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1 CORDIS and FP7 5 steps to succeed 2 Do you need to know: When and what FP7 funding is available? Which are the first FP7 integrated projects (and who.

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2 1 CORDIS and FP7 5 steps to succeed

3 2 Do you need to know: When and what FP7 funding is available? Which are the first FP7 integrated projects (and who runs them)? How to check the relevance of your idea and where to seek further assistance to submit a proposal? Do you want to: Get the news on European research developments? Advertise your skills to potential partners? Promote your scientific achievements abroad? CORDIS can help!

4 3 CORDIS Objectives Offer free access to information on European research Ease participation in programmes and activities Enhance research results exploitation Provide stakeholders with an interactive platform CORDIS - general

5 4 UsersInformation providers Research organisations SMEs and large companies National administrations Policy makers Intermediaries Support organisations Journalists European Commission services External organisations Member States, Accession and Associated Countries Regional authorities CORDIS - general  

6 5 FP7 service is most visited 1 000 000 pages viewed 300 000 documents downloaded Over 30 000 experts registered as evaluators Monthly figures CORDIS - general CORDIS is used in more than 150 countries Member States – 82 % of CORDIS users Association and Candidate Countries – 9 % Small companies – 13 %  

7 6 Participate Prepare Understand Benefit How can organizations benefit from CORDIS in FP7? Write (Evaluation)

8 7 7 Easy navigation and “step- by-step” approach Practical Information News Events Site map Access to thematic services Quick links Do you know? Understand

9 8 Key features of the FP7 service Comprehensive information on FP7 activity areas Step by step approach User-friendly Calls service Easy access to documents and tools Explanations and guidance for new comers Quick links to local assistance support News coverage on FP7 implementation Understand

10 9 Understand FP7 Quick overview of the FP7 structure to better understand scope and instruments Direct access to key information, documents and budget figures FP7 Glossary Understand

11 10 How to participate in a project in FP7? This section provides a summary of main aspects on how to participate in and benefit from new programmes Key information on who, when, what and how to run a project Access to contractual information and follow up requirements Understand

12 11  Take the step by step approach, to help you with: Selecting your topic Getting the new instruments right Knowing your role in the consortium and the future contract Preliminary trouble shooting  Follow CORDIS News, Express and magazines  Register for e-mail alerts Understand  Tips for better understanding

13 12 You can: Receive automatic notifications on the new calls Follow all CORDIS updates to a given topic: Events Projects Partners Research Results And more… Understand and prepare Use CORDIS e-mail alert services  You can change/delete or multiply your profiles at any time  Registration is needed: articipants/portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=myorganisations

14 13 Allows you to set very precise requirements 1 – Choose advanced search mode for the relevant database 2 – Set your search parameters 3 - Save Understand and prepare

15 14 Participate Prepare Understand Write(evaluate) Benefit

16 15 Dedicated FP7 activity services Easy access to ongoing FP6 projects Adding the first examples of FP7 projects Prepare Check if your idea is new

17 16 Identify partners in given regions or with previous experience Prepare  Some catalogues of FP6 projects published online ex.cfm?fuseaction=map.home

18 17 CORDIS Partners Service A free communication channel to promote your skills Interactive – you can update your information at any time Details of thousands of requests from companies, research centres, universities in Europe and the world Prepare Introduce your organization as potential partner Promote your organisation

19 18 Be visible to others looking for partners Automatic display of partner requests for each specific call Dedicated interface for partners from Accession and Candidate Countries E-mail alert for updates CORDIS Partners Service Prepare

20 19  CORDIS Partners Service Around 4800 organisations interested in partnerships for European research projects 504 from Slovenia 102 from the Czech Republic 72 from China Prepare

21 20 Participate Prepare Understand Write (evaluate) Benefit

22 21 Key information on deadlines and budget documents are downloadable or can be sent by e-mail Useful documents on the call and on FP7 in general Submission of your proposal through the EPSS Quick links to all features Link to research areas covered Participate Calls Service

23 22 Use the electronic submission tool (EPSS) A simple way to work online with your partners Available on each call page Allows you to use the preparation and submission tools separately To be extended for the management of projects Site.FP7SubmitProposalPage Participate  Some tips

24 23 Participate Prepare Understand Benefit Write

25 24 Evaluation – how to write a proposal

26 25 Eligibility checks Performed by Commission Date and time of receipt of proposal on or before deadline for receipt –Firm deadlines completeness of the proposal eligible number of partners

27 26 Moderators Oversee work of Evaluators (appointment letter, guidelines, code of conduct) Organize the panel and its work Ensure coherence and consistency between the score and evaluation remarks May advise on Øbackground on previously-supported or on-going projects Ørelevant supplementary information (directives, regulations, policies, etc) Facilitate discussions to reach consensus

28 27 Evaluators Provide independent, impartial and objective advice to the Commission Conform to the “Code of Conduct for independent experts appointed as evaluators” Sign confidentiality and conflict of interest declaration

29 28 Code of Conduct Confidentiality - No information or documents to leave the building! No mobile telephones! Impartiality, objectivity, independence Conflicts of interest, direct and indirect links - to be declared !

30 29 Proposal evaluation Outcome of proposal evaluation –Individual evaluation sheets - signed by evaluators –Consensus reports - signed by all evaluators –Evaluation Summary Report (not signed) sent to the proposers

31 30 Participate Prepare Understand Benefit Write

32 31 Benefit Did you know? CORDIS is not just about access to research funding. It is a gateway and platform to support the evaluation, the promotion and the exploitation of your results

33 32 Showcase of technology offers from exploitable research results Displayed by FP7 priority themes Browsable for business, science and society applications Republished in CORDIS Focus and syndicated to other web-sites Updated weekly in five languages Interactive Benefit Technology Markeptlace Service  Not restricted to EU-funded offers and results

34 33 Supply a certain technology or innovation to complete your business or a business application for your technology the Network brings together research and commercial applications Updated weekly Interactive http://www.enterprise-europe- Benefit Technology Transfer Service  Not restricted to EU-funded offers and results



37 36 Other EC funded projects EuropeAid Projects: >Asia-Invest >Asia-Link >Asia Pro Eco >Asia-EU University Network Programme >Annual Action Programmes >Annual Work Programmes for Grants

38 37 Thank you for your attention! Email: For further information the CORDIS Helpdesk is at your service

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