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Quality of Service Update

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1 Quality of Service Update
Management of Quality of Service for Multimedia Narm Gadiraju Intel Co-Chair QoS Working Committee

2 Problem: Unmanaged Network Solution: QoS Managed Network
Internet Internet Gateway Device Child’s Room Printer PC/MC Media Room

3 OVERVIEW Why do we need QoS in the home network?
Home Network QoS Functions UPnP™ QoS Architecture UPnP™ QoS Working Committee

4 Why do we need QoS in the Home Network?
AV streams are real time, bandwidth intensive Voice and Games are even more jitter and delay sensitive Best effort delivery can not ensure satisfactory user experience Entertainment and Data Networks are Converging

5 Where is QoS needed? Three primary QoS Design Guidelines:
Host 1A Host 1B Host 1C Broadband Access (WAN) Internet Gateway Device Media Access (WMM, e) Host 2A Host 2N QoS Media Access is the process of determining when a packet may be transmitted from one device into a network so as not to preclude the timely transmission of a packet on the media by another device. QoS Packet Forwarding is the process of transmitting packets that have arrived from one or more network interfaces with a single device according to set of rules that provide QoS. QoS Characteristic Management: A signaling and management mechanism for communication of QoS characteristics (priority settings) between the Residential Gateway and Hosts desiring QoS within a home network. This mechanism should be aggregated and managed in the Residential Gateway. Policy (UPnP QoS) Packet Forwarding (802.1P) Host 3

6 Home IP Network QoS Functions
WAN Internet Gateway Device AV Stream – 5 Voice – 6 Print Job – 1 Policy Discover Device QoS Capabilities Shrek Terminator Charade Content Describe Content QoS Requirements Policy MPEG Networked TV Networked TV STB Cam Ethernet (802.3) 802.1P QoS Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g) WMM QoS

7 UPnP™ QoS Scope Scenarios QoS Functions Non-Goals
AV distribution in the home network. IGD used as an intermediate device (bridge) between network technologies QoS Functions Uniform assignment of priorities across multiple applications and devices (Policy) Device QoS capabilities (Discovery) Assignment of priority for a particular traffic stream based on its characteristics (Management) Admission Control based on User Importance Non-Goals New Layer 2 / Layer 3 QoS technologies or standards

8 Architecture (Logical)
2 3 UPnP™ Policy Holder UPnP™ QoS Manager UPnP™ Control Point Beatles Madonna Pavarotti play,stop… Stream1 - 5 Stream2 - 6 4 Home LAN 1 1 Source Sink UPnP™ AV UPnP™ QoS Device UPnP™ QoS Device UPnP™ AV UPnP™ QoS Device AV Subsystem QoS Subsystem AV Subsystem Intermediate Node QoS Subsystem 1. CP identifies source and sink 2. CP requests QoS Mgr for QoS connection 3. QoS Manager gets stream admission policy from Policy Holder component. 4. QoS Manager sets up QoS devices

9 Control Point Decides content to be streamed or data to be prioritized
Acquires Traffic Type (AV, Gaming, Voice, Bulk, etc) TrafficID from source and sink devices Destination IP address and Port Source IP address and Port Optional T-SPEC from UPnP™ AV CDS service Invokes QoS Manager service

10 QoS Manager Service Get policy info from QoS Policy Holder service
Stream Configuration and Setup Identify Path (Source, Sink and Intermediate Devices) Provide Traffic ID, and Traffic Descriptor to QoS devices Stream Runtime adjustments and Stream tear down from Control point input

11 QoS Policy Holder Service
Controls allocation of network resources Influences setting of packet priorities Controls admission of streams Policy Holder Service Based on (TSPEC, Traffic ID, Traffic Class and other optional information) Returns (User importance number, Traffic Importance Number, Admission Control Enabled/Disabled state) Assumptions There will be only one Policy Holder service in the home network If no policy holders are discovered, or more than one policy holders are discovered, UPnP™ QoS uses default (802.1d) priorities Presenter to indicate that - Policy is similar firewall or parental control.

12 QoS Device Service Provide Discoverable Information Stream setup
Static: examples: device type, admission control supported, network technology type, IP address, etc. Dynamic: examples: number of traffic streams, bandwidth Stream setup Respond to path determination queries Respond to QoS Manager queries for static/dynamic QoS information Device status feedback Setup time Path Change Eventing

13 UPnP™ QoS Working Committee
HISTORY Formed in January of 2003 under UPnP™ Forum. Participating Companies: Intel, Broadcom, Linksys (Cisco), Sony, Sharp, Philips, CableLabs, LGE, BellSouth STATUS Four committed reference implementers Three successful plug-fests held Architecture definition completed Reference Implementations and Service Definitions close to completion Target completion: Q3, 2004

14 Foundation of the Connected Home

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