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Sketchup Tutorial Designing for Construction. The Parts of a Wall.

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1 Sketchup Tutorial Designing for Construction

2 The Parts of a Wall

3 Everyone at a PC follow along… Designing a Wall

4 110mm 10mm 3mm thick

5 110mm 3mm Draw a rectangle that is 3mm thick x 110mm long. PULL your rectangle up 10mm. Make a “2x4” piece of lumber.

6 Double check the measurements with dimension lines but then delete them. You’ll see why in a minute...

7 To make sure every piece of this shape stays together, draw a box around it or choose “Edit -> “Select All”, then “Edit -> “Make Group”.

8 You could copy and paste the first 2”x4” until you had enough for a wall, BUT, it takes a lot of time to get them all an equal distance apart. There has got to be a better way!

9 1. With the MOVE tool selected, hold the CTRL key down. 2. Click on the first 2”x4”. 3. Move your mouse to the right and you will see a copy of the first 2”x4”. (Make sure the copy is on the RED AXIS like the first one.) 4. Before you click to place it, type 203mm.

10 You now have two 2”x4”s 203mm (8 inches apart). 203mm

11 With the second 2”x4” still highlighted, type /12.

12 The /12 copies the first object makes 12 more and places them and equal distance apart! Pretty sweet, right?

13 Draw a flat rectangle on the bottom of all the 2”x4”s.

14 Use the PUSH-PULL tool to pull the bottom rectangle out 3mm.

15 ROTATE around to the other side and add another 2”x4” to the top of the wall. SAVE this file as “back wall your name”

16 Highlight everything (or select all) and go “Edit -> Make Group”. This locks it all together into one piece so it cannot be ruined!

17 Choose the “Rotate” tool and click on one end of the wall. Make sure the horizontal bar inside the Rotate tool is parallel with the 2”x4”.

18 Rotate the Rotate tool until the wide bar is now perpendicular to the 2”x4” (vertical).

19 The wall is now vertical! However, it is below the RED axis.

20 To align the wall back to the ORIGIN, select the MOVE tool and drag the bottom left corner to the ORIGIN.

21 Show Mr. Johns your vertical wall.

22 Because we are drawing blueprints, they don’t need to be 3D.

23 GOOD NEWS! No reason to design a new wall, just use the PUSH-PULL tool and lower the wall to about.25mm. (Zero (0) mm would be nothing)

24 BACK WALL done!

25 Your Assignment: Build a... Man Cave DIVA DEN aka OR

26 Grab your engineering design notebook and start a new page for SHED DESIGN

27 One person designs, prints, and builds the back wall. One person designs & prints one truss, then builds 8 trusses. One person designs, prints, and builds the front wall. One person designs and builds two side walls. You Will Get in a Group of 3 or 4

28 1.Use the backwall drawing and cut off several inches of the wall to create two side walls! 2.Copy the backwall and use it to make a front wall.

29 Two windows One door Minimum 23,000 square mm (203mm x 115mm or 8” x 4”) 8 roof trusses Four walls See complete gradesheet, next slide

30 10 POINTS EACH: ___ Windows and door are built correctly, with trimmer studs, king studs, and headers. ___ At least one exterior side wall and gable are covered with siding material. ___ The front wall is covered with siding material. ___ At least one interior side wall is covered with material. ___ You have neatly labeled one of the following: stud, cripple stud, king stud, sole plate, trimmer stud, rough sill, trimmer stud, header, truss, and gusset. ___ You have eight (8) roof trusses each with a gusset. ___ You covered one half of your roof trusses with material to resemble shingles. ___ You have a door with siding and working, hidden “hinges”. ___ Your windows and door are trimmed with colored paper or card stock. ___ The gap between the front and one side wall is trimmed. ___ Quality of construction (walls are plumb & level, no visible glue, etc.).

31 (5 points each) ___ Carpeting/flooring ___ Plastic in the windows with window “panes” ___ Furniture ___ Artwork on the walls ___ TV on the wall ___ Sidewalk/walkway/stepping stones ___ At least one tree or bush ___ Curtains on the windows ___ Other: ____________________________________ ___ Other: ____________________________________

32 An equal amount of gasoline or lighter fluid will be poured on each shed. One plastic army man will be placed in the very center of each shed. Each shed will then be caught on fire and allowed to burn for five (5) minutes. At five (5) minutes, the fire will be put out. The shed with the most intact army man will earn 20 points extra credit. The shed with second most intact army man will earn 15 points extra credit. The shed with the third most intact army man will earn 10 points extra credit. Every other shed that participates, will earn 5 points extra credit. “Burnin’ Down the House” is not required. You may choose to save your Diva Den or Man Cave!

33 You may use any fireproof or fire-resistant material inside your shed walls. Yes! INSIDE your shed walls (The material must fit in the 3mm gap). Is there a material that would slow the fire from spreading? Discuss this with your group but keep your strategy to yourself (other than your teacher)

34 Want to see how to use the BACK wall to make an easy SIDE wall?

35 1.Open your BACK WALL again. 2.Re-save this file (SAVE AS!) “Sidewall yourname”. Notice the measurement at the bottom, where I’ve measured over to the end of the 8th stud. 121mm.

36 In order to cut part of the wall off, you need to draw a line all the way around the end of the 8th stud.

37 Rotate (ORBIT) your wall so you can draw a line on the bottom too.

38 Now that there is a clear line drawn all the way around the 8th stud, simply start DELETING all the studs to the right...

39 The easiest way to delete part of the wall is to remove the top and bottom section just to the right of the 8th stud then SELECT the last four (4) studs and press DELETE.


41 Here’s a SIDE WALL! SAVE the file again. Print one. Build two!


43 Delete the three MIDDLE walls.

44 Delete the SOLE PLATE where the door will be.

45 Create a HEADER that is 70mm above the ground and 6mm tall.

46 Design a TRIMMER STUD inside the door next to the KING STUD and beneath the HEADER. Copy and paste a second TRIMMER STUD on the other side.

47 Design CRIPPLE STUDS above the door HEADER too - and then space the remaining CRIPPLE STUDS as evenly as possible.

48 To create a window HEADER, draw a rectangle that is even with the door HEADER.

49 Delete all the little lines on the studs to make the HEADER stand out as one separate piece. Can you see where I missed drawing a line?

50 Create a window SILL 25mm below the window HEADER.

51 Clean up the window by deleting the unnecessary lines and the filled in spaces.

52 Finish the left window by inserting CRIPPLE STUDS and STUDS above and below the window.

53 It is faster to copy and paste the entire window structure and paste another one over on the right side of the door.


55 Follow the same steps for printing it and then BUILD it!

56 You should now have: One Back Wall One Side Wall One Front Wall (with door and 2 windows)

57 What about the roof?

58 St art a new file. Save it as “Shed Truss Your Name” Draw a 203mm x 10mm flat rectangle. Draw a 66mm vertical line from the midpoint.

59 Draw a line from the top left of the rectangle to the top of the 66mm line. The shape will fill in, like it did here, but you can fix it later.

60 The easiest way to create an angled stud is to draw a 10mm line out from the angled line.

61 Use the line to draw a 10mm 2x4. Repeat on the other side.

62 Draw two lines 5mm from the midpoint of the original vertical line you drew.

63 This is zoomed way in to the bottom of the center vertical line. Draw a 5mm line from the line out to the right. Draw another 5mm line from the line out to the left. This creates a 10mm wide line that will become our last rectangle.

64 Select and delete the two triangles in the middle.

65 The last step is to delete the 1/8” dimension lines, the ¼” guidelines that were used, and the vertical line running up the middle of the vertical rectangle. KEEP the lines shown by the arrows below! Print one and make eight (8) of these.














79 Find the Windows “Snipping Tool” (START -> Search for “Snipping Tool”

80 Use the Snipping Tool to draw a rectangle around your wall.

81 Copy the wall from the Snipping Tool into Word

82 Re-size the wall until it matches the size of one of the popsicle sticks.

83 “Page Layout” -> “Orientation” -> “Landscape”

84 Make sure all four walls are the same height! Make sure the front and back walls are the same width! Make sure both side walls are the same width!

85 Construction Download or open the “Shed Construction” file found on my website:


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