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DIAMOND: Targeting Verification and Reliability Issues in Systems

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1 DIAMOND: Targeting Verification and Reliability Issues in Systems
Jaan Raik

2 DIAMOND: Targeting Verification and Reliability Issues in Systems
EU FP7 STREP Project DIAMOND A holistic view of design and soft errors Success stories: FoREnSiC (C, system-level) zamiaCAD (VHDL/Verilog/SC, RTL) Follow-up projects Significance to CEBE

3 Toyota problems: reliability or verification?

4 diagnosis/correction
The DIAMOND concept Soft-errors caused by cosmic radiation Design mistakes made by the engineer DIAMOND’s diagnosis/correction methods Soft-errors in new generation chips due to background radiation Electronic systems fail while working in the field

5 DIAMOND: Objectives A unified, holistic diagnostic model for bugs and soft errors at all levels; Automated localisation & correction techniques based on the unified model, both pre-silicon & post-silicon; Implementation of a reasoning framework for localisation & correction, encompassing word-level techniques, formal, semi-formal, and dynamic techniques.

6 DIAMOND: FP7 collaborative research
FP ICT DIAMOND - Diagnosis, Error Modelling and Correction for Reliable Systems Design Start January 2010; total budget 3.8M € (EU contribution 2.9M €); PM The IBM logo is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in the United States and other countries. DIAMOND Kick-off, Tallinn, February 2-3, 2010

7 Verification and debug
~2/3 of development time for verification ~2/3 of verification time for debug Thus, nearly half of the development cycle! Automation of the debug step needed...

8 Traditional debug flow
??? Spec Design Counter-examples (waveforms), failed assertions, ... Verification Error! Too little information Too much information

9 Automated debug flow Spec Design Verification Error!
Corrected design, Repair log, ... Verification Error! Error localization Error correction

10 DIAMOND Debug Tools FoREnSiC
Formal automated debug environment for ESL HW in C zamiaCAD A highly scalable framework for design analysis and automated debug at RTL (VHDL-centric)

11 FoREnSiC FoREnSiC: Formal Repair Environment for Simple C
For system-level HW Developed by TU Graz, University of Bremen and TUT Front-end converting simple C descriptions to flowchart model, different debug back-ends Open source and available at:

12 Forensic Flow

13 Available FoREnSiC Back-Ends
FoREnSiC includes 3 complementary back-ends: Symbolic back-end (TU Graz) Symbolic+concolic engines and model-based diagnosis for localization; template-based correction. Cut-based back-end (University of Bremen) Formally verifies the equivalence between a C program and an implementation in HDL. Simulation-based back-end (Tallinn University of Technology, University of Verona) Intended for correcting larger programs. Statistical localization + mutation-based correction

14 Statistical localization + mutations

15 Dynamic slicing for localization

16 Statistical analysis Ranking according to suspiciousness:
Suspiciousness score Circuit blocks 16

17 Fault model for correction

18 Design error correction experiments

19 zamiaCAD team and cooperation
Günter Bartsch, Stuttgart – founder Rainer Dorsch, Stuttgart – Bosch/IBM Tallinn University of Technology Anton Tšepurov, PhD student Maksim Jenihhin Valentin Tihhomirov, PhD student Saif Abrar PhD student Jaan Raik IBM Faculty Award 2011/2012

20 zamiaCAD flow Front-end currently supports VHDL
Object database ZDB Persistence Scalability Custom designed Highly optimized for performance


22 zamiaCAD Evaluation A case study on ROBSY microprocessor
17k lines of VHDL code Error localization based on statistical ranking

23 DIAMOND results Publications PhD defenses Follow-up projects
2 papers at IEEE D&T, 2 papers at JETTA, ... PhD defenses 2012, S.Kostin, A.Tšertov, A.Karputkin, T.Viilukas 2013, I.Aleksejev, A.Tšepurov, U.Reinsalu Follow-up projects FP7 STREP BASTION 3 EU COST Actions 1 Estonian ICT programme

24 ICT COST Actions Rich-model toolkit: an infrastructure for reliable computer systems 2009 oct. – 2013 oct. Median: manufacturable and dependable multicore architectures at nanoscale 2011 dec. – 2015 nov. Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices (TRUDEVICE)

25 ICTP FUSETEST Functional Self‐Test, Self‐Diagnosis and Failure Analysis for Integrated Electronics Systems (FUSETEST) Partner: Testonica 2013 apr. – 2015 aug.

26 Significance to CEBE Verification and correction of bugs in the CEBE processor family Application of design error correction engines in fine-tuning medical algorithms

27 More info:
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