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4K/8K Ultra-High-Resolution

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1 4K/8K Ultra-High-Resolution
Dec.10, 2013 Visualization with 3D CG 8Kグラフィックワークステーション 4K/8K Ultra-High-Resolution Imaging System Masaki Hayashi

2 4K/8K Ultra High-Resolution Imaging System
Content of the lecture 4K/8K Ultra High-Resolution Imaging System Basis of video production 4K video equipment 8K video equipment Ultra-CG

3 Basis of video production
8Kグラフィックワークステーション Basis of video production

4 Resolution family in video
8K (Super Hi-Vision) 7680 X 4320 16 : 9 4K (QFHD) 3840 X 2160 Quad-Full-HD 16 : 9 2K (HDTV) 1920 X 1080 16 : 9 SD 720 X 480 Television: 4K (QFHD): 3840 X 2160, 16:9 Digital cinema: 4K: 4096 X 2160, 17:9(approx.) 256:135

5 Video equipment Filming~ Editing ~ Transimitting Camera Transmit
Video production is : Camera Switcher Transmit Recorder Non-linear editing Monitor

6 Real-time or not Editing Live production Not live
Filming and non-linear editing, then transmitting      →Final video is rendered one Live production Live Shooting, switching and go      →Final video is real-time TV programs (Drama, Variety, Education, Documentary), DVD, Blu-ray, etc. News, Sports, Event, TV conference, etc.

7 8Kグラフィックワークステーション 4K Video Equipment

8 Status of 4K video production
4K is not yet done much. Hollywood uses 4K already but not all. (Off line editing) 4K broadcast has been announced in Brazil, Korea, Japan etc. Targeting the World Cup. Test live broadcast of 4K soccer game has been done in Japan in order to confirm the feasibility. 4K test has been done in Europe, EBU etc. Medical use is under testing in Japan, also in USA. Video conference system needs ultra-high-resolution.

9 4K Camera overview Many available
Still camera evolved to 4K movie / Broadcast HD camera evolved to 4K Most demand is cinema use Record the RAW signal and transfer to editing system. Smooth data transfer to the non-linear editing, is very important. Live 4K camera is not a main stream yet. Max size of real-time monitoring is still HD. (View finder)

10 4K camera RED 4K Camera RED Digital Cinema
Released "RED ONE" in 2007, cheap Hollywood has been using it Enhancement of the still camera Both Still and Movie are OK Recently, released "EPIK", "SCARLET" replacing "RED ONE" 4K movie(4096×2160), 5K still Compressed RAW data are recorded Real-time monitor is HD

11 4K Camera EOS C500 Digital Cinema 4K Camera CANON 4K/2K output
Bayer RAW data is recorded. External debayering 4K movie 4096×2160  QFHD 3840×2160 Real-time monitor is HD Connect to an external debayering recorder for actual use.

12 4K Camera AH4413 4K Camera Astrodesign Real-time 4K debayering
Handy like the HD broadcast camera. Just one cable is enough to operate QFHD 3840×2160 Live 4K output HDTV monitoring

13 Recorder overview Many available
Record RAW output to HDD, SSD, various Cards Capability of real-time recording of uncompressed video signal, or exclusive to off-line use Several external recorder for EOS C500 are available

14 4K Recorder HR-7512-A 4K Record/Play Astrodesign
SSD(Solid State Drive) Record/Play full-spec 4K uncompressed video signal. Capable of recording full-spec 8K by using 4 of this Uncompressed 4K(60p), Max 160 minutes

15 4K Recorder Portable 4K Uncompressed SSD Recorder"HR-7510" Astrodesign
For Canon "EOS C500" Capable of recording 4K base-band signal Real-time debayering and real-time direct 4K monitoring High speed data transmission Small and light

16 Switcher 4K M/E (Mixer/Effect, Keyer) is not available yet
4K live production is not handy Decompose one 4K signal into 4 HDTV lines and process them when real-time is required There's few real-time 4K digital processing system. (eg. "Pablo" by Quantel, color correction)

17 Non-linear editing 4K mainstream is non-linear editing production. Off line editing on PC and rendering then transfer to recorder or burn DVD Most of the non-linear editing soft can handle 4K Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro Editing procedure is advanced because of cinema use(eg. Red one+Premier Pro) Many have DVD and Blu-Ray authoring function

18 Non-linear editing Premier Pro CS6 Abobe
High-performance editing workflow Enhanced Mercury Playback Engine using GPU for real-time preview Digital multi effects Adobe After Effect integration

19 Output Off-line DVD、Blu-ray authoring
Rendering JPEG2000、MPEG2、H264, etc. Real-time HD-SDI X4 3G-SDI X2 DVI X4(X2) HDMI X4 DisplayPort X2 Transmit Direct connect to encoder. Compress in H.264 etc. and transmit Pro-use

20 Encoder/Decoder IP-9610 HD/SD Codec Fujitsu
4:2:2、10bit、H.264 compression p ×2 (2 HDTV lines) 3G-SDI output Capable of 4K transmission with 2 sets 20

21 Monitor 4K Projector Many available
Japan, Korea (Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Astrodesign, Samsung, LG) SDI for pro-use. HDTV input for consumer, up-converting to 4K with special resolution enhancement function. Mostly large, 84 inch, 56 inch On the other hand 30 inch for desktop use. 4096 for cinema, 3840 for broadcast. Support both. 4K Projector Several available DLP 4K Projector for Theater(BARCO、Christie, etc.)  4096x2160 For consumer, 4K LCD projector, JVC, etc. 3840x2160

22 4K Monitor REGZA 55X3 4K Television Toshiba Large 55 inch
QFHD 3840×2160  HDMI X4 Built-in BS/CS digital broadcast receiver Built-in up-converter with resolution enhancement Capable to record full-spec 4K video by attaching breakout box "THD-MBA1"

23 4K Monitor DM-3410-A 56inch 10bit 4K Monitor Astrodesign Large 56 inch
QFHD 3840×2160 10 bits SDI、DVI Professional use

24 4K Projector DP4K-32B 4K DLP Cinema Projector BARCO社 32 meter screen
4096×2160 Contrast 2000:1 SDI、DVI Theater use

25 Summary of 4K video production
・Off-line production is established ・Cinema production is matured in Hollywood ・Live production is not yet. Switcher is needed. ・Up-conversion of 2K to 4K is used ・Use of 4K other than video production is not yet done. → Ultra-CG

26 8K Video Production

27 Super Hi-Vision (8K) specifications
Resolution: × 4320 Aspect ratio: 16:9 Viewing distance: H Viewing angle: 100° Frame rate: Hz progressive Bit depth: 12-bit Audio system: ch surround sound Sampling rate: 48/96 kHz Bit length: 16/20/24 bit Upper layer: 9 ch Middle layer: 10 ch Lower layer: 3 ch LFE: 2 ch

28 Super Hi-Vision

29 Status of 8K video production
8K real-time production is available compared to 4K. The reason is NHK promoting it Public viewing of London Olympic Three live 8K cameras, switched on the site, transfer un-compressed signal to studio in BBC via optical fiber, recorded in BBC and encode in H.265 and transmit to Japan and US. 8K non-linear editing systems in Japan (Sapporo, BUG) Event use in NHK Studio Park, real-time 8K production

30 8K video equipment (Ikegami) (Hitachi) SwitcherSR-8422 Telop SC-8206
Made by Astrodesign if not specified Camera Switcher Transmit CCU VP-8404 Color correction VP-8407 Recorder Recorder HR-7512 Codec (Fujitsu) Monitor Compact projector(JVC) PDP(Panasonic) LCD (Sharp) SHV Non-linear Editing (Sapporo BUG)

31 Summary of Super Hi-Vision (8K)
・System for both off-line and on-line is developed ・Small amount of production experience ・No real-time up-conversion from 4K ・Video production only, no other application → Ultra-CG

32 4K/8K Real-time CG System
Ultra-CG Ultra High Resolution 4K/8K Real-time CG System

33 8K (Super Hi-Vision) 4K Background #1
Ultra high resolution and high presence Next generation visual media 4K Broadcast is scheduled Digital cinema, event, medical use, design review 8K (Super Hi-Vision) NHK plans to start broadcast by 2025 Event use Lack of content

34 ウルトラCG プロジェクト高精細・高臨場感な次世代の映像メディア
Background #2 ウルトラCG プロジェクト高精細・高臨場感な次世代の映像メディア Real-time CG 2K (Hi-Vision) Used in Virtual Studio, event Few games for HDTV available 4K Used in larg-scale event use but is very limited 8K (Super-Hi-Vision) Does not exist at all Unknown area of R&D

35 Ultra-CG Proposal of Ultra-CG 4K/8K Real-time CG
Tendancy of technology driven Development of camera, recorder, transmitter, display Lack of content High-level CG expression Cinema, game, event, etc. Matured CG technique Programable Shader etc Evolution of GPU nVidia, AMD Ultra-CG Expansion of the 4K and 8K market

36 Requirement of Ultra-CG
HARDWARE SOFTWARE CONTENT Ultra high definition modeling Optimization to ultra high-definition CG environment adopted to 4K/8K High accurate rendering and control High performance CG machine 4K/8K video system integration Three areas in a cooperative balance

37 Prototype of 'Virtual Museum'
4K real-time CG system 56” 4K Monitor Hardware PC QuadCore Windows 7 DisplayPort ×4 GPU card V7900 (AMD) DVI Software Unity (Free version) Mouse

38 Demo

39 Target of Ultra-CG Event Game Broadcast Simulator Cinema Ultra-CG
4K/8K Content Event Game Simulator Broadcast Cinema Event Game Conventional TV program production Full-CG Museum Cinema production Ultra-CG

40 4K Game "Battle Field" Electronic Arts Inc. "Devil May Cry" CAPCOM

41 4K Game 4K Game has huge impact
Normally, 4K(2K) game is not so many due to the production cost However, it is still very good when present PC game (for HD) in 4K system Developing "serious game" is also the key We have the 4K game development environment. Don't miss the high potential.

42 Globe project Digitize the Globe in 18 century in Uppsala University
Requires ultra high-resolution texture. Globe is about 70cm diameter but still letters are so tiny. Interactive exhibition is capable by using 3D game method such as anotaion, comparison with Google Maps, etc. Interactive 3D object in the 4K Virtual Museum

43 Digital Art Digital art exhibition Computer art is resolution-free
Digital art project with Virtual Museum Digital art exhibition Computer art is resolution-free 4K/8K as the art material Artist:  Jennifer Steinkamp   (*This picture is not a 4K/8K system)

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