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 Dance and Music of the Hispanic World. El flamenco.

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1  Dance and Music of the Hispanic World

2 El flamenco

3 Un baile típico de España:  The most important instrument in the flamenco is “la guitarra”  The dance incorporates a lot of foot work, clapping and sometimes “las castañuelas”  The Flamenco is “gitana” (gypsy) music and tells a story through music and dance.

4 El tango

5 Un Baile típico de Argentina es: El Tango  The tango is a very popular dance in Argentina.  It is a very romantic dance.  El Bandoneón (acordeón grande) is used in most Tango music.  Unlike the flamenco that can be either danced alone or with a partner, the tango is strictly a partner dance.

6  El merengue

7  The merengue is a typical dance of the Dominican Republic.  It has many African “ritmos” in the music.  It is a fast-paced dance that consists of 2 steps with many move variations.  Some popular instruments you will hear in most merengue arrangements are “trompetas y guiros”

8  La Salsa

9  In Puerto Rico and Cuba, “la salsa” is a very popular genre of music and dance.  Salsa rhythm has also become popular in American music.  As you learned earlier this month for Hispanic Heritage, Cuban singer Celia Cruz was considered the “Queen of Salsa”

10 Conga and Mambo

11  Conga and Mambo are popular dances originating in Cuba in the 20 th century.  In the 1980’s Cuban-American music group Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine brought the Conga to international attention through their blockbuster hit “The Conga.”  The song has inspired long conga lines all over the world, including the Guinness World Record breaker, in little Havana, Miami, Florida in 1998, with over 14,000 people!

12  La Cumbia

13  The Cumbia is the most famous dance in Colombia.  Cumbia began as an African courtship dance among the slave population.  It was later mixed with European and native instruments.  When you listen to it, listen to the beat and to the instruments. What do you hear? el tambor, la tambora

14  When you watch a Latin band perform, look for the following instruments.  And when you listen to the music, listen for the sounds of each instrument. Can you identify the sounds? el güiro las claves las maracas la caba(s)sa

15  Other instruments that are traditionally found in Latin music are: las castañuelas el tambor, la tambora la trompeta el clarinete la conga

16  Flamenco Flamenco  Merengue Merengue  Mambo Mambo  Salsa Salsa  Victor Cruz salsa Victor Cruz salsa  Cumbia Cumbia  Merengue bailado por ninos Merengue bailado por ninos

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