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Fundamental Interactions and their Experimental Implications (IFIE) FPA2011-23596 I.P. Francisco J. Botella IFIC and Department of Theoretical Physics.

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1 Fundamental Interactions and their Experimental Implications (IFIE) FPA2011-23596 I.P. Francisco J. Botella IFIC and Department of Theoretical Physics University of Valencia and CSIC Madrid, 19 May 2011.


3 Group Members Collaborators from other centers (12) AGUILAR, CRISTINA(Papavassiliou) BINOSI, DANIELE(Papavassiliou) BARDEEN. WILLIAM(Barenboim) LYKKEN. JOSEPH(Barenboim) BRANCO, GUSTAVO(Botella) REBELO, MARGARIDA N.(Botella) CAMPANARIO. FRANCISCO(Bernabeu) MAVROMATOS NIKOLAOS(Bernabeu) PALOMARES. SERGIO(Bernabeu) JONES. JOEL(Vives) MASIERO. ANTONIO(Vives) PARK JAE-HYEON(Vives)

4 History and Generalities I Phenomenological Project with a broad spectrum of research areas. At every moment it has been adapted to the evolution of Fundamental Physics. Examples of past contributions: R b at the LEP era. Measurement of ε’/ε at Φ Factory. Bounds on Tau weak dipole moments at LEP from genuine observables. Physics reach at neutrino factories. CPT violation in neutrino physics (Minos implications). CP violation and FCNC in SUSY ( Kaons versus B’s ). Dynamical models for Dark Energy. c and b quark masses (PDG). Observability of Neutrino Charge Radius (PDG). High Intensity Monochromatic Neutrino Beams from EC. Gauge invariant treatment of the Schwinger-Dyson equations.

5 Previous Projects (IFIE)............... AEN 93-0234 ( José Bernabéu ) (1993-1996). AEN 96-1718 ( José Bernabéu ) (1996-1999). AEN 99-0692 ( José Bernabéu ) (1999-2002). FPA 2002-0612 ( Francisco J. Botella ) (2002-2005) FPA 2005-01678 ( Francisco J. Botella ) (2005-2008). FPA 2008-02878 ( Francisco J. Botella ) (2008-2011). Ongoing collaborations: Lisbon,, FNAL, Rutherford, Mainz, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, London, Trieste, CERN, Padova, Roma. PhD. Thesis: Luis G. Cabral (2000), Mª Carmen Bañuls (2000), José L. Doménech (2001), Daniele Binosi (2002), Sergio Palomares (2003), Joseph F. Oliver (2004), Miguel Nebot (2005), Francisco Campanario (2005), Ezequiel Alvarez (2006), Joel Jones(2010) and Catalina Espinoza (2010). History and Generalities II

6 History and Generalities III Former postdocs: G.A. González-Sprinberg, M. Tung, M. Raidal, D. Comelli, E. Roulet, J.P. Silva, D. Tommmasini, A. Akhoundof, L. Lenson, S. Wolf, L. Mornas, D. Gómez Dumm, Wei Zheng Tao, Massimo Passera, Nesterenko, Valentina Porreti. Paride Paradisi, Nikolaos Petropoulos andTakashi Shimomura Visitors: William Bardeen, Boris Kayser, Chris Quigg, Gustavo Branco, Cecilia Jarlskog, F.Scheck, C.S. Lim, C. García-Canal, A. Pilaftsis, Margarida Rebelo, Ferrucio Feruglio, K. Schilcher, Nick Mavromatos, Teung Tsun Tsou, Hong Mo Chan, C.P. Yuan, Christian Poeselt, Nick Kidonakis, Olga Mena,

7 Physics Goals: 5 Research Areas Flavourdynamics and CP Violation Neutrino and Astroparticle Physics QCD and Hadronic Physics LHC Physics: Higgs Bosons and Dipole Moments Supersymmetry and Beyond the SM Physics (for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology)

8 Flavourdynamics and CP Violation Improvements in the test of the CKM matrix, from LHC results. Clarifications of the different b->s tensions, from LHCb. Model Independent analysis of the quark flavour sector relaxing some of the actual restrictions. Phenomenology of the new MFV models, both in the quark and lepton sectors. Realization of genuine test of T, CP, CPT Exploring the potential of SuperB in the flavour sector.

9 Small violations of unitarity, the phase in B 0 s − B 0 s /bar and visible t→cZ decays at the LHC.. F. J. B., Gustavo C. Branco, Miguel Nebot Phys.Rev. D79 (2009) 096009

10 Neutrino and Astroparticle Physics The possible structure of redshift integrated resonances in the cosmic neutrino spectrum. Including the effects of sfermion masses in soft-leptogenesis. Physics reach of combined beta beam/electron capture facility from the same ion. Analysis of the impact of experimental uncertainties in the neutrino cross sections for the determination of the neutrino oscillations parameters. The positron excess in PAMELA/ATIC experiments, or the 511 keV line observed in the center of the galaxy, could be explained by particle physics processes involving the dark matter

11 MINOS and CPT-violating neutrinos. Gabriela Barenboim, Joseph D. Lykken. Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 113008. If confirmed, the CPT- violating neutrino mass-squared difference would be an order of magnitude less than the current most-stringent upper bound on CPT violation for quarks and charged leptons.

12 QCD and Hadronic Physics The nonperturbative contribution of the quark loop to the gluon propagator. Comparisson with available unquenched lattice data Modifications of the Schwinger-Dyson equations (SDE) due to the presence of condensates in the QCD vacuum. Construction of a nonperturbative aznsat fot the nonperturbative three gluon vertex respecting BRST symmetries. Solve SDE equations fot the gluon-gohst vertex and compare with lattice data. Finite Energy Sum Rules (FESR) reanalysis of the decay constant of the all the B and D mesons. FESR determination of coupling constant of light messons and the masses of light quarks.

13 Non-perturbative comparison of QCD effective charges. A.C. Aguilar D. Binosi, J. Papavassiliou, J. Rodriguez-Quintero Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 085018 Pinch Technique: Theory and Applications. D. Binosi and J. Papavassiliou. Physics Report 479(2009)1-152 The Pinch Technique and its Applications to Non-Abelian Gauge Theories. J.M. Cornwall, J. Papavassiliou and D. Binosi. Cambridge Monographs. Cambridge University Press

14 LHC Physics: Higgs Bosons and Dipole Moments Study extended models where a measurable Tau dipole moments can be naturally accommodated. Analysis of models with different scaling from one lepton to another, and measurable at the Super B. Top dipole moments properties. Determination of the precise magnitudes and how they can be measured at LHC. H/A Interferometry of quasi-degenerate SUSY Higgs bosons with opposite CP. Peculiar line shape. Looking at the mu+ mu- channel. H/A mixing: enhancement of CP violation effects in the tau+ tau- channel.

15 W polarisation beyond helicity fractions in top quark decays. J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra, J. Bernabeu Nucl.Phys. B840 (2010) 349-378. Combining fit to top decay observables and the tW cross section, at LHC it will be possible to obtain model-independent measurements of all the (complex) Wtb couplings as well as the single top polarisation.

16 Supersymmetry and beyond the SM (for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology) LHC phenomenology of Standard Model extensions. (Dark Matter) Detection of WIMS by inelastic scattering with the target (nuclei) detector.. The leptonic asymmetry shared between leptons and sleptons, this can be relevant for leptogenesis. Phenomenology of models with long-lived staus where the stau is the ordinary LSP and the gravitino is the real LSP. A consistent picture of the middle ages of the Universe (before Big Bang Nucleosynthesis) that can be studied experimentally in LHC? Gravitational effects of the Cosmological Constant (Lambda): Propagation of photons and gravitational waves in the medium of Lambda.

17 FCNC and CP Violation Observables in a SU(3)-flavoured MSSM. L. Calibbi,J. Jones-Perez, A. Masiero, Jae-hyeon Park, W. Porod and O. Vives Nucl.Phys. B831 (2010) 26-71. Going beyond CMSSM. In this framework it is possible to fit the observed fermionic masses and mixings simultaneously solving the so-called SUSY flavour and CP problems. In these models, we naturally expect to be able to observe the μ  e gamma decay at MEG for sfermion masses within LHC reach.

18 The document summarizing the New Physics case for the proposed SuperB facility is internationally identified as “Valencia Document”




22 Budget Contracts270.000€ 3 postdocs Salaries(122.850€) Hard, software and books 61.000€ 30 computers to maintain, printers, software, etc. And books. Consumables8.000€ Material for outreach (poster, CD,..) other tic related External collaborator visits 30.000€ Visits of all collaborators included in the team and the memory. 12 visits x 2.500€ Travel and per diem 185.000€ Participation in Conferences, Schools, Workshops. Short term visits to other centers, etc… Other50.000€ Publication fees and thesis. Telephone, fax, mail,, Seminar program, short term visitors, Conference fees. maintenance and other outreach activities TOTAL604.000€(726.850€)

23 To conclude, In the LHC era, our understanding of Fundamental Physics is changing and new questions are arising, with crucial implications for the Primordial Universe. Complementarity with precision Flavour Physics, CP-violation and Neutrino Properties has to be emphasized. Our Project is prepared for attacking all these nobel problems with the Strategy of a strong collaboration between Theory and Experiment


25 Budget (Contracts) 3 Postdoctoral Positions for: 1.Flavour Physics in the quark and/or lepton sector. 2.Supersymmetry and/or cosmological applications. 3.LHC Physics and QCD They will reinforce the work more directly related with the Physics at LHC, the Super B factories and the High Intensity Neutrino Beams.

26 Total gasto de la anualidad (€) Personal 27.455,64 Otros costes de ejecución 49688,89 TOTAL GASTO REALIZADO 77.144,53 THE FIRST YEAR OF FPA2008-02878


28 Total gasto de la anualidad (€) Personal 113.068,27 Otros costes de ejecución 6.852,10 TOTAL GASTO REALIZADO 119.920,37 TOTAL GASTO REALIZADO (3A) 348.907,20 PRESUPUESTO TOAL402.800 THE THIRD YEAR OF FPA2008-02878

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