customer Login
Browse Categories Browse Products Shopping Cart Sales Info Inventory Info & Order Purchase Order Bill Info Processing 6 Data Stores D1 – Customer Info D2 – Category Info D3 – Product Info D4 – Product Inventory Info D2 – Sales and Payment Info D3 – Purchase Info

9 Level 0 DFD

10 Level 1 Process -2 (Customer Login)
1 External Entity Customer 2 Processes 2.1 Change Password 2.2 Edit Info 2.3 Check Points 2 Data Stores D1 – Customer Info

11 Level 1 Process - 2 DFD

12 Level 1 Process – 5 (Shopping Cart)
1 External Entity Customer 2 Processes 5.1 Process Shopping Cart 5.2 Process Order 5.3 Process Billing 5.4 Process Payment 2 Data Stores D4 – Product Inventory Info D5 – Sales and Payment Info

13 Level 1 Process – 5 DFD

14 Level 2 Process 5.1 (Process Shopping Cart)
1 External Entity Customer 2 Processes 5.2.1 Create Shopping Cart 5.2.2 Modify Shopping Cart 2 Data Stores D4 – Product Inventory Info

15 Level 2 Process 5.1 DFD

16 Questions???

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