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Discovery Day Epoxy Floor Coatings Discovery Day A Review of the Business Rob Kinealy Mike Fetch.

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1 Discovery Day Epoxy Floor Coatings Discovery Day A Review of the Business Rob Kinealy Mike Fetch

2 Rob Kinealy Director of Flooring at Organizers Direct Over 11 years in the decorative concrete business Owns and operates a concrete floor coating dealership in St. Louis, MO.

3 What is it? Epoxy Floor System used to: Protect Beautify Enhance Comes in multitude of colors 3 Layer System

4 Substrate = Concrete Base Coat = Pigmented 2 part Epoxy Flake = Colored Polymer chips Top Coat = Polyaspartic

5 Market Conditions One of the fastest growing categories in the construction industry Industry is still considered young with tremendous growth potential

6 Market Conditions Technological advancements in both products and installation New Products continue to enter the market Shows Growth

7 Other Applications Restaurants Retail Spaces Factories Warehouses Airplane Hangers Basements Car Dealerships Auto Repair Shops Gyms/Locker Rooms

8 Installation Requires 2 installers for average job Typical install is 1 ½ days Day 1 – Fill cracks and other repairs – Profile/Grind concrete (not acid wash) – Mix base coat and spread on floor with squeegee and back roll – Throw chips into wet base coat (feeding the chickens)

9 Installation Day 2 Scrape floor in 2 directions Collect loose chips Mix, apply, squeegee and back roll top coat

10 The Numbers Costs Products $1.84 ft. 2 Labor$.74 ft. 2 Total $ 2.58 ft. 2 Retails $4.50 - $6.00 ft. 2 Margins 40-55%

11 The Numbers Average Job Average Residential Job is between 400-800 ft. 2 Example 600 ft. 2 Garage Product: $1104 Labor: $444 (24hrs. @ $18.50/hr.) Misc: $50 Total: $1598 Sell: $3000 ($5.00/ft. 2 ) Margin: 47%

12 Potential On average, 40% of the revenue for garage only storage companies will be flooring A 2 man crew can do 3 average jobs a week $450,000/year As your flooring business grows, so will your opportunities to Commercial and Light Industrial projects

13 Live Storage FYI: Live Storage will currently calculate the square footage and price

14 Tools and Investment Professionally Installed floors require specialized tools Basic tools & Painting tools $1K Specialized Tools $10K-$12K Trailer $3K-$5K Total Investment of approx $12K-$15K

15 Financing Here’s the Good News No need to have $12K-$15K to get started Spread your payments over 24-60 months Use your capital for lead generation

16 Special Tool Offer Another Great Tool Offer Used for edge grinding (standing not bending) Save 15% if purchased separately No financing available Not necessary but a great tool

17 The Brands We Use Base and Top Coat Sika Big name in commercial coatings Been around for 110 years 1 yr. manufacturer’s warranty Exclusive in Residential floor coating Proven products Chips Torginal Largest Producers of polymer chips Custom Blending Multitude Colors New an Innovative Products

18 The Brands We Use

19 Sales & Marketing Samples 8 Colors with ¼” Chip 4 Colors with 1/8 ” Chip Available in 4”x4” or 12”x12” Brochure First assorted box of 4”x4” is FREE

20 Training 1 st qtr 2013 in our new training facility in Phoenix. 1 week long Hands-on Installation, sales, marketing, etc.

21 Questions Call or Email Rob for Additional Information 636-299-2766

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