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FP7 – SWARP Kick-Off Meeting 3-4 February 2014 Call context

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1 FP7 – SWARP Kick-Off Meeting 3-4 February 2014 Call context
Mr Petri Backman RESEARH EXECUTIVE AGENCY Space Research (S2)

2 Table of content The Research Executive Agency (REA)
Unit S2 – Space Research Call 6 – FP7-SPACE -2013 Grant Agreement 2

3 REA (cont.) Created on 14 December 2007 through the Commission Decision EC/2008/46; autonomy since 15 June 2009 Total FP7 budget managed: about € 6.5 billion (of € 51 bio) The REA implements directly whole or parts of the FP7 programmes: SME-specific actions (Capacities) Marie Curie actions (People) Security and Space actions (Cooperation) Staff: ca 500 (30 for Unit S2 – Space Research) The REA provides also horizontal services across all programmes (ie evaluation facility, central validation and help desk) 3

4 FP7- Cooperation Theme 9 - Space 9.3. Cross-cutting activities
FP7 Space Action FP7- Cooperation Theme 9 - Space Developing satellite observation systems and the GMES/ COPERNICUS services for the management of the environment, security, agriculture, forestry and meteorology, civil protection and risk management 9.1. GMES / COPERNICUS 9.2. Strengthening the foundations of Space science and technology(SSF) Support research for long term needs such as space transportation, bio-medicine, life and physical sciences in space. 9.3. Cross-cutting activities SME relevant research, International cooperation, cross-thematic approaches, dissemination actions, European Space Policy implementation actions 4

5 Table of content The Research Executive Agency (REA)
Unit S2 – Space Research Call 6 – FP7-SPACE -2013 Grant Agreement 5

6 S2 unit – Space Research In REA, the S2 Unit - Space Research is in charge of: Organising the evaluation of proposals Negotiation of retained proposals Technical & Financial management of projects Legal monitoring of projects Payments and Audit implementation Policy work remains within the Commission/ parent DG (DG ENTR). This includes the definition of the yearly space work programmes DG ENTR finances also directly specific topics identified in the work programme (e.g. development of the Space component of GMES) 6

7 S2 unit – Space Reseach Budget
Total space research budget of the European Commission is € 1.4 billion in the context of the FP7 REA Total space research budget managed by REA € 640 millions for FP7 At present up to € 515 millions & 208 projects (5 Space calls) About 2/3 for GMES and 1/3 for SSF ESA ESA Delegation agreement ca € 700 millions + Data Access 7

8 S2 unit – Space Reseach Budget breakdown Call 6 Call 4 ~ 640 M€ Call 5
Space R&D Call 2 Call 1 ~ 700 M€ Space Infra 48 M€ ~ 50 M€ 8

9 European Commission – Space Research
To learn more about Space Research projects funded under FP7, visit: REA website; and Updated brochure including projects from Call 2012 available! 9

10 Table of content The Research Executive Agency (REA)
Unit S2 – Space Research Call 6 – FP7-SPACE -2013 Grant Agreement 10

11 Call SPA.2013.1.1-06 Call 6 Call 4 Call 5 Call 3 Call 2 Call 1
SPA Stimulating development of downstream services and service evolution 11

12 Call SPA.2013.1.1-06 Timeline Call publication: July 2012
Call closed: November 2012 Remote evaluation: mid-December 2012 until mid-January 2013 3 weeks of central evaluation: end-January 2013 until mid-February 2013 Invitation to negotiations: March / April 2013 Finalisation of negotiations: September / October 2013 Signature of the Grant Agreement: 29 November 2013 Start date: 01 February 2014 (fixed starting date) 12

13 HORIZON 2020 (H2020) EP adopted the MFF on 20/11/2013
H2020 (Framework Programme ) adopted by EP on 21/11/2013 Proposed budget ca 80 bio € Space 1.7 bio € (240 M € / year) under 'Industrial Leadership' First Space Call published on 11 December 2013 Strategic Programmes for 3 years (PSA) WP for 2 years Call each year

14 Table of content The Research Executive Agency (REA)
Unit S2 – Space Research Call 6 – FP7-SPACE -2013 Grant Agreement 14

15 Grant Agreement All partners should read these! ALL SIGNED ! Annex I
Description of Work (DoW) II General conditions III Related to specific funding types Not applicable IV Form A Accession to the grant agreement Each beneficiary signs 3 copies of Form A  coordinator Once signed by the coordinator: 1 copy retained by coordinator, 1 copy sent back to beneficiary, 1 copy sent to the REA The coordinator shall send to the REA one signed Form A per beneficiary at the latest 45 calendar days after the entry into force of the grant agreement V Form B Request for accession of a new beneficiary to the Grant Agreement Termination also possible (see Annex II – General conditions) VI Form C Financial statement submitted by each beneficiary at the end of a reporting period To be submitted via SESAM (FORCE) Also print, sign and post! ALL SIGNED ! 15

16 Grant Agreement Only NERSC! DONE! Annex VII Forms D
Certificate on the financial statements (CFS) The certificate shall be submitted for claims of payments when the amount of the EC financial contribution claimed by a beneficiary as a reimbursement of costs is equal to or exceeds € , when cumulated with all previous payments for which the certificate has not been submitted Verified as factual by an external auditor Public bodies, secondary and higher education establishments and research organisations may opt for a competent public officer to provide their certificate on the financial statements and on the methodology. Forms E Certificate of the methodology Optional, suitable especially for beneficiaries with multiple participations in FP7 Beneficiary may request to opt for this certificate on the methodology for the calculation of costs, which it uses to prepare its cost claims with regard to both personnel and indirect costs This certificate must be forwarded in the form of a detailed description verified as factual by its external auditor When this certificate is accepted, the requirement to provide certificates on the financial statements for claims of interim payments shall be waived Details and advantages explained in 'Guidance Notes on Audit Certification' ( Only NERSC! DONE! 16

17 Grant Agreement other important… Budget
Total budget after negotiation: 2,919,076.30€ EU funding before negotiation: 2,154,598.00€ EU funding after negotiation: 2,151,918.97€ Pre-financing Pre-financing: 1,147,690,12€ (160%) 5% Guarantee Fund SC6 Late payment of pre-financing SC9 No EU contribution to ISMER + UO Reporting intervalls Duration 36 months Number of reporting periods: 3 (M12 + M24 + M36) Three formal reviews; mid-term reviews possible 17

18 Grant Agreement other important… Third country participants
NIERSC (RU), ISMER (CA) and UO (NZ) ODL brought in a beneficiary (instead of subcontractor) Reinforced / Detailed exploitation plan Coordination with other ongoing FP7 Space initiatives; Polar Ice and SpaceNav ESA DWH Ethics 18

19 ESA DG ENTR works closely with ESA on the development of the Space Policy and its implementation through FP7 (Work Programmes) ESA does not participate in the projects but: is involved in the evaluation process by providing comments on potential duplication with their ongoing and planned programmes → ESA indicated at the evaluation phase "no duplication" may provide experts with the role of reviewers for running projects →TBC 19

20 REA team SPA.2012.1.1-03 NAME FUNCTION BERNOT Christine Head of Unit
BLASCH Birgit Deputy Head of Unit PETRE Olivier Head of Sector – Financial Department BACKMAN Petri Research Programme Officer and Project Officer MARUSKOVA Lucia Legal Officer MJASCHKOVA Diana Financial Officer GEBBIA Lucia Secretary 20

21 Research Programme Officer REA – Research Executive Agency
Mr Petri BACKMAN Research Programme Officer REA – Research Executive Agency @  COV2 17/089▪ 1049 Brussels ▪ Belgium site Place Rogier ▪ 1210 Brussels Copyright © Close Comfort

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