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Horizon 20/20 Sean Tonkin. What is Horizon 20/20? Replacement to Framework research funding programmes, running from 2014/2020 Budget of 70.2 Billion.

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1 Horizon 20/20 Sean Tonkin

2 What is Horizon 20/20? Replacement to Framework research funding programmes, running from 2014/2020 Budget of 70.2 Billion Euros “Research and innovation as part of the drive to create new growth and jobs in Europe”. Strategic and coherent approach to international cooperation will be ensured across Horizon 2020 with a long term aim to achieve an increase in spending on R & D to 3% of GDP by 2020.

3 Core Elements: Responding to economic crisis Addressing people’s concerns about their livelihoods, environment and safety and Strengthening the EUs global position in research, innovation and technology. Three ‘priority areas’ for funding

4 The Funding Priorities Priority One – Excellent Science Science will have a dedicated budget of approx 25 Billion Euros for: Marie Curie actions will provide excellent and innovative research training European Research Council (ERC) will provide attractive and flexible funding to enable talented and creative individual researchers and their teams to pursue the most promising avenues at the frontier of science; Future and Emerging Technologies will support collaborative research in order to extend Europe‘s capacity for advanced and paradigm-changing innovation. Research Infrastructures will develop European research infrastructure for 2020 and beyond,

5 The Funding Priorities Priority Two – Industrial Leadership (Approx 20 Billion) Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies which will provide dedicated support for research, development and demonstration on ICT, nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and processing and space. Access to risk finance in order to overcome deficits in the availability of debt and equity finance for innovative companies and projects at all stages of development Innovation in SMEs which will stimulate all forms of innovation in SMEs, targeting those with the potential to grow and internationalise

6 The Funding Priorities Priority Three - Societal Challenges (approx 35 Billion) Health, demographic change and well-being; Food security, sustainable agriculture and the bio-economy; Secure, clean and efficient energy; Smart, green and integrated transport; Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials; Inclusive, innovative and secure societies.

7 Changes from FP7 Simplification of programme architecture, a single set of rules, less paperwork in preparing proposals, fewer controls and audits, with the overall aim to reduce the average time to grant by 100 days. Inclusive approach open to new participants, including those with ideas outside of the mainstream, ensuring that excellent researchers and innovators from across Europe and beyond can and do participate; A strong focus on creating business opportunities out of our response to the major concerns common to people in Europe and beyond, i.e. ‘societal challenges’; More support for innovation and activities close to the market, leading to a direct economic stimulus

8 EUEL – New Horizons

9 What can UEL / ReDS / BP do? 1 – Planning and Preparation 2 – Networks and Navigation 3 – Targeting and Trimming 4 – First and Foremost

10 What can UEL / ReDS / BP do? 1 – Planning and Preparation. -Need to start prepping now (underway) - Meetings and planning sessions like this. ReDS has met some key researchers over the summer to signpost H2020. More to these to come. -Trips to Brussels booked. -Meeting key non-HEI (ie London Partners, London Chamber of Commerce, companies in KD) -Meet the Project Officers Build on what we know already (PEDCA et al FP7/EU bids)

11 What can UEL / ReDS / BP do? 2 – Networks & Navigation Be up to date with the latest policies and calls (via UKRO, BIS, EC) EBN, London business networks. Learn from and build on FP7 networks Be up to date with the latest training and workshops (UKRO Edinburgh Conference; Lithuanian Presidency Conference) Develop appropriate and targeted internal training, within schools Maintain links with ARMA, ECPMA, UKRO ‘Brussels Fest’ / EU Summit (EUEL)…?

12 What can UEL / ReDS / BP do? 3 - Target & Trim -ReDS has already started development work with potential PIs with EU funding with an exisiting background: Andy Minnion Terri Kim Andrew Ravenscroft Symeon Dagkas -ReDS to look at redeveloping RDF to support H2020 bid development -Last two years: 40 Applications; 6 awards; bid for £15 million, received £2.1 million (15% ; 14%)

13 What can UEL / ReDS / BP do? 4 – First and Foremost -Be in the first round of bids ! -Maximises chances of success throughout the funding period 2014-2020 -Themes for first calls not yet fully announced but NB: ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Security’ and ‘IT futures’. -Role of ascension countries in H2020

14 Our EU funding stats: 2011/12 & 2012/13: 40 Applications; 6 awards: PISchoolEU Fund or TitleAmount Nira Yuval-DaviesLSSFP7 Borderscapes261,000 Andrew RavenscroftCASSEU LLP Radioactive300,000 Hassan AbdallaACEFP7 PEDCA1,450,0000 Rachel MulveyPSYEU Doctoral Programme 31,000 Rachel MulveyPSYCEDEFOP21,000 Giorgia DonaLSSCOSTtba

15 H/20/20 Timeline From November 2011: Parliament and Council negotiations on the basis of the Commission proposals Ongoing: Parliament and Council negotiations on EU budget 2014-20 (including overall budget for Horizon 2020) Mid 2012: Final calls under 7th Framework Programme for Research to bridge gap towards Horizon 2020 By end 2013: Adoption of legislative acts by Parliament and Council on Horizon 2020 From November 2013: first calls January 2014: Horizon 2020 starts; launch of first calls

16 Further reading and info…


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