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About the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) HCST was Established in 1987 to build a national S&T base to assist socio-economic development.

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2 About the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) HCST was Established in 1987 to build a national S&T base to assist socio-economic development in the Kingdom through increasing awareness of the significance of R&D, providing the necessary funding for such activities and directing it towards national developmental priorities. The Council was also entrusted with the establishment of specialized scientific centers, where appropriate, and represents the Kingdom at regional and international S&T activities.

3 Cooperation with Europe HCST established Jordan’s National Contact Point on 2005 with the objective of increasing the participation of Jordanian researchers in EU RTD programs.Jordan’s National Contact Point The HCST is the coordinator of the S&T Cooperation Agreement that was signed in Nov 2009 between the European Commuinty and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

4 Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 ) - It is the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe between 2007 & 2013. - FP7’s budget is €53.27 billion. - The Community funds the research projects through different Funding schemes.

5 Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 ) €53.27 Billion

6 (FP7 )/ Cooperation Programme The specific programme on 'Cooperation' - supports all types of research activities - carried out by different research bodies in trans- national cooperation - aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technological areas.

7 (FP7 )/ Cooperation Programme 10 thematic area: Health Food, agriculture and biotechnology Information and communication technologies Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies Energy Environment (including climate change) Transport (including aeronautics) Socio-economic sciences and the humanities Space Security

8 (FP7 )/ Cooperation Programme All themes are open to third countries in addition to the legal minimum consortium (3 legal entities MS/AC) Specific actions with third countries linked to the 10 themes (SICA) At least 4 legal entities : 2 MS/AC + 2 ICPC

9 (FP7) / Ideas The European Research Council (ERC) will support basic research in all scientific and technological areas. Proposed research ideas are judged solely on the basis of their excellence. In general, it is VERY hard for third countries (restricted conditions).

10 (FP7) / People Aim: Support scientific career and strengthen European attractiveness for Researchers, towards the achievement of a single market for Researchers. Method: Marie Curie Grants to encourage mobility Activities of Interest to Jordan: INTERNATIONAL INCOMING FELLOWSHIPS (IIF) Encouraging top class researchers from third countries Work on research projects in Europe INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH STAFF EXCHANGE SCHEME (IRSES) Short period staff exchanges and networking activities Between European research organizations and ”counterparts”. MARIE CURIE INITIAL TRAINING NETWORKS (ITN) Improve their research and complementary skills Help them join established research teams

11 (FP7) / Capacities The Capacities programme strengthens the research capacities that Europe needs to become a thriving knowledge-based economy. It covers the following activities: Research infrastructures Research for the benefit of SMEs Regions of Knowledge Research Potential Science in Society Specific activities of international cooperation

12 How to participate effectively in FP7

13 From Idea to Project Idea 14/04/2015 Call of proposal Work progrmme Consortium Building Find Partner Proposal Writing Submission Evaluation & Selection

14 FP7 Secrets CHANGE PERSPECTIVE European Your proposal must be written in order to resolve European problems problems identified in EU policies Never give the impression that you are writing a project because You are trying to get fund!

15 FP7 Secrets Satisfy EVERY evaluation criteria Catchy title/acronym Synthesis of the project (objectives, results, R&D approach, partnership, usefulness of the results, exploitation) Convincing technological background and state of the art Make objectives, methods, results and deliverables clear Well structured work plan Appropriate management structure Detailed implementation and exploitation plan Realistic description of costs Balanced consortium (roles, qualifications)

16 Jordan’s Participation in FPs

17 Active Institutions in FPs

18 MPCs Participation in FP7 Applicant Country Name Total ApplicantsApplicants in Main List Requested EC Contribution Algeria148281.872.800 Egypt6401069.617.970 Jordan168342.594.101 Lebanon147161.578.169 Libya27295.658 Morocco454927.273.707 Palestine5510814.440 Syria82111.650.518 Tunisia388707.430.748 TOTAL2.10936932.928.111

19 Main listed Applicants EC Contribution requested CAPACITIES201.650.067 InCO121.030.049 SMEs116.300 Res. Infrastructure4232.477 Regional Potential1315.650 Science in Society255.591 COOPERATION10944.034 ENERGY2128.170 SSH2154.200 ENV2172.260 FAB1174.900 ICT2136.104 NMP1178.400 PEOPLE4339.075

20 AcronymParticipant Legal NameTheme MIRAHigher Council for Science and TechnologyINCO INCONTACTHIGHER COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYINCO LinkSCEEM Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East INFRA ONLY WATERInternational Organization for MigrationSME EU-JordanNetPrincess Sumaya University for TechnologyINCO EU-JordanNetJordan Enterprise Development CorporationINCO EU-JordanNetThe Higher Council for Science and TechnologyINCO EU-JordanNetROYAL SCIENTIFIC SOCIETYINCO RESSOL- MEDBUILD NATIONAL ENERGY RESEARCH CENTREREGPOT


22 AcronymParticipant Legal NameTheme SMooHSDepartment of AntiquitiesENV MED-CSDNational Energy Research CenterENERGY MEDARAmman UniversityICT JAD-PbPRegional Centre on Conflict PreventionSSH JOIN-MEDRoyal Scientific SocietyICT BioWALK4Biofu els Hashemite Universirty, Faculty of Natural Resources and EnvironmentENERGY MediaAcTthe Community Media NetworkSSH WASSERMedNational Center for Agricultural Research and ExtensionENV NATIOMEMKawar EnergyNMP ULIXESYarmouk UniversityKBBE

23 AcronymParticipant Legal NameTheme EPIKHJordanian Universities NetworkPEOPLE EMAPUniversity of JordanPEOPLE NARNIAThe Hashemite UniversityPEOPLE BIOMedYarmouk UnivesityPEOPLE

24 List of EU-Funded Projects-HCST is a partner EUROMEDANetFOOD-N-COPROMEDAccessINNFORMEDERAMEDIdealist7fpSCOPE 2015ESTIMEASBIMEDMIRASRTDIdealist 2011 Eu-Jordannet

25 Way Forward In addition to the 50 focal points that were established through SRTD project, six thematic National Contact Points (NCPs) were identified and will work jointly with the HCST in disseminating info about EU RTD  Energy & NMP NCPs: National R&D centre  KBBE NCP: NACRE  Environment NCP: EMARCU  Health NCP: KHCC  ICT NCP: NITC

26 Way Forward (2) Workshops for the network of FP7 on technical, Administrative and Financial Aspects of FP7 Brokerage days in Jordan Sending Jordanian researchers to Europe Fostering impact of S&T Cooperation between Jordan & Europe

27 New opportunities in WP2011 Cross-thematic: ENV-FAB-ENERGY-TRANSPORT OCEAN: Assessing and predicting the combined effects of natural and human-made pressures in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in view of their better governance, ICPC, SICA, Mediterranean Partner Countries, Black Sea countries: Georgia, Ukraine and Russia (SICA) OCEAN: Knowledge-base and tools for regional networks of MPAs, integrated management of activities together with assessment of wind energy potential in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, ICPC, SICA, Mediterranean Partner Countries and Black Sea countries: Georgia, Ukraine and Russia (SICA)

28 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology ERA-NET of Forest Research in the Mediterranean Region, ICPC, Mediterranean partner countries (SICA type eligibility) KBBE.2011.2.5-02, Post-harvest losses for increased food security, ICPC, SICA KBBE.2011.3.1-02, Perennial grasses: optimising biomass production, ICPC, SICA Novel biotechnological approaches for transforming industrial and/or municipal biowaste into bioproducts, ICPC (SICA)

29 Health ERA-NET on diabetes prevention and treatment. It should integrate as appropriate international projects, both EU funded and not, that address research on diabetes and its prevention and treatment.(International participation encouraged) ERA-Net on disease-related neurosciences, research on the brain and related diseases, human development and ageing

30 Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies CSAs –NMP.2011.1.3-3 Intelligent testing strategies for nanomaterials impact and exposure – towards regulation and clustering of materials –NMP.2011.1.3-4 European platform on Nano Outreach and Dialogue (NODE) –NMP.2011.2.3-3 Networking of materials laboratories and innovation actors in various industrial sectors for product or process innovation –NMP.2011.4.0-5 Support to Networks of Excellence with durable integrated structure –NMP.2011.4.0-8 NCP trans-national activities ERA-NET on research on materials science and engineering, including international cooperation ERA-NET on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries ERA-NET on Industrial Safety

31 Information and Communication Technologies ICT Call 7 ICT EU-Brazil Coordinated call FET Information and Communication Technologies, FET Open from 2010 – March 2013

32 SSH Combining economic, social and environmental objectives in a European perspective: paths towards sustainable development Major trends in society and their implications Connections between rural areas and cities in sub-Saharan Africa Europe and the world ERA-NET Societal Trends and Lifestyle, Drug demand and supply reduction ERANET Plus Cultural Interactions in an International Perspective

33 Energy and Transport ENERGY (ERA-NET) Supporting the coordination of national research activities of Member States and Associated States in the field of GEOTHERMAL energy (ERA-NET) Supporting the coordination of national research activities of Member States and Associated States in the field of OCEAN energy FP7-ENERGY-2011-2, Energy Call Part 2, for more information go to the TRANSPORT FP7-SST-CIVITAS-2011-MOVE, FP7- SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT (SST)-2011-MOVE-1 ERA-NET Call 2011

34 Capacities Science in Society SiS.2011.1.0-1 Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Action Plans on societal challenges Activities of International Cooperation Reinforcing Cooperation with Europe's neighbours in the context of the ERA Strengthening European research facilities in third countries - INCO-LAB Strengthening joint European S&T centres in Third Countries - INCO-HOUSE

35 Capacities (2) Reinforcing cooperation with Europe's neighbours in the context of the ERA (ERA-WIDE): Objective: To reinforce the cooperation capacities of research centres located in the ENP countries, which are not associated to FP7, in the areas of the thematic priorities of FP7. ERA-WIDE proposals should target only one of the following countries: Mediterranean Partner Countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria Eastern Europe and South Caucasus: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan

36 Capacities (2) Call identifier: FP7-INCO-2011-6 Call publication date: 30/07/10 Call closure date: 15/03/11 Funding scheme: CSA-SA, typ 0.5 M€/project for 3 years Eligibility criteria: min 1 participants (SA), the research centre targeted by the proposal must be the coordinator of the proposal ERA-WIDE actions: Twinning with research centres in MS or AC Developing training modules to build competency and facilitate the participation of these centres in FP7; Developing research centres’ strategy

37 Capacities (3) / Results of last call AreaCountryEvaluatedAbove thresholds EESC Armenia63 Azerbaijan52 Belarus83 Georgia115 Moldova32 Ukraine207 Sub-Total5322 MPC Egypt11 Jordan43 Lebanon32 Morocco22 Palestine21 Syria11 Tunisia43 Sub-Total1713 Total7035

38 Jordan’s Information Point Website Thank you Thank you

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