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Tessitura Dashboards Why use dashboards?

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1 Tessitura Dashboards Why use dashboards?
Provides a succinct way to measure strategies against goals. Widgets highly configurable to display data that is most essential to you. Provides data that allows you to act/react. Information reported can be useful for everyone in the organization. At a glance view of key performing metrics. Easy to share/consolidate with others.

2 What is a dashboard? A Dashboard is single page collection of widgets.
A single Dashboard can have from 1 to 99 widgets on it. A user can create and use as many Dashboards as they’d like Users can share Dashboards with one another A Widget is the building block of a Tessitura Dashboard. It is a tiny, action-packed report, that tells a specific story you are interested in tracking Can share dashboard with other uses, who can then save and modify it as their own.

3 Available Widgets Widgets Cubes
Advanced Bar Chart (x4) At-A-Glance (x4) Simple Bar Chart (x4) Cumulative Sales Prior to Performance Cumulative Ticket Sales Most Recent Contributions At-A-Glance Choose Query Select A Report Facebook Widget Web Browser Cubes Contributions, Packages, Membership, Tickets Most widgets pull data from T-Stats Cubes Cubes updated nightly—not up to the minute. Query widget (uses SQL code that must be written) and report widget (uses SSRS reports) are not up and running yet. Some customization will be needed. Reports will be limited to what renders well in widget. Web widget may not be available to us. Custom widgets can be designed—have to be implemented by Tess team. Hot seat widget is in the future. Filter on lists available for some widgets. Each widget has some degree of narrowing with selections/filters. Can maximize a widget to see the details. Can have a multitude of widgets/dashboards.

4 Sample Contributions Dashboard

5 Select Parameters

6 Sample Memberships Dashboard

7 Sample Tickets/Subs Dashboard

8 Ticket widget

9 Next Steps for Dashboard Access
Notify T.C. by that you would like access to dashboards. Include what user groups you log in with. Think about what information you want to see in the dashboard. Watch one of the webinars to learn how to create/share your own dashboards. Share dashboards with other staff who don’t need to build their own dashboard, but want to profit from the information in yours. T.C. is available to meet with groups to discuss how to plan and build dashboards. You need to have a Tessitura account to use the dashboards

10 More Information Dashboards User Guide: Tess Online Help System Details on every standard widget Introducing Tessitura Dashboards (Webinar) Maximizing Tessitura Dashboards (Webinar)

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