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MPPC readout electoronics

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1 MPPC readout electoronics

2 MPPC readout with DAQ board
-5V OPAMP - + DAQ board 4m flat cable Trip-t OUT_P OUT_N gain=1 +5V MPPC control signal LED trig Labview

3 trig DAQ board Labview timingを合わせる MUX_CLK MUX_CLK Trip-t

4 MUX_CLK from DAQ board MUX_CLK from Labview A_OUT from Trip-t (test charge)

5 Trip-t OPAMP DAQ cable

6 ADC distribution(test charge)
ADC count

7 Trip-t A_OUT gain pipeline 3pF 1pF preamp charge preamp gain x1 or x4
pipeline gain x2,x4,x8…

8 A_OUT of MPPC preamp gain=x pipeline gain=x1

9 ADC distribution 400pixel V=70.0V not same preamp gain=x4
pipeline gain=x1 not same

10 A_OUT Linearity MPPC 10p.e. (G=7.5x105)
preamp gain=x4, pipeline gain=x2 low signal linearity problem associates with this version of chip preamp gain=x4, pipeline gain=x1 preamp gain=x1, pipeline gain=x4

11 A_OUT of MPPC preamp gain=x1, pipeline gain=x4

12 ADC distribution(2) 400pixel V=70.0V same preamp gain=x1
pipeline gain=x4 same

13 MPPC gain measured by Trip-t and CAMAC
by CAMAC 100pixel 400pixel 1x106 3x106 4x105 1x106

14 crosstalk of A_OUT ch preamp gain=x1, pipeline gain=x4
1.4pC to ch15 (Dynamic range of Trip-t with this gain setting) crosstalk~0.4% 0.4% ch

15 70.0V 100pix 400pix readout 4MPPCs simultaneously 400pix 400pix

16 Problem? Problem? LED trig V=69.8V V=71.4V V=71.4V LED trig PRE_RST
MPPC signal after preamp signal Strange pedestal structure due to charge up on coupling capacitor when bias V up charge on capacitor Trip-t

17 Problem? no problem V=69.8V V=71.4V
at the bias V we see strange pedestal, raw signal is also strange no problem

18 backup

19 There is no special change if we change the values of registers
- preamp feedback control - preamp drive current - etc… now design the board of 32ch MPPC inputs

20 A_OUT gain ch Gain (ADC count/pC) 15 730 16 710 31 735 32 732
preamp gain = x1 pipeline gain= x4 variation ~4%

21 T_OUT charge Disc_OUT voltage PIPE_CLK time difference

22 T_OUT linearity input charge=0.65pC time(ns) time(ns)

23 T_OUT gain ch Gain (count/ns) 15 8.52 16 8.60 31 8.00 32 9.97

24 Disc. threshold curve propability of discri firing
input charge =0.13pC 5Vth unit = 2.5fC ~ 0.02p.e. threshold uncertainty

25 Time walk T_OUT ADC count vs injected charge time walk

26 position dependence of PIPE_CLK
preamp out PIPE_CLK time(ns)

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