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Small company perspective on FP7 MCA

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1 Small company perspective on FP7 MCA Twitter: @TELaboratories
Breda Moore Technical Director

2 Company Overview Multidivisional Company Established in 1991 SME
44 employees including 35 chemists and engineers

3 Operating Divisions Machine Chemical Care Manufacture Transformer
Oil Analysis Chemical Manufacture Marker Dye Environmental Analysis R&D CHEMISTRY

4 Environmental Analysis
Accredited Laboratory – ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Specialise in Water Analysis  Ion Chromatography  GC-FID  GC-TCD  ICP-MS  TOC  Flame AAS  UV-VIS Key Instrumentation

5 Chemical and Reagent Manufacture
Manufacturing Laboratory Mixing vessels and solvent dispensing areas Export Sales

6 Transformer Oil Analysis
Analysed to establish condition of transformers and predict impending failures Key Instrumentation HPLC GC-FID/TCD Karl-Fisher GC-ECD DTA DTL

7 Machine Care Internet


9 Medium risk

10 Medium risk

11 Medium risk

12 Medium risk

13 Medium risk

14 Medium risk

15 Medium risk

16 FP7-SME

17 FP7-SME




21 Strategic Plan TO GROW

22 Strategic Plan

23 Strategic Plan

24 call BG Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Remediate Start date 1st January2015

25 Thank You BREDA MOORE Technical Director

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