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Glimpses from the EEA ICT strategy related to the next 5-year work programme 2014-2018 and relevant for Eionet Chris Steenmans Head of Programme, European.

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1 Glimpses from the EEA ICT strategy related to the next 5-year work programme 2014-2018 and relevant for Eionet Chris Steenmans Head of Programme, European Environment Agency Workshop on Future Trends in Environmental Reporting (and SOER on line) Swedish EPA, Stockholm 30-31 October 2013

2 Cloud computing Crowd sourcing Social media networks Sensor web NOISE SEIS INSPIRE Copernicus Web services Apps Semantic web Mobile GIS WebGIS BISE Noise Watch Climate Adapt Clearing house e-books Linked data RDF GIO Land GISC SDI GEOSS WISE 2.0 EUNIS ROD SENSE Indicators Status and prospects for technological developments SIIFs

3 An ICT strategy driven by SEIS requirements To simplify the collection, exchange and use of data – From centralized reporting to access and sharing across distributed interoperable nodes To improve quality and availability of information – Up-to-date information on current and emerging environmental challenges To improve interoperability – Use of open standards To reduce workloads – Streamlining, cost-efficiency

4 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE EEA work programme 2014-2018 1.To be the prime source of knowledge at European level informing the implementation of European and national environment and climate policies; 2.To be a leading knowledge centre on the knowledge needed for supporting long term transition challenges and objectives; 3.To be the lead organisation at European level facilitating knowledge-sharing and capacity -building in the field of environment and climate change.

5 KNOWLEDGE CO-CREATION, SHARING AND USE (SA3) Knowledge base ICT supporting the EEA/EIONET core process Member countries/ Eionet Member States/ Eurostat Research RTD, JRC/FP7, H2020 Remote sensing Copernicus Citizens, civil society, business M DIA K INFORMING POLICY IMPLEMENTATION (SA1) ASSESSING SYSTEMIC CHALLENGES (SA2) Data Information Assessments

6 Understanding the developing policy framework Sustainability MDGs WFD targets Fisheries below MSY 2020 targets Halt biodiversity loss 20-20-20 targets Air quality targets Vision in 7EAP Reduce GHG 80-95% Water blueprint Zero impacts (air) SDGs ? Time Timelines and deadlines of thematic policies 2014-2018 2020/2030 Specific targets or comprehensive policies 2050 Long term visions, societal transition perspectives in targets

7 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE A deeper understanding of challenges Increased complexity of problem definition, analysis, and response. The EU 7th Environment Action Plan Living well, within the limits of our planet.

8 EU Environment Action Programme 2020 The 7 th EAP focusses on three thematic priority objectives: ‘To protect, conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital’ ‘To turn the EU into a resource-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economy’ ‘To safeguard EU citizens from environment-related pressures and risks to health and well-being’.

9 EEA strategic response SA1 Informing policy implementation SA2 Assessing systemic challenges SA3 Knowledge creation, sharing and use Dynamic interactions

10 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE Informing policy implementation - SA1 Goal - Improve content, accessibility and use of European-level environmental information. Achieve by 2018 - Measurable uptake of EEA findings, and the timely and reliable delivery of outputs. Urban, land use and soil Waste and material resources Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation Biodiversity, ecosystems, agriculture and forests Air pollution, transport and noise Industrial Pollution Water management, resources and ecosystems Marine and maritime, fisheries and coastal Climate change mitigation and energy

11 Improving data sharing and data flows => Structured Implementation and Information Frameworks (SIIFs)

12 Streamlining environmental indicators => Sharing European and National State of the Environment (SENSE)

13 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE Assessing systemic challenges – SA2 Goal - To assess systemic challenges in the context of short, medium and long-term transitions and signal opportunities for (re)framing / recalibration of environmental policy Achieve by 2018 - Prompt delivery of SOER2015 and annual indicator reports, and measurable recognition in the 7EAP evaluation process. Resource-efficient economy and the environment Environment, human health and well-being Megatrends and transitions Sustainability assessments and state of the environment reporting

14 SOER 2015 and SOE online FLIS indicators EEA indicators EEA & country indicators GMT fichesthematic fiches country fiches & cross-country comparison fiches Synthesis report 3 indicator reports & stakeholder workshop 2012 2013 2014 Synthesis & Derivatives Global Megatrends (Europe in global context) Thematic SOE information Country-level SOE information Signals 2015 and other derivatives ? ? SOER 2015 Online SOER 2015 In Print Copernicus CDR SERIS ROD Reportnet ETDS AoA GEMET SENSE IMS SENSE Data Centres SDI GCI EyeonEarth Discomap SOE online Related (flanking) activities FLIS IMS SENSE ABC SYN

15 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE Knowledge creation, sharing and use –SA 3 Goal - To be the authoritative information node and hub within networks of knowledge co-creation, sharing and use. Achieve by 2018 - Metrics to measure the active participation of EIONET; online availability of data information products and services; and impacts of communication efforts. Networking and partnerships Technical systems development Monitoring, data and information management Communication, outreach and user analysis Copernicus operational services Capacity building in West Balkan and European neighbourhood countries

16 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE Infrastructure for Spatial Information

17 A CRUCIAL MOMENT FOR EUROPE The EU Earth Observation Programme

18 Conclusions With the aim of using ICT to improve its core business, EEA intends to: Strengthen its role as a service provider Improve information services delivery through partnerships Improve access to its information services Increase the efficiency of its information service delivery Extend the use of its information services through dialogue instruments to enlarge the knowledge base for environmental policy in Europe.

19 Thank you

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