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האם קיימת חשיבה המצאתית? INVENTION APPROACHES Method driven: instrumentation enables previously unknown observations-invention Galileo (telescope) experimental.

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2 האם קיימת חשיבה המצאתית?

3 INVENTION APPROACHES Method driven: instrumentation enables previously unknown observations-invention Galileo (telescope) experimental technics- Theory driven Way of thinking leads to invention Einstein Pasteur from theory to need Need driven: identify problems and seek solutions Edison Data Driven : reveals anomaly in data, a surprising possibility Mendel-burrs –Velcro Fleming-(penicillin) NAND Flash Drive?

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6 TYPES OF INNOVATION Product Innovation: Changes in the things (products/services), which an organization offers. Process Innovation: Changes in the way in which they are created or delivered Position Innovation: Changes in the context in which they are created or delivered.(Ford, Lucozade drink) Paradigm Innovation: Changes in the underlying mental models which frame that the organization does,(low cost airlines) Source:Tidd J. Bessant J Managing innovation John Wiley 2006 p 10 האם קיימת חשיבה חדשנית ? האם אחת מהן מובילה?

7 x4 technologyx4 technology – enabling a new generation of 4-bit/cell flash media in x4 NAND componentsTrueFFS technology - Patented flash management algorithmsSecurity technology - Reusable cryptography cores and APIs for market-specific applicationsx2 technology - Enabling MLC flash with optimized reliability and performancemDOC (DiskOnChip) technology - Flash local storage architecturemDrive (DiskOnKey) technology - Personal, removable storage solutionsTrueFFS technologySecurity technologyx2 technologymDOC (DiskOnChip) technologymDrive (DiskOnKey) technology

8 Platform Robust Design Intel PG cyclodextrin detergents odor control Febreze מהו סוג החדשנות הטכנולוגית

9 INNOVATION AXES Market ProductProduct Technology Manufacturing Technology (Process)

10 מהו המקור לחדשנות?


12 Select Customers: Kingston, Memorex, I-O Data, HP, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Palm, LG, Samsung, Sony and Sony Ericsson. Strategic Flash Partners: Toshiba, Hynix, Spansion and Renesas.

13 האם החדשנות היא רציפה או בלתי רציפה? פלש נייד חדשנות מוצר בלתי רציפה. טכנולוגיה רציפה. שוק בלתי רציף?




17 האם החדשנות היא רציפה או בלתי רציפה? חדשנות מוצר ב"ר (קוד+מידע) טכנולוגיה ר. שוק ב"ר (סלולר) תהליך ב"ר

18 ™ Technology: The Next Level of NAND Flash Revolutionizing the world of multimedia-rich devices msystems’ x4 technology revolutionizes NAND flash, enabling the storage of 4 bits of data per cell on nearly the same die size as 2 bits. Driving significant manufacturing cost reductions while optimizing reliability and performance, x4 technology enabled components are set to fuel a new generation of multimedia-rich consumer electronics devices. From digital still cameras (DSCs) and mobile handsets to USB flash drives (UFDs) and MP3 players, and for future markets such as solid- state disks (SSDs) for laptops and flash-based camcorders, x4 technology is enabling higher, more cost-effective memory densities for smarter personal storage


20 TrueFFS technology True Flash File System (TrueFFS) is msystems' patented flash management software. TrueFFS provides the operating system (OS) with full block device (hard drive) functionality so that the DiskOnChip flash disk appears to the OS and file system as a standard disk drive. At the same time, it transparently provides full flash media management. חדשנות טכנולוגית, מוצר, תהליך, בלתי רציפה

21 האם החדשנות היא רציפה או בלתי רציפה? מוצר ב"ר. טכנולוגיה ר. שוק ב"ר





26 SanDisk buys Msystems Hands over $1.55bn in stock By Nick Farrell: יום שלישי 15 אוגוסט 2006, 08:27 The NAND flash data storage business is in its early stages and we believe the market opportunity is largely untapped,” said Eli Harari, Chairman and CEO of SanDisk. “msystems is a leader in flash memory systems addressing mobile, portable and embedded markets and they have a strong team, significant IP and important OEM customers

27 Flash Memory Summit Recognizes msystems™ x4™ Technology as the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology of 2006 “The x4 NAND flash technology from msystems is truly a groundbreaking flash memory solution that exemplifies the most innovative technology at this inaugural Flash Memory Summit.” msystems x4 technology was developed in collaboration with Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) School of Electrical Engineering and exclusively licensed to msystems, for use in flash memory products, by Ramot, the technology transfer company and commercialization arm of TAU.

28 ENTREPRENEURIAL BREAKTHROUGH VERSUS CORPORATE INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS Entrepreneurial breakthroughs: unorthodox approach, creativity Incremental Improvements: body of knowledge conventional way of thinking Edison little schooling. Steve Wozniak Apple, no graduation; Bill Gates, dropped out Harvard, Michael Dell quite university –Dell Computers (Bhide2000 p36 Large firms: Intel instruction per second grew per 3milion % ; P&G 1250 PhD, 3800 per years 24000 active patents Hybrid education? Source; Baumol W.J.(2005) “Education for Innovation” in Innovation Policy and the Economy Vol 5 National Bureau of Economic Researches

29 CONTINUOUS – DISCONTINUOUS INNOVATION Market Knowledge Scientific & Technical Knowledge Continuous Innovation TrueFFS technology X4 NAND Flash Revolutionizing the world of multimedia- rich devices CameraCellular Operators-transfer of services mDrive (DiskOnKey) technology mDOC (DiskOnChip) technology Security technology x2 technology

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