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A “BTeV” Hybrid Pixel Telescope for MTest David Christian May 4, 2007.

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1 A “BTeV” Hybrid Pixel Telescope for MTest David Christian May 4, 2007

2 Outline Review of hybrid pixel detectors, status of “BTeV” R&D. Conceptual design of pixel telescope. MTest assets. First crack at task list; items for further discussion.

3 What is a Hybrid Pixel Detector? A Pixel 50 µm 200 µm 250 µm 400 µm A Hybrid - a 2-D array of Pixels “8-chip” Hybrid Sensor

4 The Sensor + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + Holes Electrons PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP N- type bulk N+ P-spray isolation SiO 2 passivation Contact metallization V +

5 Preamp2 nd stage +disc ADC Kill/ inject ADC encoder Digital interface The readout IC

6 FPIX2 developed for BTeV Debugging Outputs 128x22 Pixel array End-of-Column Logic Data Output Interface Command Interface Registers and DAC’s LVDS Drivers and I/O pads Pixel array + End-of-Column Logic +  = “Core” Internal bond pads for Chip ID Chiphit available for use in trigger

7 Hybrid Pixel R&D After BTeV As of two years ago: –FNAL-designed readout chip had two minor fatal flaws. –No system demonstration had yet been done. An “extended closeout” R&D program was approved –1 more chip submission. –R&D refocused on ILC. –Two system tests approved: Telescope for the forward direction of PHENIX (at RHIC) Test beam telescope

8 Sensor & FPIX2.1 wafers Sensor wafers produced for PHENIX by CiS (LANL has agreed to donate the x4 sensors for use in MTest) FPIX2.1 fabricated on wafer with “TripT” for D0; fatal flaws fixed; 11 wafers purchased by LANL for PHENIX, 11 by FNAL to support R&D - 2 required for MTest telescope.

9 Sensors & ROCs probed – yield is high Typical FPIX2.1 wafer map Typical sensor IV curve

10 Hybridization – solder bump bonding done by VTT (Finland) X-ray made at FCC VTT bump-deposition process flow

11 15 Pre-production PHENIX (x8) hybrids delivered 12 April 2007 First 10 x4 hybrids being assembled at VTT this week.

12 Half-plane = three 1x4 modules read out by 1 FPGA (collaboration with Columbia U.) Station = two half-planes offset by active area of sensor 2 stations upstream of DUT & 2-4 downstream (precision x & precision y) New test beam telescope

13 4x HDI

14 PCB Interposer Sensor Readout chips Glue HDI TPG Concept for pixel plane


16 MT6-A1

17 MT6-A1 Assets Climate controlled hut. Aluminum table on rails allows entire setup to be removed from beam. Dark box with feed throughs for signals, power, & cooling fluid. Remotely controlled motors determine (x,y) position of both ends of box. Local chiller provides closed loop cooling system CAEN power system can provide LV & sensor bias (“HV”). Plenty of quiet power is available.

18 Climate Controlled Hut Table on rails

19 Feed Through Boards Moveable Pixel Box Remotely Controlled x-y Positioners Chiller

20 Old picture of pixel box interior

21 MT6-A1 task list Status of CAEN & motor control system? Modify box mechanicals –Support 6x4 stations –Stations positioned to minimize MS error at DUT –Flexible DUT station (CMS upgrade didn’t really work out)

22 Pixel telescope task list x4 HDI x4 plane/station design (mechanical and electrical) DAQ Integration of telescope data with: – DUT in pixel box – data from other MTest detectors (if necessary)

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