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המינהלת הישראלית למו"פ האירופי The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate

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1 המינהלת הישראלית למו"פ האירופי The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate

2 ISERD Steering Committee: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and the Council for Higher Education – Planning and Budgeting Committee. Chairman of the Steering Committee – Mr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. General Manager: Mr. Marcel SHATON

3 Support Programs Along the R&D Chain Bilateral EUREKA MAGNET Competitive R&D Seed Fund INCUBATORS Basic Research Tnufa Market Proximity Risk Applied academic Research & Support Policy research Nofar International Programs EU FP7

4 EUREKA members and affiliates Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia European Union Finland France FYR Macedonia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Montenegro The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Transitional status: Albania Bosnia-Herzegovina Associate country: South Korea Canada EUREKA has 41 full members; two countries with transitional status and South Korea, Canada as associate countries

5 EUREKA Activities Clusters Individual Projects Eurostars High-technology market-oriented R&D projects A European research and development program targeting small and medium enterprises Longer term strategically significant industrial initiatives Information TechnologyCommunicationsWaterEnergyManufacturing Umbrellas Thematic networks focused on a specific technology area or business sector

6 FP7 - MS

7 Strategic partnerships Synergy of resources Market intelligence Access to research of the entire project Shorter time to market Name recognition Funding for large R&D projects Integration in the European market Added Value for a Company Participating in FP7

8 מבנה תכנית המסגרת השביעית

9 FP7-ENERGY-2013 Official Publication date: 10 July 2012 Closing date for submission: FP7-Energy-2013-1: 28 Nov., 2012 FP7-Energy-2013-2: 24 Jan., 2013 FP7-smartcities-2013: 4 Dec., 2012 PPP EeB: 4 Dec., 2012 FP7-OCEAN-2013: 7 Feb., 2013 ICT-Call 11: 16 April., 2013

10 Challenges for the ENERGY 2013 work program Renewable Electricity Generation (PV, Wind, Ocean, etc.) Renewable Fuel Production (2 nd generation fuel from Biomass) Renewables for Heating and Cooling (Solar Thermal energy) CO 2 Capture and Storage Technologies for Zero Emission Power Generation (CO 2 Capture/ Storage) Clean Coal Technologies Smart Energy Networks

11 FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013 4 Topics implemented in cooperation with ICT Reduce energy consumption Demonstration of optimized energy systems for high performance- energy districts

12 “The Ocean of Tomorrow” Joining research forces to meet challenges in ocean management 4 Topics implemented in cooperation FAFB, NMP, ENV., TRANSPORT Innovative transport and deployment systems for the offshore wind energy sector

13 PPP – “Energy Efficient Building" Initiative (EeB) Topic implemented in cooperation with NMP and Environment Energy efficient retrofitting and renewal of existing buildings for sustainable urban districts

14 FP7-ICT-2013 Energy efficiency of access/ transport infrastructures Energy efficiency of operations, basic components, devices, computing and control systems Photonics devices enabling energy efficiency in future networks Energy efficiency in mobility, water resources and smart cities and societies Energy efficiency in data centers Energy grids

15 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 2013 ? FCH Technologies for Transportation Systems (Road vehicles, Non-road mobile machinery, Marine and aviation applications, Refueling infrastructure) FCH technologies for Energy Systems (Hydrogen production and distribution, Hydrogen technologies for electricity storage and grid balancing, Heat and power generation with stationary fuel cell systems for residential and industrial uses Mini, micro and portable fuel cell systems)*

16 Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Helping SMEs find partners and make the most of business opportunities in the EU A support hub for your business needs Facilitating Research, Technological and Commercial partnerships Brokerage & Networking opportunities Exposure to the European market Database with ~13,000 companies  What do I need to do?  Create a profile in the database  Search database for companies you are interested in EEN Israel Consortium is led by ISERD-Matimop in partnership with Manufacturers Association of Israel and The Israeli Export Institute

17  Health; Food Agriculture and Biotechnology; Environment; Energy : Ms. Ayala Karniol,  Information Communication Technology; Security : Mr. Aviv Zeevi,  Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Processes; Transport (Incl. Aeronautics); Space; Research Infrastructures : Dr. Nili Mandelblit,  Marie Curie Fellowships; Socio-economic sciences and humanities; Science in Society : Ms. Smadar Hirsh,  Bilateral programs with Europe: Mr. Uzi Bar Sadeh,  Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Mr. Uri Fishelson,


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