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CPU GROUP Chapter 7. Manage ment Management Report Inquiry Responses Management Inquiries.

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1 CPU GROUP Chapter 7


3 Manage ment Management Report Inquiry Responses Management Inquiries

4  Use Visible Analyst to view the context level diagram for the proposed computer system. Experiment with ZOOM control on the lower toolbar to change from a global to a detailed view of the diagram.  Double click on the Central process to examine the repository entry for it.  Click Exit to return to the diagram.  Right click on the central process to display to object menu for the central process.  Use the Explode option to display Diagram 0, representing the details of the central process.  Maximize the window and double click on some of the data store and data flows to examine their repository entries.  Click Exit to return to the diagram.  Zoom to 100 percent and scroll around the screen to view different regions of the diagram;  Then print the diagram using a landscape orientation. Click “File, Nest and Parent” to return to the context level diagram. Maximize the window.

5 Key Software Record 1.1 Validate Software Record 1.2 Confirm New Software 1.3 Add New Software Record 1.5 Create Software Log File 1.4 Software Master D5D5 Create Software Install Listing 1.6 Software Log D5D5 Software Master D5D5 Software Received Form Keyed Software Software Record Valid Software Confirm Software Software Log Record New Software Software Installation List

6 Modify Diagram 0 of the proposed computer system.  You will have to move MANAGEMENT external entity lower in the diagram to the left of process 7, INQUIRY SUBSYSTEM.  Add process “10. UPDATE SOFTWARE RECORD”  Create a repository entry for the process and then click Exit to return to the diagram. Input: 1. SOFTWARE CHANGE DATA from CLERICAL SUPPORT 2. SOFTWARE DELETE ID from MANAGEMENT Output: 1. SOFTWARE RECORD, an update from the SOFTWARE MASTER data store

7 Manage ment Management Report Inquiry Responses Management Inquiries Update Software Record 10 Software Record

8 Change Software Record 10.1 Delete Software Record 10.2 Software Master D2D2 Software Record Software Change Data Software Delete ID

9 Locate Computer 8.1 Install Computer Software 8.2 Create Installed Software Transaction 8.3 Computer Master D1D1 Installed Software D2D2 Update Software Master 8.4 Software Master D3D3 Produce Installation Notification 8.5 Computer RecordSoftware Installation List Software Title & Version Computer Location Install Software Form Installed Software Transaction Update Software Master Hardware Master D4D4 Installation Notification Listing Hardware Master

10 Key Computer ID 6.1 Obtain Computer Master 6.2 Display Computer Record 6.3 Computer Master D4D4 Confirm Correct Record 6.4 Enter Computer Changes 6.5 Validate Changes 6.6 Confirm Changes 6.7 Rewrite Computer Master 6.8 Computer Master D4D4 Computer Change Information Computer Record Key ID Validate Computer ID Not Found Error Display Record Confirm Computer Record Rejected Changes Keyed ChangesValid Changes Computer Changes Change Errors Rejected Changes Confirmed Changes Computer Master Record

11 Delete Computer 4 Deleted Computer ID

12 Key Delete ID 4.1 Obtain Computer Record 4.2 Confirm Computer Deletion 4.3 Delete Computer Record 4.4 Deleted Computer ID Keyed DeleteComputer Record Confirmed Deletion Valid Computer Record Not Found Error Rejected Deletion Delete Computer

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