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黃汝慧 經理 歐盟科研架構計畫國家聯絡據點台灣辦公室 EU FP7 NCP Taiwan 27 Oct, 2010 EU FP 計畫現況介紹與未來方向

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Presentation on theme: "黃汝慧 經理 歐盟科研架構計畫國家聯絡據點台灣辦公室 EU FP7 NCP Taiwan 27 Oct, 2010 EU FP 計畫現況介紹與未來方向"— Presentation transcript:

1 黃汝慧 經理 歐盟科研架構計畫國家聯絡據點台灣辦公室 EU FP7 NCP Taiwan 27 Oct, 2010 EU FP 計畫現況介紹與未來方向

2 FP7 簡介 FP7 擬投入預算高達 532 億歐元,約為 2 兆 4000 億台幣。 FP 計畫希望強化歐盟的創新研發能力,提供會員國旗下產 官學界研發經費及平台服務。 FP7 的短期目標為傳承 FP6 ,建立「歐洲研究區域」;長程 目標則欲發展歐洲成為以知識為本的經濟與社會體。 補助歐盟會員國及發展中國家 (ICPC) 研究經費(原則不補 助台灣研究經費) FP 計畫( Framework Programme )始自 1984 年。 2007 至 2013 年為 FP 計畫第七期, 即 FP7 。 2

3 啟動 FP8(2014~): Joint Technology Initiatives EC POLICY research projects Technology Platforms Industry POLICY research projects JTI (JU, art.171) ‘cofunding’ 3

4 36 個歐盟技術平台 ICT Field: 1. European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) 2. European Technology Platform for Photonics (Photonics21) 3. European Technology Platform on Robotics (EUROP) 4. Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems (ARTEMIS) 5. Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology Platform (eMobility) 6. Integral Satcom Initiative Technology Platform (ISI) 7. Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) 8. Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI) 9. European Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) 10. European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the Future (SmartGrids) Bio Field: 1. Food for Life (Food) 2. European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health (GAH) 3. Plants for the Future (PLANTS) 4. European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) 5. Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) 6. Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform (FABRE TP) Others : 1. European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) : Energy, ICT, Environment 2. European Space Technology Platform (ESTP) 4

5 36 個歐盟技術平台 Energy: 1. Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP) 2. European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind) 3. European Photovoltaic Technology Platform 4. European Biofuels Technology Platform (EBTP) 5. European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC) NMP: 1. Future Manufacturing Technologies (Manufuture) 2. European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS) 3. Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications (Nanomedicine) 4. European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) 5. Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMat) 6. Future Textiles and Clothing (FTC) Environment: 1. European Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR) 2. European Technology Platform Waterborne 3. Water Supply and Sanitation European Technology Platform (WSSTP) 4. Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ZEP) Transport: 1. European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) 2. European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) 3. Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) 5

6 Understand Strategic Research Agenda from 36 Technology Platforms 6

7 The key targets in the SRA 7

8 Research priorities for thin film PV 8

9 FP7 Framework Structure COOPERATION Collaborative trans-national research activities Industry, universities, res. centres, public authorities 10 Themes IDEAS Funding for basic or “frontier” research by individual teams competing at European level Creativity & dynamism: “investigation-driven research” PEOPLE Initiatives in support of training, mobility and career development, to strengthen EU human resources. “Marie Curie” actions CAPACITIES Development of research infrastructures; Support to regional clusters; SMEs; Science in Society; International cooperation 9

10 10 FP7 - Specific Programmes COOPERATION – Collaborative research 10 Themes 1.Health 2.Food, agriculture and biotechnology 3.Information and communication technologies 4.Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies 5.Energy 6.Environment (including climate change) 7.Transport (including aeronautics) 8.Socio-economic sciences and the humanities 9.Space 10.Security 10

11 歐盟 FP7 跨領域徵求計畫 11

12 FP7 Budget Breakdown BIL. € 12

13 FP7 計畫團隊 - 至少 3 個不同國家 Three independent participants from 3 different Member States (MS) or Associated countries (AC)  Member States (MS): EU 27  Associated countries (Ac): EU non member countries associated to FP7, ie, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, Croatia and Serbia* Provided this minimum has been achieved, any number of additional participants from other countries can be included 13

14 14

15 台灣在 FP7 之類別 -High-income country 15

16 16

17 ICT Work Program 2011 17

18 Find a Call on CORDIS 18

19 Partner Search 方式 Personal contacts NCP network contacts EC Brokerage Events / Info-days Online Partner Search: CORDIS Ideal-ist Health-NCP-Net Etc. 19

20 If you would like to submit a Partner Search Proposer Register as a Proposer Log in, create and submit a Partner Search If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest Partner Searches Reply to open Partner Searches if you match the profile sought and have the expertise to carry out the activities foreseen If you would like to be informed Mailing list Subscribe to Mailing list You will receive regular communications on open Partner Searches How to get started1/2

21 FP7 計畫公告、收件與審查時間表 21

22 NCP Taiwan 網站 22

23 23 FP 計畫資料庫- CORDIS 網站

24 24


26 TW - Taiwan at Glance (Mar. 2010) TW - Taiwan at Glance Country Profile IndicatorsTW - TaiwanThird Countries Nr. of FP7 applicants (% Third Countries) 51 (0,35%) 14.466 Req. EC contribution by FP7 applicants in EUR million (% Third Countries) 2,38 (0,15%) 1.621 Nr. of successful FP7 applicants (% Third Countries) 15 (0,44%) 3.413 Req. EC contribution by successful FP7 applicants in EUR million (% Third Countries) 0,47 (0,17%) 273,18 Success rate (FP7 applicants)29,4%23,2% Success rate (FP7 EC contribution)19,6%16,9% Nr. of FP7 grant holders (% Third Countries) 6 (0,28%) 2.117 EC contribution to FP7 grant holders in EUR million (% Third Countries) 0,35 (0,17%) 213,71 Nr. of FP7 coordinators (% of grant holders) 0 (0,00%) 60 (2,83%) Nr. of FP7 SME grant holders (% grant holders) 0 (0,00%) 109 (5,15%) EC contribution to FP7 SME grant holders in EUR million (% of grant holders) 0,00 (0,00%) 16,73 (7,83%) 26

27 Taiwan - most active FP7 research priority areas by number of applicants applying for the research projects TW - Taiwan - most active FP7 research priority areas by number of applicants applying for the research projects FP7 priority area Nr. of applicants Requested EC contribution by applicants (M euro) Nr. of mainlisted applicants Success Rate (applicants) Requested EC contribution by mainlisted applicants (M euro) Success Rate (requested EC contribution) Information and Communication Technologies 200,43315,00 %0,000,00 % Research Infrastructures 70,22571,43 %0,2090,24 % Environment (including Climate Change) 50,31120,00 %0,0413,06 % Socio-economic sciences and Humanities 40,2000,00 %0,000,00 % Marie-Curie Actions 4n/a250,00 %n/a Health30,90133,33 %0,2123,30 % 27

28 登錄成為歐盟研究 / 審查專家 28

29 29 THANK YOU E-mail:

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