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Anthea Fabri Horizon 2020 National NCP Coordinator

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1 Anthea Fabri Horizon 2020 National NCP Coordinator
Support for researchers through the National Contact Point (NCP) Organisation Anthea Fabri Horizon 2020 National NCP Coordinator

2 Outline: General purposes of NCPs The Maltese NCP System
Tasks of the NCPs Tips for Success Malta’s participation in FP7

3 Context: National Contact Point (NCP) Systems are established to promote equal and consistent support; Objective: to provide information about the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and give support to applicants at all stages of the application process.

4 General purpose of NCPs
NCP systems are established, operated and financed by National Governments; National authorities will ensure compliance with ‘minimum standards and guiding principles’; EC provides general and specialist information on Horizon 2020 to the NCPs, promotes the cooperation through transnational networks and trainings.

5 Rules of Participation
Publication of Calls Rules of Participation European Commission Researchers /Organisations National Contact Points

6 The Maltese NCP System The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is mandated by the Government as the NCP Organisation for Horizon 2020 – the New Framework Programme – to provide targeted information and hands-on advice; NCPs for different areas of Horizon 2020 nominated; Every local NCP is part of a NCP network at European level.

7 Tasks of the National Contact Points
1. We inform 2. We advise 3. We connect

8 1. We inform Identify opportunities for Malta in current calls;
Circulate general and specific information on Horizon 2020; Organise information and promotional activities; Provide information as necessary on other European RTD-programmes such as COSME, COST.

9 2. We advise Offer one-to-one consultations and full confidentiality;
Assist researchers and organisations in particular new actors and SMEs; Assist in partner searchers (internet based tools, cooperation networks, EEN etc.); Advise on administrative procedures, rules and issues (role and responsibilities of participants, rights and obligations, funding schemes...);

10 2. We advise cont.. Advise on joining consortia and proposal writing;
Organise training sessions for specific groups or on particular topics; Review proposals before submission; Advise during project negotiation and project implementation stages.

11 3. We connect Brokerage events; Consortium meeting;
Partner Search Platforms: NCP Networks; Direct contact with NCPs; Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

12 Cooperation between NCPs and Commission Services – Main interactions:
Provide information and data related to the mandate of NCPs; Invite NCPs to participate in information and awareness activities; Provide information at the earliest possible time on work programmes, roadmaps, upcoming calls, changes in administrative rules etc.; Address problems, identify good practices; Provide relevant distribution material.

13 Tips for Success.. Think Strategic; Have a New and Innovative Idea;
Have a Strong Profile; Be Selective and Realistic; Be close to your business; Learn from Past Experiences; Read ALL documents; Raise Issues Early (IP, financial issues); Speak to your NCP.

14 Malta’s participation in FP7
€17.4 million in funds; 146 projects; 173 local participants; 20 projects coordinated by MT entities.

15 Thank you! For further information: Anthea Fabri Horizon 2020 National NCP Coordinator Malta Council for Science and Technology, Tel: Find out more:

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