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© EO2HEAVEN Consortium EO2HEAVEN Earth Observation and ENVironmental modelling for the mitigation of HEAlth risks Overview of the EO2HEAVEN contribution.

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1 © EO2HEAVEN Consortium EO2HEAVEN Earth Observation and ENVironmental modelling for the mitigation of HEAlth risks Overview of the EO2HEAVEN contribution to GEOSS GEO IX, EC Side Event, Foz do Iguacu, November 21, 2012 Kym Watson (Fraunhofer IOSB) FP7 244100, 2/2010 – 5/2013

2 EC FP7 Project EO2HEAVEN studies impact of environmental factors on health Water borne disease cholera Image: S. Woodborne, CSIR Air Quality and/or Aeroallergens Image: UKZN Durban, Saxony Uganda HEALTH DATA EARTH OBSERVATIONS WEB-ENABLED PROCESSING, MODELLING AND FUSION RISK MAPS ALERTING TOOLS

3 3 Multi-Disciplinary Approach Makerere University College of Health Sciences Health Epidemiology Microbiology Geo-informatics, ICT Modelling and Statistics

4 Case Study I: Dresden / Saxony, Germany Environmental effects on allergies and cardiovascular diseases Environmental parameters: –Meteorological conditions, e.g. temperature –Air pollutants, e.g. O3, Particular Matter (PM10) –Evaluation of usability of data from in-situ sensors, satellites and micro-drones Health Data –Aggregated from health insurance data, but very difficult to use as for billing not research 4

5 Land Cover Street density Traffic density Elevation PM 10 Modelling of Air Pollution With a Multidimensional Feature Space Approach

6 Animated Visualization of Space and Time 6 Play! Check out: Check out:

7 Case Study 2 Durban: Environmental challenges to health due to air pollution 7 Located on the eastern seaboard of South Africa, mix of heavy industrial activity and residential settlements in close proximity, high exposure of community to industrial pollutants

8 IT system to estimate meteorological and air quality that influences pollution > leading to respiratory health outcomes Using available sources of data –Air Quality Monitoring System (SO2, PM10, NOx) –Health data from a respiratory disease study on school children in Durban Case Study 2 Overview



11 Durban Health Risk System 11 Pollution concentration map for period of 10 minutes Risk map for likely respiratory diseases for period of 24 hours

12 Case Study 3: Uganda Investigating the impact of environmental and climatic variables on cholera outbreaks Goal: Better understand the underlying processes causing cholera disease outbreaks –Run a water sampling campaign –Analyse cholera bacteria type, abundance and toxicological state –Analyse EO data –Fuse with health data Environmental parameters: –Meteorological conditions, e.g. temperature, rainfall –Water surface temperature –UV 12

13 Case Study 3: Cholera, Uganda A data visualization tool presenting research and modeling results, and an environmental vulnerability index, to enable decision makers and local authorities to better understand the environmental risk and the level of vulnerability of communities to potential cholera outbreaks. integration in a Scientific Workflow environment to meet needs of researchers in the environment/health domain. 13 Example map of spatial auto- correlation of cholera cases

14 14 Recording cholera cases in Uganda

15 Cholera cases in Uganda 15

16 16 Population Demographics, Transportation and Migration Epidemiological surveillance (health) Ocean, Climate and Environmental Observation, Monitoring and Forecasts Social and Behavioral Factors Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Asessment Predictive models Disease Watch Early Warning Response Strategy Communication and Action Evaluation and Feedback Components to be supported by EO2HEAVEN Other components in the Health Early Warning System EO2HEAVEN is developing components of a Health Risk Information System, e.g. for use in the WHO GIMS Early Warning System Components of an early warning system EO2HEAVEN Diagram adapted from J. Trtanj / NOAA, IEEE GEOSS Workshop XXXI - Using Earth Observation for Health; a workshop of the GEO Health and the Environment Community of Practice, 2009

17 Spatial Information Infrastructure 17 Domain data Geo data Metadata Analysis / Evaluation Info-Center Sensors maps documents Archive Command & Control Center Catalogue Service Infrastructure using International Standards (e.g. Open Geospatial Consortium OGC)

18 S&T Innovation, Research Challenges Interoperability and linking with other data sources – mobile clients, repositories, … Fusion of EO and in-situ data Relations environment – microbiology - epidemiology Development of health risk indices for decision support Extendibility of modeling to other contexts Controlled access to data and services – esp. health related 18

19 EO2HEAVEN Contributions to GEO Workplan 2012-2015 HE 01 Tools and Information for Health Decision Making –C1 Air-borne Diseases, Air Quality and Aeroallergens –C2 Water-borne Diseases, Water Quality and Risk 19 EO2HEAVEN leads the AIP 5 SBA Health threads (in IN 05 GEOSS Design and Interoperability) –See the presentations on Friday morning !! Participates in Health & Environment Community of Practice

20 Making the results sustainable Capacity building with stakeholders Best practices –Spacial Information Infrastructure for health & environment data (researchers / stakeholders) –Microbiological sampling Software Components as open source SII Specifications openly available through OGC Collaboration with organisations in GEO Health & Environment CoP 20

21 21 Upcoming major events and dissemination activities Air Quality & Health Workshop at GEO IX, November 22 AIP-5 Demonstrations & Presentations at GEO IX, November 23, 10:00-12:00, 2012 2 nd EO2HEAVEN Stakeholder and Training Workshops in Durban, Pretoria and Kampala, February, 2013 Final Event, Leuven near Brussels, May 13-14, 2013

22 22 Thank you for your attention Kym Watson Coordinator EO2HEAVEN Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB Karlsruhe, Germany José Lorenzo Research Coordinator EO2HEAVEN Atos, Madrid, Spain Ingo Simonis Technical Manager EO2HEAVEN and leader GEO AIP 5 Thread SBA Health Open Geospatial Consortium

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