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Bomb Threat XYZ Port Facility Maritime Security Drill Briefing for Controllers date.

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1 Bomb Threat XYZ Port Facility Maritime Security Drill Briefing for Controllers date

2 Bomb Threat Emergency Response – Contingencies Bomb Threat Drill D422

3 Bomb Threat Scope Date, time, location Aim Objectives Desired outcomes Controllers Players Materials Scenario Master Events List Controller Tasks Communications Safety Debrief

4 Bomb Threat Drill number: X/XX Date: Start Time: Location: Estimated End Time:

5 Bomb Threat Aim To enhance the proficiency of port facility staff in responding to a bomb threat

6 Bomb Threat Objectives Respond to a bomb threat according to procedures in the PFSP.

7 Bomb Threat Desired outcomes Staff will be able to: Response correctly to a bomb threat Carry out a search for the bomb

8 Bomb Threat Control Team Chief Controller: Safety Manager, Mr. AAA Operations Controllers: Mr. XXX Safety officer

9 Bomb Threat Players PFSO Security staff on duty

10 Bomb Threat Materials Simulated parcel bomb.

11 Bomb Threat Scenario A local separatist group has successfully smuggled a bomb into the port facility. It has previously demanded that the port facility pay a ransom otherwise the bomb will be detonated.

12 Bomb Threat Master Events List S/NTimeEventFromToMeans of Delivery Expected Response Remarks All participants in position Controller to plant “bomb” Drill commence Chief Controller AllWalkie Talkie None“Drill Start” Caller contacted port facility to declare bomb threat. ControllerSecurity staff TelephoneWhat actions did the security staff take? Were they in accordance with procedure? Drill completed Chief Controller AllWalkie Talkie Dispersal of personnel/ equipment “Drill End” Hot WashChief Controller All

13 Bomb Threat Controller Tasks To prepare a simulated parcel bomb in a shopping bag To plant the “bomb” at a suitable location consistent with the “threat” To inform the port facility of the bomb threat by calling the security office

14 Bomb Threat Communications Mobile phone Walkie-Talkie  Player – Ch YY  Controllers – Ch ZZ

15 Bomb Threat Drill StartThe drill is to commence Drill SuspendThe drill is temporarily suspended Drill GoThe drill is to resume from where it was suspended Drill StopThe drill is to be terminated (prematurely) Drill EndThe drill is completed Drill, Drill, DrillThe message or statement that follows this preamble relates to the drill only, and is not to be confused with real activity Code words

16 Bomb Threat Safety Physical safety of personnel is paramount There is to be no physical contact between player and controllers acting as intruders, etc. Security staff are not to use abusive language when talking to controllers acting as “intruders” Do not neglect the safety of equipment

17 Bomb Threat Debrief Location: Secretary: Attendance 

18 Bomb Threat Any questions ?

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