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Qball-X4 Simulator Seang Cau February 16, 2011.

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1 Qball-X4 Simulator Seang Cau February 16, 2011

2 Introduction Simulator is run under MatLAB and rendered using Quarc.
Simulates the behavioral properties of the Quanser Qball-X4.

3 Quanser Qball-X4 Visualization is transfer information to the 3D renderer Figure 1: Visualization Figure 2: Qball Simulator

4 Purpose To understand the physics of the Qball
To understand the capabilities of the Qball To utilize the simulator as a preliminary study for integration of sensors

5 Qball-X4 Model x, y, and z axis are defined as positions in a 3D space
Roll, pitch, and yaw are defined as the angles of rotation about the x, y, and z axis respectively. X, Y, and Z are the global workspace axes

6 Actuator Dynamics Thrust is generated by each propeller using the first-order system Where u is the PWM input, w is the actuator bandwidth and K is the positive gain A state variable, v, will be used to represent the actuator dynamics

7 Qball-X4 3D Simulator Consists of two part for each axis
Position Controllers Model Constants are specified in Qball_X4_parameters.m

8 Yaw Yaw is a constant in the simulator
It controls the orientation of the QBall Figure 3: Yaw Black Box Figure 4: Yaw Controller/Model

9 Yaw Controller & Model Ky = 4 N*m Jy = 0.032
Torque = Ky * u where u is the PWM input Figure 5: Yaw Controller Figure 6: Yaw Model

10 Height K = 120 N w (omega) = 15 rad/s M = 1.4 kg
Figure 7: Height Controller/Model

11 Height Controller Navigates the height based on previous value and target value. Figure 8: Height Controller

12 Height Model The dynamic model of height can be written as
Height is affected by thrust, pitch, and roll Figure 9: Height Model

13 XY Model Thrust affects the x and y axis of the Qball
Assuming yaw angle is zero, dynamics of motion in X and Y axes can be written as Figure 10: XY Model

14 X axis X controller affects the pitch angle
Figure 11: X Controller/Model

15 X Controller Figure 12: X Controller

16 Pitch Controller/Model
Figure 13: Pitch Controller/Model

17 Pitch Controller & Model
Figure 14: Pitch Controller Figure 15: Pitch Model

18 Y axis Y Controller affects the roll angle
Figure 16: Y Controller/Model

19 Y Controller Figure 17: Y Controller

20 Roll Controller/Model
Figure 18: Roll Controller/Model

21 Roll Controller & Model
Figure 19: Roll Controller Figure 20: Roll Model

22 Summary Qball X4 model uses absolute coordinate system in the xy and height control Converts the xy and height commands into Pitch and Roll commands Yaw is kept constant at an assumed zero

23 Conclusion Useful to understand how the integration of sensor input will occur Will be unable to mimick the Qball in actual conditions due to assumptions

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