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Reliable Data Processor in VLSI

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1 Reliable Data Processor in VLSI
Senior Capstone Project Presented By Rahul Chopra May 7th 2002 Advisor: Dr. Vinod Prasad Abstract: The Reliable Data Processor in VLSI is a user driven data processor that carries out Arithmetic and Logic operations such as AND, OR, XOR, NAND and ADD on 4-bit data. The basic system consists of a 4-bit ALU controlled by a user driven controller. The system has feedback capabilities and receives feedback from an external reliable chip indicating any erroneous data transfer. Applications of the data processor include Digital Signal Processing and data encryption.

2 Overview Functional Description Block Diagram Subsystems
Controller (3*8 Decoder) 7 bit Encoder Data Registers, D-FF with Set/Reset ALU P-Spice Results Expo VHDL/FPGA Implementation Conclusions/Future Developments

3 Functional Description
3-Bit User Input to Controller Decodes User input, Controls ALU ALU-Boolean and Arithmetic Operations on 4-bit data arrays. Encoder: 4 Bits From ALU+3 Parity Bits, 7-bit Out Data Registers-7 D-FF’s, Store Output

4 External Error Detection/Reliable
Block Diagram External Error Detection/Reliable Chip Feedback Controller User Select Lines D0 D4 Encoder ALU Data Registers Input Data 4 bit Vectors 7-Bit Out

5 Controller 3*8 Decoder D0=AND D1=OR D2=XOR D3=NAND D4=ADD

6 Encoder Adds 3 Parity Bits to 4 bit output from ALU.
6 2-Input XOR Gates Used, Design Completed in Logic Works P1= I3(+)I5(+)I7 P2= I3(+)I6(+)I7 P4= I5(+) I6(+)I7

7 Encoder- L-Edit Simulation
P1 I3 I5 I7 P2 I6 P4

8 Registers Clock Input controlled.
Feedback from external chip supplies clock input. D-FF’s will store, send data accordingly. Designed Using 7 D-FF’s D-FF’s Individually Built and Tested in Logic Works and L-Edit using NAND, NOT, OR Gates. D-FF’s with Set/Reset capabilities Set has Higher Priority

9 Registers-D-FF’s with Set/Rst Logic Works Design and Timing

10 L-Edit Design of Registers

11 ALU Design-4 Input AND, XOR

12 AND, OR Functions- L-Edit
AND Gates OR Gates

13 XOR, NAND - L-Edit Design
XOR Gates NAND Gates

14 Adder Circuitry- Logic Works
2 Input XOR, AND, OR Gates

15 Adder Circuitry- L-Edit Design

16 P-Spice Simulation Results-1
NAND Function of ALU D3 High, Input Vectors NAND 1100 ALU Output 0011 Out3 Out2 Out1 Out0 D3

17 P-Spice Simulation Results-2
ADD Function of ALU Vectors ADD 1111 , D4 = 1 ALU Results - Carry Flag-1, Bits-1010 Carry Out3 Out2 Out1 Out0 D4

18 P-Spice Simulation Results-3
Encoded Data for ALU Adder Operation ALU 4 Bit Output , Encoded Out Out7 Out6 Out5 Out4 Out3 Out2 Out1

19 Completed System Controller ALU Input Data=> ALU Out
Registers/Output Encoder

20 Expo 2002 VHDL code written. FPGA Implementation on XC4000 chip.
Presented at Student Expo on April 12th.

21 Conclusions/Future Developments
Design Tested Successfully using P-Spice. P-Spice cannot handle Changing Inputs, Convergence Problems Nodes approx. Future Developments: MOSIS Fabrication of Design. Testing with error detection chip. More Arithmetic Operations Expansion to 16/32 bit ALU Applications in Digital Signal Processing/Data Encryption

22 Questions/Comments

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