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“Together, we can change the world”

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2 “Together, we can change the world”


4 METU has three Campuses: Main Campus, Ankara started in 1956 Erdemli Campus, Mersin started in 1975 Northern Cyprus Campus, Kalkanlı started in 2000

5 METU @ A GLANCE  Turkey's premier state university  Established with an international mandate  “Middle East Technical University “  English as the medium of instruction at all levels

6  16,500 undergraduate and 7,600 graduate students  1,200 full-time teaching faculty members and 1,300 academic staff  5 Faculties offering 43 undergraduate degree programs  5 Institutes offering 99 Masters and 62 Ph.D. programs  21 Interdisciplinary Research Centers METU ANKARA CAMPUS

7 Undergraduate education at METU Ankara: METU ANKARA CAMPUS  Faculty of Engineering (13 departments)  Faculty of Arts&Sciences (9 departments)  Faculty of Econ. and Admin. Sciences (4 departments)  Faculty of Architecture (3 departments)  Faculty of Education (6 departments)

8 ArchitectureArts and Sciences Economics and Administrative Sciences ArchitectureBiologyBusiness Administration City and Regional Planning ChemistryEconomics Industrial DesignHistoryInternational Relations Mathematics Political Science and Public Administration Molecular Biology and Genetics Philosophy / Physics Psychology / Sociology Statistics Undergraduate Education METU ANKARA CAMPUS

9 EngineeringEducation Aerospace Engineering Computer Education and Instructional Technology Chemical EngineeringEducational Sciences Civil EngineeringElementary Education Computer EngineeringForeign Language Education Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPhysical Education and Sports Engineering SciencesSecondary Scien.& Math. Education Environmental Engineering Food Engineering Geological Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Mining Engineering Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering METU ANKARA CAMPUS

10 Graduate education at METU Ankara  Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences  Institute of Social Sciences  Institute of Informatics  Institute of Applied Mathematics METU ANKARA CAMPUS

11 Research Centers  21 University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers contributing to the integration of graduate programs and research  Most recently established national centers of excellence:  GUNAM (Solar Energy Research Center) (2009)  RUZGEM (Wind Energy Technologies Research Center) (2011)  BIOMATEN (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Center) (2011) &  DEKOSIM (Marine Ecosystems and Climate Studies Center) (2012) METU ANKARA CAMPUS

12 Institute of Marine Sciences  Chemical OceanographyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Marine Biology and FisheriesM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Marine Geology and GeophysicsM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Physical OceanographyM.S. (1)Ph.D. METU ERDEMLİ CAMPUS


14  It is the first overseas campus founded by a Turkish university  All programs at METU NCC meet the academic standards of METU  Students receive METU diplomas approved by the University Senate METU NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS

15 Economic and Administrative Sciences  Business Administration  Business Administration (Joint Undergraduate Program with SUNY New Paltz Univ.)  Economics  Political Science and International Relations Engineering  Chemical Engineering  Civil Engineering  Computer Engineering  Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Education/Humanities  Computer Education and Instructional Technology  Guidance and Psychological Counseling  Teaching English as a Foreign Language  Psychology METU NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS Undergraduate degree programs

16 Minor Programs  Minor Program in Electronics  Minor Program in Information Systems  Minor Program in Mechatronics  Economics Minor Program  General Management And Corporate Finance Minor Program  Political Science and International Relations Minor Program  Minor Program in General Psychology METU NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS

17 Graduate Programs METU NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS  Political Science and International Relations M.S.  Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems M.S.


19 Human Resources  World-class faculty with Ph.D. degrees earned from most prominent universities– majority (70%) from institutions abroad  METU undergraduate students received from the top 1% of 1,800,000 applicants taking the National University Entrance Examination every year  Highly qualified body of graduate students  Dedicated and well-qualified administrative staff  More than 110,000 committed alumni organized under 15 national and 21 international alumni associations METU STRENGTHS

20 A Research-Intensive University  Ratio of graduate students to total: 31 %  Largest share of research funding from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry, EU Framework Program  Research revenues accounting for over 35 % of all METU expenditures annually (including all payroll costs)  Ph.D. Degrees granted per year: 260+ (2011) METU STRENGTHS

21 An International University  More than 1,800 international degree students at Ankara and Cyprus campuses  Approximately 1,000 international applications each year  All engineering programs approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (from 1992 on; latest 2010)  Extensive experience of collaboration with universities abroad and high degree of participation in Erasmus and Erasmus-Mundus programs (230+ Erasmus agreements)

22 METU STRENGTHS An International University  Premier university in Turkey in terms of EU Framework Program (FP) participation  51 completed and 8 ongoing FP6 projects with a budget of 178 million €  1 completed and 31 ongoing FP7 projects with a budget of 106 million €  METU researchers carrying out a wide spectrum of international research projects (FP6, FP7, COST, EUREKA, MEDA, NATO, NSF, UN, World Bank, Jean Monnet)

23 METU STRENGTHS An International University  Offering joint-degree programs in collaboration with universities abroad (4 undergraduate and 18 graduate degree programs with universities in US and Europe)  METU rated among the top world universities in several rankings (Times Higher Education, Leiden, Webometrics, URAP, and others)  METU ranked as the top university in Turkey in engineering and technology, basic sciences, and social sciences (HEAACT, QS, URAP, and others)

24 METU STRENGTHS An Interdisciplinary and Diverse Campus  Departments representing different disciplines located in close proximity on the same campus  Availability of “minor” and “double-major” programs, and elective courses from other disciplines  Wide spectrum of interdisciplinary graduate programs and research centers  Students and academics from all parts of Turkey and more than 80 countries  Wealth of sports, cultural, arts events as well as scientific and professional meetings (METU rated as “Turkish University with Richest Social Life” by Newsweek-Turkey magazine)

25 Success in all three mission components Create Knowledge – research and development Disseminate Knowledge – education programs Apply Knowledge – work with industry and society  METU Revolving Fund largest in the country in industry revenues  Long tradition of playing an active role in acquiring critical technologies and creation of key institutions in Turkey  METU Technopark as first science park in Turkey METU STRENGTHS

26 METU Technopark  260+ R&D companies; 900,000+ sq.ft. floor area; 200 acres land area  3,000 R&D workers; 3,500 employed in total  Incubation and pre-incubation centers  Extensive cooperative research between the faculty and industry  Support for establishment of new science parks in Turkey and Eurasia

27 A “Most Trusted Institution” Community outreach and social responsibility have always been part of METU mission.  Creation of 30 km 2 of forest area on METU Ankara Campus, an initiative that received the “The Aga Khan Award” (1995)  Student Associations leading the nation in community outreach programs  METU Science and Society Initiative – Science and Technology Museum  Most extensive student scholarship program in the nation  Public and private sector institutions seeking counseling and consultancy from METU as the most reliable source of information and solution partner  Independent public opinion surveys rate METU among the most trusted/relied upon institutions in the society METU STRENGTHS

28 An Innovative University Numerous “first”s and innovations introduced to the Turkish higher education and research area. Several examples:  First Turkish university to use English as medium of instruction  First Turkish university built on a campus  First Turkish university to use department, semester, and credit system  First Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Turkey (still serving as the DNS authority)  Pioneering Technopark in Turkey  First Campus abroad (Northern Cyprus Campus)  Establishment of first University Central Lab  Creation of Faculty Development Program (FDP) network METU STRENGTHS

29 Faculty Development Program (FDP) at METU

30 WHAT IS Faculty Development Program (FDP)?  Initiated in 2001, Faculty Development Program (FDP) is an inter-university network, with METU training faculty members for other Turkish universities  Turkish universities of FDP network sending their research assistants to METU for the duration of Ph.D. studies  After graduation from METU Ph.D. programs, assistants return to their universities to work as faculty members  Turkish State Planning Office (recently Turkish Higher Education Council) provide funds to support the FDP

31 WHY? Faculty Development Program (FDP)  Shortage of qualified faculty members throughout the country  Sending students abroad for Ph.D. studies seen as a costly solution with increased risk of “brain drain”  METU graduate degrees accepted as world-class both in Turkey and abroad  Increased research and teaching collaboration among the network universities

32 HOW? Structure of FDP FDP UNIVERSITY  Ph.D. candidates jointly selected by METU and FDP university  SPO or HEC providing funds per student SPO * or HEC ** (*) SPO: State Planning Organization (**) HEC: Higher Education Council METU Research Assistant Funding Young faculty member

33 HOW? Model of FDP 1.Research assistants of FDP universities nominated for METU graduate studies by their university (at some universities appointment as research assistant contingent on acceptance by METU) 2.Candidates jointly selected by METU and FDP university, subject to selection criteria of METU 3.FDP assistants become METU personnel «on a loan» by the FDP university during their Master’s and Doctoral studies

34 4.During the graduate study  Candidate receives support for short-term overseas visits (maximum 3 months) as well as short-term domestic visits  Candidate is required to spend long-term overseas visits (6-12 months) as part of his/her research (at a top 500 university)  Candidate receives an Annual Project Support, which can be used for equipment, expendible supplies, and software in addition travel support. 5.After graduation, he/she is appointed as academic staff (assistant professor) in the FDP university HOW? Model of FDP

35 Faculty Development Program (FDP) Turkey  64 FDP universities (2011)  Nearly 500 Ph.D. candidates in progress (2012)  300 graduates to date (2012) Ardaha n Üniv. Map showing the initial network universities: 2001- 2005

36 Faculty Development Program (FDP) International 4 FDP Universities and 21 students from Cyprus (2011) 3 FDP Universities and 14 students from Eurasia (2011)

37 FDP Performance 2001-2012 Number of students accepted 892 Number of Graduates (approx) 300 Success rate 85% Average international publications per degree 3

38 FDP Performance Candidates provided with research experience (long-term visit) at world class universities, including: Alberta UniversityPennsylvania State University Arizona State UniversityPrinceton University Birmingham City UniversityUniversity of California, Davis California Polytechnic UniversityUniversity of Cambridge Carnegie-Mellon University University of Florida Colorado State UniversityUniversity of Iowa Columbia UniversityUniversity of Leeds Edinborough UniversityUniversity of Maryland Florida State UniversityUniversity of Manchester Harvard UniversityUniversity of Minnesota Houston UniversityUniversity of North Carolina Indiana UniversityUniversity of Oxford Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Texas Austin Max Planck InstituteUniversity of Winconsin Madison Michigan State UniversityUniversity of Washington Ohio State UniversityVirginia State University

39 Cost Schedule (per Turkish Ph.D. candidate) Stipend1,040 USD/month Research budget15,000 USD (total) Travel support15,000 USD (total) Tuition fee of $ 3,000 per year for international students


41 Graduate Programs Natural and Applied Sciences Aerospace EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D. Archaeometry M.S. (1,2)Ph.D Architecture M.ARCH. (1)Ph.D. BiochemistryM.S. (1)Ph.D. Biology M.S. (1)Ph.D. Biomedical EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D. Biotechnology M.S. (1)Ph.D. Building ScienceM.S. (1)Ph.D. Cement EngineeringM.S. (1) Chemical EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D. ChemistryM.S. (1)Ph.D. City and Regional Planning Ph.D. City PlanningM.C.P. (1)Ph.D. Civil EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D. * Degrees Offered: (1) With thesis, (2) Without thesis, (3)Evening program without thesis

42  Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies in Architecture METU - TU Delft International Joint Master of Science ProgramM.S. (1)  Computer Education and Instructional TechnologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Computer EngineeringM.S. (1,3)Ph.D.  Design for Interaction METU - TU Delft International Joint Master of Science ProgramM.S. (1)  Earthquake StudiesM.S. (1)  Earth System ScienceM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Electrical and Electronics EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Engineering ManagementM.S. (3)  Engineering SciencesM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Environmental EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D. Graduate Programs Natural and Applied Sciences

43  Food EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Geodetics - Geographical Information TechnologiesM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Geological EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Hydrosystems EngineeringM.S. (3)  Industrial DesignM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Industrial EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  MathematicsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Mechanical EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Micro and NanotechnologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Mining EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Operational ResearchM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringM.S. (1)Ph.D.  PhysicsM.S. (1)Ph.D. Graduate Programs Natural and Applied Sciences

44  Polymer Science and TechnologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Regional PlanningM.C.P. (1)  RestorationM.S. (1)  Secondary Science and Mathematics EducationM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Software EngineeringM.S. (3)  StatisticsM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Structural MechanicsM.S. (3)  Urban DesignM.C.P. (1) Graduate Programs Natural and Applied Sciences

45  Area Studies Ph.D.  Asian StudiesM.S. (2)  Business AdministrationM.B.A. (1,2)Ph.D.  Curriculum and InstructionM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Early Childhood EducationM.S. (1)Ph.D.  EconomicsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Educational Administration and PlanningM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Educational SciencesM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Elementary Education Ph.D.  Elementary Science and Mathematics EducationM.S. (1)Ph.D.  English Language TeachingM.A. (1)Ph.D.  English LiteratureM.A. (1)Ph.D.  Eurasian StudiesM.A. (1,2)  European IntegrationM.S. (3)  European StudiesM.S. (1,2)  Executive E.M.B.A. (3)  Family PsychologyM.S. (3)  Guidance and Psychological ConsultancyM.S. (1)Ph.D. Graduate Programs Social Sciences

46 Graduate Programs Social Sciences  Gender and Women's StudiesM.S. (1,2)  German-Turkish Social Sciences (METU - Humboldt Dual Degree Program)M.A. (2)  HistoryM.S. (1)Ph.D.  History of ArchitectureM.A. (1)Ph.D.  Human Resources Development in EducationM.A. (3)  Industrial and Organizational PsychologyM.S. (2)  International RelationsM.S. (1,3)Ph.D.  Latin and North American StudiesM.S. (1,2)  Media and Cultural StudiesM.S. (1,2)  Middle East Studies M.S. (1,2)  PhilosophyM.A. (1)Ph.D.  Physical Education and SportsM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Political Science and Public AdministrationM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  PsychologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Science and Technology Policy StudiesM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Settlement ArchaeologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Social AnthropologyM.S. (1)  Social PolicyM.S. (1,2)  SociologyM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Urban Policy Planning and Local GovernmentsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D

47 Graduate Programs Informatics  BioinformaticsM.S. (1)  Cognitive SciencesM.S. (1)Ph.D.  Game TechnologiesM.S. (1)  Informatics On-lineM.S. (3)  Information SystemsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Medical InformaticsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Modeling and SimulationM.S. (3)  Software ManagementM.S. (3)  Work Based Learning (METU-Middlesex Joint Master Programme)M.S. (3)

48 Graduate Programs Applied Mathematics  Actuarial SciencesM.S. (1,2)  CryptographyM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Financial MathematicsM.S. (1,2)Ph.D.  Scientific ComputingM.S. (1)Ph.D.

49 JOINT DEGREE PROGRAMS UNIVERSITY PARTNERCOUNTRYNAME OF JOINT PROGRAMPROGRAM LEVEL SUNY Binghamton University USAGlobal and International AffairsUndergraduate SUNY Binghamton University USABusiness AdministrationUndergraduate SUNY New Paltz UniversityUSABusiness AdministrationUndergraduate SUNY New Paltz UniversityUSA Foreign Language Education/Liberal Studies Undergraduate Humbold UniversityGERMANYSocial Sciences (Turkish-German)Master (non-thesis) Middlesex UniversityENGLANDWork Based Learning Master (evening/ non thesis) Eindhoven University of TechnologyHOLLANDIndustrial EngineeringMaster TU DelftHOLLANDDesign for InteractionMaster TU DelftHOLLAND Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies in Architecture Master

50 JOINT DEGREE PROGRAMS (cont.) UNIVERSITY PARTNERCOUNTRY NAME OF JOINT PROGRAM PROGRAM LEVEL The Rose School of the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia The University Joseph Fourier-Grenoble I The University of Patras ITALY FRANCE GREECE Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology Master University of Poiters-ENSMAFRANCEAerospace EngineeringDoctoral University of OrleansFRANCEAerospace EngineeringDoctoral Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)FRANCEBiologyDoctoral Claude Bernard Lyon UniversityFRANCEBiotechnologyDoctoral INSA of Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon) FRANCEChemical EngineeringDoctoral Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de ParisFRANCECivil EngineeringDoctoral University Bordeaux 1FRANCEFood EngineeringDoctoral Univers.Louis Pasteur- Strasbourg IFRANCEMathematicsDoctoral Technical University of EindhovenHOLLANDChemical EngineeringDoctoral Carnegie Mellon UniversityUSACivil EngineeringDoctoral Carnegie Mellon UniversityUSAEnvironmental Eng.Doctoral Lumiere Lyon 2 UniversityFRANCEInternational RelationsDoctoral

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