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Enteprise Blogs and Wikis – The KM 2.0 Path Jordan Frank (401) 528-1145 Beyond blogs and wikis, there’s.

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1 Enteprise Blogs and Wikis – The KM 2.0 Path Jordan Frank (401) 528-1145 Beyond blogs and wikis, there’s Traction

2 The Leading “Enterprise Blog” Platform –Founded in 1996 –Current release 3.7 Funded: 2000 and 2002 –by In-Q-Tel (Venture arm of the CIA) –Slater Interactive and private investors Customer Leadership –US Air Force & Navy, DOJ, In-Q-Tel –State of CT CIO, State of TX Health –4 of the top 15 Pharmaceutical firms –14 of the Global 100 Deployments with Small groups to 1000s of users 100s to 100s of 1000s of posts Black belt blogger? –Read mine at: About Traction Software, About Me Getting Traction - Jon Udell July 2002

3 Agenda Why Blogs & Wikis? What are these 4 letter words? What is 2.0? and the KM 2.0 Path. Real examples, real results. Q&A Enterprise Considerations (if we get there)

4 Why Blogs & Wikis

5 Two Words

6 “8 Below” The Expert (and an artist): Movie Max: siberian huskie found via Disney Real Max: sakhalin huskie found via Wikipedia link The Connector, a dog lover: robert_patersons_weblog

7 Why Blogs & Wikis? They Work They Scale

8 Marshall McLuhan “I don’t know who discovered water, but it wasn’t a fish.”

9 Time Offers Context to History Doug Engelbart’s NLS (oNLine System a “hypertext journaling system”) first demonstrated in 1968 brought time to hypertext.

10 Time Offers Context to History Doug Engelbart’s NLS (oNLine System a “hypertext journaling system”) first demonstrated in 1968 brought time to hypertext.

11 Blogs bring Context to the Net ?

12 The Aggregate Tells A Story… Mrs. Superman raises cancer awareness, for a few days from sci fi to main stream An opportunity… or a flash in the pan? Follow the “story” with RSS

13 KM Works (Finally)

14 IDC Agrees From: Collaboration and Wikis and Blogs, Oh My! How Web Publishing Tools Could Change Collaboration - IDC, 2004, #32471 Enterprise Blogs/Wikis

15 What are these Four Letter Words?

16 What’s in a Word? BLOG WIKI

17 Quasi-Religious? BLOG “Unedited voice of a single person” WIKI “Group voice, anyone can edit and anyone can read”

18 KM? BLOG Tacit WIKI Explicit

19 Dictionary (.com)? BLOG “an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page” WIKI Any collaborative website that users can easily modify via the web, typically without restriction. ” website

20 Literal? BLOG Web (hypertext) Log (journal) WIKI Hawaiian for “quick” or “fast”

21 Practical WIKI Displayed as a set of linked web pages System for easily posting, editing and managing web pages pertaining to a certain topic or purpose… BLOG Displayed in time order …and usually including features like comments, categories, permalinks, RSS (or other notification features), trackbacks

22 Wikis (in the Enterprise) are Not Readable by all Editable by all Encyclopedias

23 Wikipedia – Bad Example “Wikipedia is a popular wiki, but it’s an outlier and is not representative of what most enterprises are doing with wikis” Peter O’Kelly Research Director Collaboration & Content Strategies Service Burton Group

24 Blogs (in the Enterprise) are Not Personal Voice Opinion Conjecture Blabbing Distracting

25 1992 Towards High Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware The Mother of All Demos Engelbart’s 1968 demo showed three first time innovations: 1) NLS, a Hypertext Journaling System, 2) GUI, and 3) Mouse! WIKI BLOG ?

26 Wikis and Blogs are for Working Communication What content types do you deal with? Which are a problem? Working Communication –Reports –Problems / Opportunities –Exceptions / Responses –Questions / Answers –Research notes –First impressions –FAQs –Plans and status Disintegration a Problem! –Email vs. Files vs. Other Traditional approaches haven’t solved working communication problems Top down Knowledge Management is expensive and disappointing

27 Wiki Requirement ------------ Product Plan ------------- Requirement ----------------- Requirement ------------ Organized by links and pages

28 Wiki Happens in Blog Timeline Idea Requirement Proposal comments Requirement comments Action

29 Blog Timeline Spans Groups Market Intelligence Product Development Account Management

30 Remember the Time Wall: One Way to Display a Timeline Is this a blog or a wiki?

31 Display Should be Up to You Blog Chronology Document Directory Wiki

32 Blog. Wiki. What? Wikis and Blogs  Proven collaboration results at web scale Enterprise hypertext collaboration should combine: –Communication –Collaborative content editing (in “Documents” or Hypertext) –Strong meta data model, flexible display modes, strong vector for time ordering Englebart called NLS a Journaling System We call it Traction TeamPage You can should call it what it’s deployed for: –A research system –A product planning system –A corporate communications home page

33 What is 2.0, Really and the KM 2.0 Path

34 Web 2.0 From Silos To Services

35 SOAP XML-RPC Search Interface Mobile Interface Enterprise 2.0  Web 2.0 +  Distributed services architecture  Global identity, local permission  Net-centric, standard interfaces  Correlated timelines  Permission filtered search Active Directory IM Notification ATOM LDAP

36 KM 2.0  Enterprise 2.0 +  Widgets in Weblogs and Wikis connect the dots  Links and flat, social & filtered taxonomy adds intelligence to information BLOGS ERP WIKIS CRM HRMS CMS DMS

37 Enterprise Examples… Management Consulting: IT Group Non Profit Association: IJIS DOD: CIO Funded Liberty Project Finance: Global Bank Pharmaceutical: Ipsen …Real Results

38 Management Consulting– IT Group Operations Change Log Document changes to hardware, network and software configuration Provide further update and annotation Discuss where necessary Updated as appropriate A simple, successful use-case which has lasted over 1.5 years by now

39 IJIS Institute Integrated Justice Information System Institute –Consortium of government agencies, contractors, and consultants Quickly growing institute needed to: –Add syndication and search to their website –Enable member collaboration –Deploy a staff intranet A tall order for a small (but growing) non profit! Traction powered IJIS website: Now easy to edit, also Includes Search, RSS, and member Login

40 IJIS Institute The Payoff: –Over 400 people working on 17 projects now collaborate virtually. –One committee cut phone and in- person meetings by 50% Committee Collaboration: –Thousands of posts –Over 700 comments –Over 500 attachments –Over 2500 edits Business Week IJIS website – “Mobile” skin: delivered automatically to mobile devices browsers

41 DOD RAI-NC Liberty Project DOD CIO office funded 4 of 120 (Rapid Acquisition Incentive – Net Centricity) proposals, including the Liberty Project Liberty Project: While testing night vision technology, had the goal to develop and demonstrate the use case for application of a Enterprise Blog platform to Program Team Communication Participants included: New York City Police Newport Police Army National Guard Naval Undersea Warfare Center Technology from Ford Motor Front Page: Cross-blog view of announcements, test plans, trial results and other communication

42 DOD RAI-NC Liberty Project Opportunity Analysis (From DoD Final Report December 2004 FOUO): The tool is universal in its applicability and can benefit all DoD components, program offices, and business functional areas through: –50% Reduction in Time Expended for User Electronic Communications Management –75% Reduction in Status Reporting Process –29% Reduction in Total Ownership Costs –89% Reduction in Bandwidth Usage A test result: Post includes image, explanation, and discussion of test result “The (Traction) solution provides a secure, low-cost alternative for centralizing daily communications in a web-based environment.”

43 DOD RAI-NC Liberty Project Qualitative benefits summary (From May 2006 presentation to NARA by a Team Member): – Ease of use, works like he web –New partners and members are brought up to speed quickly –Manages project information in an organized, searchable manner, accessible from any web connection –Delivers the right information to the right people –Minimizes information overflow –Filters content and manages use through permission Automated Email Summary Digest: Permission filtered, automated email summary Includes title and first paragraph of each new post or comment.

44 Global Bank – Good Ideas CIO “Innovation” Project –Global effort to collect, evaluate and implement good ideas –Build community amongst employees in 50+ countries Technical needs –Quick Deployment –Super simple –Invite comments and ratings –Flexible search and export to navigate and evaluate results Idea form: Easy to fill out form with 8 category fields (e.g. urgency, potential, country, idea type…)

45 Global Bank – Good Ideas Idea & Comments: Idea is displayed with category labels. Threaded comments are encouraged List of Ideas: Ideas display on Front Page with category and status

46 Global Bank – Good Ideas Outcome: Over 2500 ideas collected in 1 month Search, drill down discovery, and CSV export functions help find and process the gems Results: 13 Projects funded, including permanent idea blog Dynamic Search : by country, function, category, status, title, content and time Category Drill Down: expand category groups to select and navigate

47 Ipsen – Competitive Intelligence Ipsen is a $1B global pharmaceutical firm headquartered in France CEO mandated effort to build a competitive Intelligence function From Ipsen’s CIO, Thiery Barsalou: CI is a Knowledge-intensive process with geographically and functionally distributed stakeholders, with different permissions, requiring strong communication and collaboration capabilities The Intelligence Cycle Direction & Planning Dissemination Analysis Collection

48 Ipsen – Competitive Intelligence Readership spans the globe… …and the business functions

49 Ipsen – Competitive Intelligence Results Federated collection of 6 blogs hold over 3700 articles 640 comments A community and repository for knowledge of the business environment Deployed to 250 named accounts (Intranet, Extranet, email…), Available to 3,500 employees (Intranet) Dialogue around information is increasing (within the blog, and in meetings) Contributed to making CI important to business decision making Market-relevant communication is moving from email to the blogs Best practice model for knowledge management and collaboration at Ipsen Readership is consistent at 8,000 to 14,000 page views per month

50 Ipsen - Glossary Front End: Dynamic title driven look up (e.g. “Adverse”), Full text search, Letter inde, Formatted view of definition, Comments, Print view, email out and export functions. Glossary for R&D and Ops –Need for common, accessible vocabulary used in submissions –Common language set supports global collaboration –External reference definitions stored with internal applied definition –French and English terms are related

51 Ipsen - Glossary Term Add Edit Form: With 4 fields for structure and formatting consistency Audit Trail: Including additions, edits, erasures, emails sent, and more Benefits: –More accessible than former PDF based glossary docs –Interface fit to the application, makes life easy for readers and admins –Consistent presentation of terms –Journaling backend provides rich audit trail

52 Jordan Frank (401) 528-1145 Beyond blogs and wikis, there’s Traction

53 Enterprise Considerations

54 Support Not Optional Emergencies Happen Integration Issues Arise Development May Be Needed A Call Can Be Worth $1000s

55 Directory & Sign On Integration Not Optional Not a Checkbox –Directory Integration Active Directory (users, groups, profiles) LDAP (users, groups, profiles) Hybrid (more than 1 of the above) –Single Sign On NTLM SiteMinder –All Directories Are Different some work “out of the box” some don’t, see slide on Support

56 Installation & Platform Server Platform Requirements –Hardware –OS –Database –Web Server Cost to Own –Installation –Management –Upgrades Understanding Enterprise Architecture Conflict –The Question: “Does it run on Oracle?” –Often Means: “We do not allow Microsoft SQL Server DB.”

57 Enterprise 2.0 Info Flow RSS/ATOM Feeds –Authenticated? Secure? Dynamic? Deep? Search Interfaces –Search Skin? Search Federation? Search Integration? Web Services –SOAP? XML-RPC? Notification –RSS? E-Mail? E-Mail Newsletter? IM? –Flexibility Widgets and Mashups –On the fly content inclusion (e.g. user profile from HR)? –And linking (e.g. invoice numbers to ERP)?

58 Enterprise Blogs The web is organized by names and direct links. Time Topic Importance Enterprise Blogs add: Time  What’s happening now? Topic  Indirect links and collections of indirect links, across spaces Importance  human scalability –Driven by indication and inference Dynamic views (by any vector) Permission Overall: a link rich environment for communication, collaboration, and connection to other CM resources Permission filtered views

59 The role of Email Email is a channel –Not for Carbon Copy Collaboration On ramp for Communication Off ramp for Notification RSS client One tool of many Enterprise Blog Send Message Now E-Mail Exit 15 Minutes

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