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Access to Research Funding – Ireland’s Experience Dr Imelda Lambkin, 29 April 2013

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1 Access to Research Funding – Ireland’s Experience Dr Imelda Lambkin, 29 April

2 FP7…  More than 1,500 successful FP7 applicants  Ranging from bright young research fellows through to high tech SMEs and multinational corporations using FP7 as a business opportunity  Funding of more than €500M since 2007 i.e. over twice the funding to Ireland in FP6  Currently averaging €100M coming into Irish research per year  Ireland’s industry drawdown: 4 times that of FP6 at over €110M  78% of industry funding to SMEs

3 The FP7 experience - snapshots  New research jobs at the Tyndall National Institute at the cutting-edge of telecommunications, nanoelectronics, medical devices & environmental monitoring  Intel collaborating with Microsoft, SAP, Siemens, BMW, IBM etc in ICT, Nanotech, e-Health, Manufacturing (energy) and local partners include TCD, UCD, WIT, Tyndall, Lake Communications  The Irish Research Council co-funding more than 50 international research fellowships in Science Engineering and Technology  Professor Kevin O’Rourke, TCD, Ireland’s first ERC Advanced Grant studying Trade and the Great Depression in a Long Run Perspective

4 The National Support Network for FP7, Ireland

5 National Contact Points: Interaction versus FP7 Success EU Average = 22% 22%31%18%

6 OUR OFFER… We… …guide you to the piece of the programme that’s right for you right now …or influence next year’s Call to position you for success …help you find the right partners …and handhold you through the writing of your application …help you find the time to do it …and make you feel at home abroad

7 Some observations…  Several universities now have twice their funding from FP6  70 participants have > €1M for participation in a single proposal  Companies often have the same success rates as academics  Use of the ‘ Research for the Benefit of SMEs’ programme, targeted to low tech companies, is a huge success story for Ireland  We’re beginning to see results/impacts of projects  We compare ourselves to Finland, Denmark and Austria, small countries with longer histories of S&T investment: population adjusted figures place Ireland slightly behind Finland and Denmark and parallel to Austria  And the UK? Population adjusted figures place Ireland ahead

8 The future…  Planning for Horizon 2020: positioning Ireland for success; leveraging national investments; providing quality support systems  NOW:Final calls under FP7  NOW: Work programme design for Horizon 2020  Q2 2013:Adoption of H2020 legislation  Q1-Q4 2013:Project teams forming; proposal preparation starts  1/1/2014:Horizon 2020 launch of first calls

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