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ISERD ISrael Europe R&D Directorate Your Port For In ISRAEL April 2013.

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1 ISERD ISrael Europe R&D Directorate Your Port For In ISRAEL April 2013

2 ISERD Aims at Maximizing the benefits of participation in the Framework Program ISERD Steering Committee: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and the Council for Higher Education – Planning and Budgeting Committee. Chairman of the Steering Committee – Mr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. General Manager: Mr. Marcel SHATON

3 Israel is an Associated State that allows it full participation in the Framework RTD Programs since 1996 (mid FP4).


5 Framework Program’s Budget

6 Why Israel participates in the Framework Programmes Integration of Israeli market in globalization process Increase Israeli business penetration in Europe Increase visibility of Israeli academic community in Europe Enhance cooperation between industry and academia in Israel

7 Benefits of participation Access to new technology/techniques Access to new markets/key customers Better sector knowledge Involvement in new standards Playing in the major leagues Funding

8 Added Value for a Company Participating in FP7  Strategic partnerships  Synergy of resources  Market intelligence  Access to research of the entire project  Shorter time to market  Name recognition  Standardization  Funding for large R&D projects  Integration in the European market

9 Competitive R&D Support Programs Along the R&D Chain MAGNET Seed Fund INCUBATORS Applied academic Research & Support Policy research Nofar International Programs Tnufa Basic research MAGNET EU FP VATAT. ISF MOST and other ministries OCS. MET Bilateral EUREKA

10 Barriers Distance Language Related EU schemes not available to Associated Countries (AC) Council Research Group closed to AC Outside of the “Acquis Communautaire” Local reluctance to new schemes Local bureaucratic inertie Weak local bureaucratic synergies

11 Dilemmas Coordinator versus Partner Funding model Funding scheme Assistance: NCP versus consultant Partner research Participation in Coordination and Support Action (CSA) Project Centralized system

12 Joint Programming European Technology Platforms (ETPs), Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), ERA-Nets Process of building Strategic Research Agenda Funding

13 ISERD Aims Encouragement of Israeli entities to participate in FP and other related programs Interface between the Israeli government and the European Union for FP matters Representation of Israel in the programs committees of the European Commission Serve as NCPs for the different themes in FP7 and participation in networking projects Information dissemination and assistant with projects’ submission and management

14 Europe - normalization Themes Committees NCPs Support measures Networking Economic & scientific attaches Participation in conferences Partner search Israel - assimilation Awareness Reduce anxiety Information -Workshops, info days -Weekly presentations -Help desk -Database -Participation in conferences -Consultants -EURAD Forum Partner search Support fund Red-Team ISERD activities

15 First Steps Government decision Establishment of Steering Committee Establishment of support team (ISERD) Nomination of ISERD’s representatives as delegates to the programme committees Appointment of FP officers in the universities (EURAD) Establishment of consultant’s corpus Dealing with tax issues

16 IDEAS 7510M€ Supporting, investigator- driven research projects carried out across all fields COOPERATION 32413M€ 10 Thematic Areas Health 6100M€ Agri & Bio 1935M€ ICT 9050M€ NMP 3457M€ Energy 2350M€ Environment 1890M€ Transport (incl. AERO) 4160M€ Socio Economic Sciences and the Humanities 623M€ Space 1430M€ Security 1400M€ PEOPLE 4750M€ Strengthening the human potential in research and technology in Europe Initial Training of Researchers Life-long training & Career Development Industry-academia pathways International Dimension Specific support action CAPACITIES 4097M€ Research Infrastructures 1715M€ Research for the benefits of SMEs 1336M€ Regions of Knowledge 126M€ Research Potential 340M€ Science in Society 330M€ International Cooperation 180€ FP7 Structure

17 Nanotechnologies EXCELLENT SCIENCE - 24.5 € B European Research Council-ERC -13 268M€ Frontier research by the best individual teams Future and Emerging Technologies-3 100M€ Collaborative research to open new fields of innovation Marie Curie - 5752M€ Opportunities for training and career development Research Infrastructures 2478M€ Ensuring access to world-class facilities Food- 4152M€ security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research & the bioeconomy SOCIETAL CHALLENGES-30€ B Homeland Security Innovative societies INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP-17.9 € B Materials Biotechnology Manufacturing Space Access to risk finance 3538M€ Leveraging private finance and venture capital for research and innovation Innovation in SMEs 619M€ Fostering all forms of inno - vation in all types of SMEs ICT Health -8033M€ Demographic change and wellbeing Secure, clean and efficient energy- 3994M€ 3819 M€ Transport- 6802M€ Smart, green and integrated Climate action- 3160M€ resource efficiency and raw

18 ISERD ’ s Organigram (FP7)( ) Steering Committee Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Finance Sub Committee Marketing & Communication System Administrator Database Manager Director Health; Bio; Environment; Energy Nano; Transport; Space; Security NCP Health; Agri & Bio ICT; RI General Director NCP NMP; Trans. NCP ICT People, SSH; SiS NCP Energy; Env.; ERC NCP Security; Space NCP RI Assistant to the Director Mr. Marcel Shaton Legal and Financial; SME, RoK, RP, ERC Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor Council for Higher Education Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport Director Secretary NCP People; SSH, SiS

19 Submitted Participations 7607 Successful Participations 1764 Success by sector: Industry 379 Universities 1107 Others 278 Submitted Proposals 5115 Successful Proposals 1236 Success rate 23.2% Value of Israeli grants: 647.1 M € Industry 159 M€ Universities 434.7 M€ Others 53.4 M€ Overall value of projects with at least one Israeli partner 18.8 B€ Overall value of projects with at least one Israeli Industrial partner 2,222 B€ (The Israel contribution to FP7 so far 471.6M€ )


21 ISERD Departments’ Directors  Health; Food Agriculture and Biotechnology; Environment;Energy : Ms. Ayala Karniol,  Information Communication Technology; Security : Mr. Aviv Zeevi,  Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Processes; Transport (Incl. Aeronautics); Space; Research Infrastructures : Dr. Nili Mandelblit,  Marie Curie Fellowships; Socio-economic sciences and humanities; Science in Society: Ms. Smadar Hirsh,  Western Europe and Eastern Europe: Mr. Uzi Bar Sade,


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