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2 H OW MANY CALORIES ARE THERE IN A DOUGHNUT ? In these years people have got into a habit of eating junk food all the time. One of most usual foods is doughnut, did you know that in and average doughnut there is about 200 calories, in a cream or jam filled doughnut there is about 300 calories!!!

3 41.5 5.180 415.0 10.360 456.5 414.400 429.940 To work out the number of calories you burn when you run is simple. All you have to do is follow a simple formula. To make this easy keep record of your current weight before you run and the distance that you run, make sure it is in kilometers, also that the weight is in kilograms. This is the formula which will help you to calculate the amount of calories you burn when you run: Calories= Kilometers x Kilograms x 1.036. So if Jessica had a weight of 83km( kilograms ) and she ran 5.5 km ( kilometers ) you would take the weight which is 83kg and multiply it by the distance she ran which 5.5km. Next you multiply it by 1.036 so: 8 3km 1.036 x 5.5kg x 415 1 H OW DO YOU WORK OUT THE NUMBER OF CALORIES YOU BURN WHEN YOU RUN ? So the amount of calories Jessica burnt when she ran is 429.94 calories 1 1 2 1 1 3

4 E XAMPLE Laura went for a run this morning she wants to know how many calories she has burnt. She weighs 57kg and ran 4.6km. So I take the 57kg, multiply it by 4.6km. Next I take the result and multiply it by 1.036: 5 7 262.2 x4.6 x 1.036 34.2 1573.2 228.0 7866.0 262.2 00000.0 262200.0 271.6392 2424 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 So Laura burnt 271.6392 calories today.

5 If you ate an average doughnut with 200 calories and you wanted to find out how much distance you have to run to burn that much calorie. Thing you need to do is this you have to find out how much kilograms you weigh. So if you weigh 45 kilograms then you have to find out how many calories you can loose in one kilometer. After you find out try to divide it by 200 then take the result, that is the distance you need to run in order to loose the amount of calories equal to the calories in a doughnut. If there are remainders then you can try decimals like 25meters so it will be for example you need to run7.25 km. Working out: 004 r20 45kg 45 200 x1km 180 45calories 020 H OW FAR WOULD WOULD YOU HAVE TO RUN TO BURN THE CALORIES OF A DOUGHNUT ? 1 45 x2 90 1 45 x3 135 45 x4 180 1 So to burn 200 calories you need to run 4.2 km.

6 M AKING YOUR ANSWER REASONABLE After getting the results you have to make them reasonable so the results don’t have too many decimal places which will make the answer unreasonable. To make the result reasonable you have to round up to the nearest whole number so if it is something like 346.5875 Calories 4 then you round it according to the hundredths which will make it 346.6 because 8 is greater than 5, anything which 5 or greater than 5 is rounded up and less than is rounded down. If you want to be more specific then you should round it to the nearest hundredths so it becomes 346.59 because after the 8 there is a 7 so you round up. If you just want to round it to a whole number then round the tenth to the nearest whole number, in this case it will be 367 because the tenth is a 5 which means you round up. Name Weight( kg ) Distance (km ) Original Calories burnt rounded to 10ths Calories burnt rounded to 100ths Calories burnt rounded to a whole number Jessica83kg5.5km429.94429.9429.94430 Laura57kg4.6km271.6392271.6271.63272

7 H OW CAN KNOWING TO DO ARITHMETIC WITH DECIMALS HELP YOU TO MAKE GOOD HEALTH DECISIONS ? Knowing how to do arithmetic with decimals can help me with health decisions by: ❉ When I need to calculate how much I need to run every day to loose some calories by the end of the week, if know the arithmetic with decimals properly hen I can easily estimate how many kilometers I need to run everyday so I can loose enough calories in the end of the week. ❉ I don’t have to go to professionals all the time I can figure out by myself how much exercise I need to do. ❉ I’ll know better about what food will not spoil my health by adding up the calories of all the food that I am eating and make sure I don’t end up eating too much calories. ❉ Arithmetic with decimals will also help me if I ran for example 8.7 kilometers and I want to calculate how many calories I burnt it I’ll be easier for me because I will know that to do right away.

8 ❉ Arithmetic with decimals will also help me be more confident in my social life because if I can calculate the amount of calories I burn when I run and at the same time add up the calories in the food I eat then I wont be very unhealthy or obese. This will lead to more confidence I the outer society and I will be able to communicate better with the community. ❉ Another reason is that I will be able to help other people with my tips and tricks that I learned by using the arithmetic with decimals.


10 T HINKER Within this unit I developed my thinking skills by learning how to figure things in the right order like the investigations and also improved my multiplication skills. During this unit I also learned how to calculate the calories using a formula and also arithmetic with decimals.

11 I NQUIRER I developed my inquiring skills by investigating how much distance a person has to run to burn the calories that are equal to the calories in a doughnut. As well as when finding out the process of how to figure out the distance that they need to run since there could be decimals involved too.

12 R EFLECTIVE I reflect on what I have done well and what I have to improve on. For example when I make silly mistakes I try to concentrate more on the question as I reflect on it before I do another piece of work which is similar or is related.

13 K NOWLEDGEABLE I had good understanding of what to do to solve the problem and I knew how to figure out how to figure the order of the step. For example when to multiply with which one of the numbers or sections and knew what I had to do next.

14 B ALANCED I though about how to answer the problem but also how what I have learned will help me in my personal life and other people. Like with the calories investigation instead going to professionals and finding out how much calories you have or need to loose you can calculate by yourself. So all this refers to learning how to understand and do math investigations and also use what we have learned in our social and personal lives.


16 B IBLIOGRAPHY Slide 2: Date visited: 7/11/10 Address: URL: US%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&source=hp&q=how+many+calories+in+a+donut&meta=&btn G=Google+Search&safe=active US%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&source=hp&q=how+many+calories+in+a+donut&meta=&btn G=Google+Search&safe=active Slide 2: Date visited: 8/11/10 Address: URL: 78_queues_3-piled- doughnuts.size300.jpg&imgrefurl= ting_in_japan&usg=__D_K5SB_9nURTzU4GUw- tmahCfiI=&h=300&w=244&sz=12&hl=en&start=75&zoom=1&tbnid=mq7GtXkyhF6gdM:&tbnh= 167&tbnw=136&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddoughnuts%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1227%26bih%3D675 %26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:10%2C2642&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=314&ei=FjXYTIOgMoemcMbj1a 8L&oei=8jTYTJClFIyHcaKS- NQL&esq=7&page=6&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:75&tx=46&ty=33&biw=1227&bih=675

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