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Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

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1 Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
3 av. Circulaire/Ringlaan 3 B-1180 Brussels Belgium Tel: Fax: VP: Federal Institute of Belgian government

2 Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy Royal Observatory of Belgium Royal Meteorology Institute Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence

3 Created in 1964 Main tasks are public service and research in the field of the space aeronomy Data knowledge, gathered using ground-based, balloon, rockets and satellites observations within the framework of physics and chemistry of the atmosphere and outer space.

4 Organization chart Magnetosphere Infra Red Limb sounding Chemical weather Ionosphere coupling Mass spectrometry Solar irradiance Space weather Solar wind                   Troposphere Planetary aeronomy BUSOC: Belgian User UV Support and Operation Stratosphere                                                 Centre                   Maintenance and hosting of space weather portal and SPENVIS

5 BISA / IASB / BIRA 140 employees Space Physics section:
4 permanent staff members: Johan De Keyser, Viviane Pierrard, Hervé Lamy and Norma Crosby 11 research fellows and postdocs Modelling and data analysis Solar wind, magnetosphere, aurora, space radiations, plasmasphere, ionosphere, meteors, comets

6 Personnel in the FP7 project
Scientists Viviane Pierrard WP5 1 scientist to be hired Johan De Keyser (Head of Space Physics) the Space Physics team F. Darrouzet for CLUSTER, Hervé Lamy, Norma Crosby … S. Calders and M. Kruglanski for Space Weather Portal (Services) Administration Etienne Ladrière (FP7 Project support) Marc Delancker (Account manager) Noël Parmentier (Director BISA)

7 Collaboration with Université Catholique de Louvain
S. Benck and J. Cabrera for Space Radiations (UCL) Université Catholique de Louvain

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