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Sandra Billingsley Portfolio Samples. Dreamscape 9903 $25,000 - 8'x4'

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1 Sandra Billingsley Portfolio Samples

2 Dreamscape 9903 $25,000 - 8'x4'

3 Dreamscape $10,000 - 4'x3'

4 Gigeresque $1800 (sold) – 3'x4'

5 Spirit of Fall Floating Circus $500 (sold) – 2'x3' $500 (sold) – 18"x20"

6 Fairy Fly $1,200 (sold) – 1½'x4'

7 Live Laugh Love I $900 (sold) – 2'x2'

8 Live Laugh Love II $1,600 (sold) – 3½'x4'

9 Dreams I $900 – 2'x3'

10 Flowers of the Earth $800 (sold) – 2'x4' Close-up

11 Passion $1,000 (sold) - 8'x4'

12 Close-up of Passion – Neck Area

13 Reflection Custom Frame Work $600 (sold) – 2½'x4'

14 The Dance $200 (sold) – 11"x24"

15 Celtic Medallion $250 - 2'x2'

16 Flight $1,800 (sold) - 6'x4'

17 Exhibitions 2006 “Egg of the Phoenix”, West Egg Cafe, Atlanta, GA, February 2005 T-Shirt Construction Company, Atlanta, GA, November -January “Big Bang Disco”, Elevation Gallery, Atlanta, GA, October “Solstice”, Lambert Gallery, Atlanta, GA, June-August “Spectrum Pallete”, Lambert Gallery, Atlanta, GA, January-March 2004 “Fact or Fantasy”, The Seen Gallery, Atlanta, GA 2003 “In the Realm of Eden”, Elevation Gallery, Atlanta, GA “Illusions”, Pickneyville Community Center The Chamber Night Club, Atlanta, GA “Clouded Eclectic”, Blue Tower Gallery, Atlanta, GA

18 Sandra Billingsley Education 1991-1995 Daytona Beach Community College Professional Experience 1996-1998Interior Decorative Painter, Daytona Beach, FL 1998-PresentOwner, Interior Decorative Painting Business, Atlanta GA Special Projects 4 day seminar for The Carolina Tolers, Advanced Faux Finishing, Durham N.C., 2002 Scenic Painter, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern”, “Hamlet”, Vision Quest Theater, Atlanta, GA 2003 Entertainment Director for “In the Realm of Eden”, Elevation Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2003

19 Statement Being the son of a one legged farmer I… no… wait… that was someone else. I’m just a painter. My art features unusual frames and dimensional structures. My 11 years experience as a muralist and faux finisher developed my ability to create with impeccable craftsmanship. While building my residential decorative painting business, I taught myself hundreds of painting and construction techniques. These techniques enable me to visually express myself in many styles.

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