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Foresight in the strategic programming of Horizon 2020

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1 Foresight in the strategic programming of Horizon 2020
Nikos Kastrinos, Team Leader: Foresight DG RTD A6: Science Policy, Foresight and Data Presented at the ETTIS conference "Shaping Societal Security in the EU" , Brussels, 20/11/2014 * All views presented belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission

2 Contents Foresight and the EU (an ever changing relationship)
Strategic Programming in R&I: the EFFLA model and H2020 Our experience with foresight and strategic programming

3 Foresight in the EU: the early phases
1974: Europe + 30 1978: FAST : FASTII (FP1) 1988 – MONITOR (FP2) 1989 FSU

4 Foresight in the EU: institutionalisation in R&I policy
: FP4 IPTS ETAN Socio-economic Research 1998 – 2014 (FP5, FP6, FP7) Foresight research in the SSH programmes Research into FS, FS community development, and policy FS studies Often in collaboration with GOPA/BEPA and JRC-IPTS EFFLA in the Innovation Union ( ) Emphasis on using foresight for R&I policy purposes

5 The current state of affairs: foresight in the EC
European Strategic Policy Centre (replacing BEPA) ESPAS JRC Foresight and Behavioural Insights CNECT Digital Futures / Futurium R&I Foresight "main-streamed" (foresight projects and foresight in projects across the different parts of the programme) Foresight in Strategic Programming: coordination and "sense-making"

6 Foresight in strategic programming: the EFFLA model

7 Strategic Programming in H2020
Provides a coherent, evidence-based approach to implementing the activities set out in the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme Supports an integrated approach, for areas that cut across different challenges and for linking key enabling technologies to societal challenges Is not about reprioritising – but maximises impact of EU funding by ensuring that the programme responds to new developments, Covers the full research and innovation cycle, and contributes significantly towards the EU's overall policy objectives

8 Extrapolating from the first Strategic programme of H2020
Possible cycles: December 2014: 2nd Strategic Programme : strategic intelligence for 3rd strategic Programme 2015 – mid 2016: sense-making for 3rd Strategic Programme December 2016 Third Strategic Programme …..

9 Inputs to the strategic programming process
Own intelligence: Programme management Including foresight projects Cross-cutting foresight Including policy related foresight Stakeholder consultations Expert Advice Member States' input

10 Our activities and experience
September 2013 – March 2014: a pilot with foresight inputs: A workshop with experts / a study A dedicated EFFLA policy brief Pilot "sense-making" projects (ongoing) on: Key long term Transformations in R, I and HE Foresight and Trust Junction of Health, Environment and the Bioeconomy Aiming at contributing to the ideas underpinning strategic programme and work-programme texts

11 What have we learned? All areas of H2020 are forward looking, but some are better than others at working with foresight Absorption of foresight intelligence requires a forward looking culture "anticipatory governance" structures discipline and good process planning in foresight: trusted intelligence source / messages are key in strategy processes: calendars are key

12 Thank you for your attention!

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