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Discovery Day Epoxy Floor Coatings Discovery Day A Review of the Business Rob Kinealy Mike Fetch.

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1 Discovery Day Epoxy Floor Coatings Discovery Day A Review of the Business Rob Kinealy Mike Fetch

2 Rob Kinealy Director of Flooring at Organizers Direct Over 11 years in the decorative concrete business Owns and operates a concrete floor coating dealership in St. Louis, MO.

3 What is it? Epoxy Floor System used to: Protect Beautify Enhance Comes in multitude of colors 3 Layer System

4 Substrate = Concrete Base Coat = Pigmented 2 part Epoxy Flake = Colored Polymer chips Top Coat = Polyaspartic

5 Market Conditions One of the fastest growing categories in the construction industry Industry is still considered young with tremendous growth potential

6 Market Conditions Technological advancements in both products and installation New Products continue to enter the market Shows Growth

7 Other Applications Restaurants Retail Spaces Factories Warehouses Airplane Hangers Basements Car Dealerships Auto Repair Shops Gyms/Locker Rooms

8 Installation Requires 2 installers for average job Typical install is 1 ½ days Day 1 – Fill cracks and other repairs – Profile/Grind concrete (not acid wash) – Mix base coat and spread on floor with squeegee and back roll – Throw chips into wet base coat (feeding the chickens)

9 Installation Day 2 Scrape floor in 2 directions Collect loose chips Mix, apply, squeegee and back roll top coat

10 The Numbers Costs Products $1.84 ft. 2 Labor$.74 ft. 2 Total $ 2.58 ft. 2 Retails $ $6.00 ft. 2 Margins 40-55%

11 The Numbers Average Job Average Residential Job is between ft. 2 Example 600 ft. 2 Garage Product: $1104 Labor: $444 $18.50/hr.) Misc: $50 Total: $1598 Sell: $3000 ($5.00/ft. 2 ) Margin: 47%

12 Potential On average, 40% of the revenue for garage only storage companies will be flooring A 2 man crew can do 3 average jobs a week $450,000/year As your flooring business grows, so will your opportunities to Commercial and Light Industrial projects

13 Live Storage FYI: Live Storage will currently calculate the square footage and price

14 Tools and Investment Professionally Installed floors require specialized tools Basic tools & Painting tools $1K Specialized Tools $10K-$12K Trailer $3K-$5K Total Investment of approx $12K-$15K

15 Financing Here’s the Good News No need to have $12K-$15K to get started Spread your payments over months Use your capital for lead generation

16 Special Tool Offer Another Great Tool Offer Used for edge grinding (standing not bending) Save 15% if purchased separately No financing available Not necessary but a great tool

17 The Brands We Use Base and Top Coat Sika Big name in commercial coatings Been around for 110 years 1 yr. manufacturer’s warranty Exclusive in Residential floor coating Proven products Chips Torginal Largest Producers of polymer chips Custom Blending Multitude Colors New an Innovative Products

18 The Brands We Use

19 Sales & Marketing Samples 8 Colors with ¼” Chip 4 Colors with 1/8 ” Chip Available in 4”x4” or 12”x12” Brochure First assorted box of 4”x4” is FREE

20 Training 1 st qtr 2013 in our new training facility in Phoenix. 1 week long Hands-on Installation, sales, marketing, etc.

21 Questions Call or Rob for Additional Information

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