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Hiring: what you need to know Sarah Wheatley Resourcing Manager.

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1 Hiring: what you need to know Sarah Wheatley Resourcing Manager

2 Your employees are your No. 1 asset “A critical business function which is short on rigour” “Your top hires (5%) produce x4 as much good stuff” “24 billion a year is spent managing poor performance nationally” “It costs between 4 and 15 times a persons salary to hire the wrong person”

3 Attraction Selection & Assessment Induction & Training

4 Attraction Write the job description (legal benchmark) Develop a ‘realistic’ person specification Benchmark– who are you up against/salary? Describe your dream candidate Write an engaging advert text Advertise your vacancy on job boards, networking sites and via social media Don’t give up – send it to everyone you know and ask them to share! Sell Sell!

5 Selection & Assessment Measure applications against the JD Design a varied assessment process which will enable you to measure key behaviours Ask competency-based interview questionscompetency-based Help the candidate to use the STAR model when answering questions and probe to helpSTAR model Take notes on the candidates behaviour and avoid assumptions and discrimination Keep notes for a year and then destroy (Data Protection Act, 1984) Provide feedback to all candidates – look after your brand! Jelly & box model

6 Induction & Training Create an onboarding checklist to ensure you capture all the employee data you need Create a day 1 induction check list Develop a tailored induction plan Develop SMART objectivesSMART objectives Arrange regular reviews Provide development opportunities Record employee absences, accidents, grievances and disciplinary action Store employee data securely Stretch & grow

7 “Describe a situation where you had to voice your disagreement about an intended business plan. Why did you do it that way, how did it made you feel and what you have learnt from it? The biggest predictor of success in role is a person’s motivation and behaviour. Appointing someone on the basis of CV and standard interview alone provides accuracy prediction of future success in the role of 25%. A person specification is the criteria against which you can legally reject someone for a position. “Talk me through a recent project that you have played a major part in”. It’s ok to specify that the candidate must have a degree. True or False


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