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Alvarion Wi-Fi Product Lines Proprietary and Confidential 2012 Sales Kickoff.

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1 Alvarion Wi-Fi Product Lines Proprietary and Confidential 2012 Sales Kickoff

2 Proprietary Information. 2 Disclaimer This presentation contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on the current expectations or beliefs of Alvarion’s management and are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements: potential impact on our business of the current global recession, the inability of our customers to obtain credit to purchase our products as a result of global credit market conditions, the failure to fund projects under the U.S. broadband stimulus program, continued delays in 4G license allocation in certain countries; the failure of the products for the 4G market to develop as anticipated;, Alvarion’s inability to capture market share in the expected growth of the 4G market as anticipated, due to, among other things, competitive reasons or failure to execute in our sales, marketing or manufacturing objectives; the failure of the Alvarion’s strategic initiatives to enable Alvarion to more effectively capitalize on market opportunities as anticipated; inability to further identify, develop and achieve success for new products, services and technologies; increased competition and its effect on pricing, spending, third-party relationships and revenues; as well as the inability to establish and maintain relationships with commerce, advertising, marketing, and technology providers and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company’s 20-F Annual Report Risk Factors section as well as in other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The information in this presentation is provided solely for information purposes, and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any products, features and/or functionalities, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release and timing of any products, features and/or functionalities described remains at the sole discretion of Alvarion. If and when any products, features and/or functionalities are offered for sale by Alvarion, they will be sold under agreed upon terms and conditions. This information may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Alvarion or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Alvarion makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this presentation, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Copyright 2012 Alvarion Ltd. All rights reserved. Alvarion®, its logo and certain names, product and service names referenced herein may be either registered trademarks, trademarks, tradenames or service marks of Alvarion Ltd in certain jurisdictions. All other names are or may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The content herein is subject to change without further notice.

3 Proprietary Information. 3 2011 summary Alvarion carrier grade Wi-Fi at a glance 3G/LTE data offloading solution Technical details Sales tools Roadmap Summary Outline

4 Sales Results Review 2009-2011

5 Proprietary Information. 5 Yearly Sales by Product Line Sales $ K 5 Number of Units $ 7,854 $ 10,699 $ 17,402 Sector became an equal player We are still a 2.4Ghz company CPEs are still a marginal business

6 Proprietary Information. 6 2011 WBSn Launch 6 Successful Launch of WBSn in H2 2011

7 Proprietary Information. 7 Yearly Sales by Region 7 Wavion 2011 growth engines

8 Proprietary Information. 8 Yearly Shipments 8 2011 showed growth in both parameters

9 Proprietary Information. 9 WBS New Market Oil and Rigs Industries New product: WBS-2400-FCCh ATEX certified Pre-defined dynamic self-backhaul

10 Proprietary Information. 10 2011 – 2012: Marketing Perspective 2011 Review We participated in many events in 2011, most of them were not planned too far in advance. Should we change this in 2012? Feedback from you The WBSn launch, other Knowledge transfer 2012 plans MWC is around the corner New Branding for Alvarion / Wavion – our plans Joint Marketing with Alvarion team Need to prepare a Marketing Work Plan - events, Roadshows Additional focus on Case Studies and customer stories New WEB site

11 Carrier Grade Wi-Fi at a Glance

12 Proprietary Information. 12 WBSn Family of Base Stations Carrier-grade Wi-Fi Solutions Industry’s first two-way Beamforming with 802.11n Leading interference immunity suite Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi system End-to-end solutions Versatile: 2.4 and 5 GHz, access/backhaul Fastest ROI, 50% less CAPEX and OPEX required Seamless mobile data offload, core integration Enhanced Omni Sector and Omni Sector Omni Indoor

13 Proprietary Information. 13 WBSn Main Applications Offloading and hot spots Residential and SOHO access Wholesales Managed Wi-Fi services Private Networks Smart city Campuses …

14 3G/LTE Data Offloading Solution

15 Proprietary Information. 15 Solution Main Building Blocks Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Seamless user authentication Unified user profile Minimize backhauling and core load Leverage on cellular core components Service continuity End-to-end security Hotspot 2.0 and 802.11u support Cellular like user experience Core integration Roaming and handover Location based service

16 Proprietary Information. 16 Controlled Mode, “Local Breakout” NOC IP core GGSN 3G Data Wi-Fi Data Dist. Access Controller HLR NodeB Cellular Access Internet Local Breakout Distributed Access Controller within the base stations – lower cost, higher availability Access Controller Gx, Gy, Ga, MAP/SS7 3G Cellular Data Core Service GW Wavion Wi-Fi Covered Area RADIUS Diameter SIM/MAC/voucher authentication AAA integration Hotspot 2.0 and 802.11u Internet

17 Proprietary Information. 17 Per Carrier Customization Flexible Access Controller architectures Distributed: built-in WBSn base stations Scalable, higher reliability, lower cost Centralized: standard controller Variety of Service GW alternatives 3 rd party partners Aptilo, Aradial, Inventum, EliteCore, … Alvarion’s, 1 st release Q2 2012

18 Proprietary Information. 18 Authentication Methods EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA Automatic – best user experience Secured Other authentication methods (e.g. username, password) For CDMA users, w/o SIM Some smartphones do not support EAP-SIM / AKA e.g. iPad, Android tablet Access for laptops and tablets

19 Proprietary Information. 19 Converged Mode (“Tunneling”) Wavion Wi-Fi Covered Area NOC PGW 4G Data Wi-Fi Data Dist. Access Controller Internet eNodeB Cellular Access Internet Distributed Access Controller within the base stations – lower cost, higher availability ePDG Local Breakout Non cellular users Tunnel Service GW SIM/MAC/voucher authentication AAA integration Hotspot 2.0 and 802.11u Cellular-Wi-Fi mobility HSS SGW UE MME PCRF ANDSF AAA IP core Gx, Gy, Ga, MAP/SS7 4G Cellular Data Core RADIUS Diameter

20 Proprietary Information. 20 Converged Mode Benefits Cellular-Wi-Fi Mobility Security Core services continuity over Wi-Fi Video streaming Video conferencing Hosted enterprise services … Alvarion’s: Tunneling support Q3 2012

21 Proprietary Information. 21 Solution Architecture TR-69 RADIUS MAP/SS7, Gx Interfaces SNMP CAPWAP Internet GTP/ GTPv2 / PMIP Data Management RADIUS Wi-Fi Cloud Controller Tunnel SNMP HSS PCRF ANDSF AAA

22 Proprietary Information. 22 Embedded AC – Main Features * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5 AAA with external RADIUS server Authentication EAP-SIM/ A KA, external AAA Redirection to web-portal and walled garden Authorization* Receiving control message per client (block, limit, disconnect) Pre-paid support Accounting Post-paid support Time/capacity based BW Control* MIR / CIR traffic shaping, per user per direction (UL / DL) Classification and Prioritization WMM – on wireless 802.1p, IP ToS, DiffServ (DSCP), and traffic type* Tunneling* Supports Layer-3 mobility GRE (non-encrypted) and IPSec (encrypted) tunnels HS 2.0* 802.11u

23 Proprietary Information. 23 Wi-Fi Cloud Controller – Main Features Wi-Fi cloud management Mobility within Wi-Fi Layer-3 mobility Key caching Rogue AP detection Load Balancing Report on AP load and act upon server’s instructions Lawful interception Self Organized Network Radio Resource Management Core integration HS 2.0 Tunneling Proxy-AAA Pre-paid clients Additional services Location based services Wi-Fi Cloud Controller (WCC) (illustration) Wi-Fi Cloud Controller (WCC) (illustration)

24 Technical Details

25 Proprietary Information. 25 Carrier Grade Wi-Fi – Main Features Flexible networking schemes Multiple Virtual APs (VAPs) support Bridge and Router modes Distributed and centralized Access Controller Cellular core integration Seamless Authentication Tunneling and mobility support HotSpot 2.0 End-to-End Security Quality of Service Classification, Prioritization and per user SLA

26 Proprietary Information. 26 Multiple VAPs – who needs it? Carrier of Carriers (wholesale) Different VAPs to different carriers Single carrier providing different services Different VAPs for different services VLAN assignment Prioritization per VLAN Backhaul vs. Access VAP = Virtual AP

27 Proprietary Information. 27 Multiple VAPs – Technical Details Up to 16* VAPs per WBSn Capabilities per VAP Security Layer-2 network – separate VLANs Layer-3 network – separate WANs AAA servers MAC Access Control Lists Max Associations Web Portal Redirection BW Management Profiles* VLANs assignment method Trunk Determine by RADIUS Directly assigned * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5

28 Proprietary Information. 28 Bridge Mode – who needs it? Carriers with simple backhaul transport network VLAN driven Carrier with security concerns Want to see all MAC addresses at central location Video Surveillance networks Enterprises and campuses With flat network architecture

29 Proprietary Information. 29 Bridge Mode – Technical Details Bridge mode Learning & forwarding Wireless Clients Isolation 802.1q VLAN support VLAN trunk Dynamic VLANs QinQ support WDS support VPN pass through Broadcast/Multicast rate limiters* * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5

30 Proprietary Information. 30 Router Mode – who needs this? Carriers Segregation between networks Minimize broadcast traffic Limited backhaul transport network Limited by MAC Addresses to handle “Hiding” end-users MAC Addresses behind a router solves this problem Access is tunneled directly to the core IP Addressing, done at the core Mobility support

31 Proprietary Information. 31 Router Mode – Technical Details * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5 DHCP client, server and relay modes Different or same IP addresses behind different WBSn Router Clients’ IP addresses are passing through Router’s MAC address for all traffic Static routing Dynamic routing protocols (roadmap) NAT router Router’s MAC and IP address for all traffic Hiding clients’ IP addresses Firewall*

32 Proprietary Information. 32 Embedded AC – Main Features * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5 AAA with external RADIUS server Authentication EAP-SIM/ A KA, external AAA Redirection to web-portal and walled garden Authorization* Receiving control message per client (block, limit, disconnect) Pre-paid support Accounting Post-paid support Time/capacity based BW Control* MIR / CIR traffic shaping, per user per direction (UL / DL) Classification and Prioritization WMM – on wireless 802.1p, IP ToS, DiffServ (DSCP), and traffic type* Tunneling* Supports Layer-3 mobility GRE (non-encrypted) and IPSec (encrypted) tunnels HS 2.0* 802.11u

33 Proprietary Information. 33 Security * Planned for 3Q12 V1.5 Security modes Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WAPI* Authentication Pre-shared key 802.1x with RADIUS Server EAP-TLS, PEAP, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA Hardware Encryptions WEP, TKIP, AES MAC accept/reject lists Per VAP Wireless clients isolation (i.e. peer-2-peer blocking) Access controller Redirect to Web portal and Walled garden

34 Proprietary Information. 34 5GHz2.4GHz 5GHz2.4GHz 5GHz2.4GHz Mesh Deployment with WBSn-2450 WBSn-2450 2.4 GHz – access 5 GHz – backhaul and/or access, concurrently 5GHz

35 Proprietary Information. 35 Interim solution – use WCPEn for backhaul connectivity Interim solution until 2450 is ready 2x2 11n to WCPEn Height separation between BH CPE and Access Superior NLOS connectivity VLAN trunk through the WCPEn to the remote WBSn Ensure QoS throughout the network Cost effective solution Alternative – CPE connectivity as BH 2450 5Ghz2.4GHz 5GHz2.4GHz 5GHz2.4GHz 2450 - Access, Access

36 Proprietary Information. 36 WavioNet Network Management System NMS for Base stations and CPEs Full FCAPS Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance, Security Support all Wi-Fi product lines WBSn, WBS and WCPEn Main features Hierarchical topology and map views Secure remote upgrade Multiple-unit configuration History and Real-time devices’ statistics Events and Alarms SNMP-based North Bound Interface

37 WCPEn Features

38 Proprietary Information. 38 WCPEn Portfolio Strategy Best-in-class Wi-Fi CPEs No more reselling !! Best ROI for access services Can be a project winner Alvarion’s CPEs The only Beamforming indoor CPE in the market Furthest reach Best performance Best indoor signal penetration Best user experience OEM/WL branded option USB Adaptor Outdoor CPE Indoor CPE WCPEn is a project winner!!

39 Sales Tools

40 Proprietary Information. 40 Starter Kits WBSn-2400 or WBSn-2450 Base stations2x Sector/Omni CPEs WCPEn-2400-I WCPEn-2400-U 2x WCPEn-2400-O Accessories 2x WPI-AC-1G, 2x power cables connector 1x WA-ROTATE-EX Coverage toolWCTn (2.4 GHz) Training webinar2 hours Fix Price$4,500 40 A key Sales Tool (Foot-in-the-Door)

41 Proprietary Information. 41 WKC – The Knowledge Center 41 One-Stop-Shop Products Solutions and Applications Technology Company Materials Competition Information Customer Services Homologations and Regulations Marcom Price List

42 Proprietary Information. 42 Price List Update - WBSn (11n) WCPEn pricing scheme Same as WBSn - MOQ and discounts upon quantities New WCPEn added WCPEn-2400-I – New indoor DZ 4 variants: FCC (US-plug) / ETSI (EU-plug) / UN (US-plug) / UN (EU-plug) WCPEn-2400-O – Outdoor 2x2 2 variants: FCC (US-plug) / ETSI (EU-plug) WCPEn-5000-O – Outdoor 2x2 2 variants: FCC (US-plug) / ETSI (EU-plug) Remove products EnGenius 1x1 outdoor products (O31 / O32) WCPEn naming convention Add -US/-EU/-UN similar to WBSn naming convention

43 Proprietary Information. 43 New Products WBS-2400-FCCh - $6,390 2.4 GHz Omni for hazardous environments, ATEX certified Removed Products WCPE-24DZ-SR – EOL Ubiquiti products Price List Update - WBS (11g)

44 Roadmap

45 Proprietary Information. 45 2012 Roadmap – Platforms Outdoor CPE portfolio 1Q12 Dual band Portfolio (WBSn-2450) 1Q12 Indoor CPE (WCPEn-2400-I) 1Q12 Indoor AP (WBSn-2450-I) 2Q12 Alvarion Wi-Fi Cloud Controller (WCC) 2Q12 Enhanced Omni base station (WBSn-2400-E) 3Q12 Interference Cancellation Module (ICM demo) 4Q12 Exciting new 2012

46 Proprietary Information. 46 WBSn Release Plan V 1.0V 1.1.4V 1.1.6V 1.5 DateNowQ1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012 Additional HW supported WBSn-2400-S WBSn-2400-O WBSn-2450-S WBSn-2450-O WBSn-2450-SO WBSn-2450-OS Radio ModesAccessAccess + AccessAccess + Backhaul Networking modes BridgeRouter Web Authentication Access Controller High level Features Clients isolation Dynamic VLANs assignment VLAN trunking Accounting Router NAT Router DHCP Web redirection Walled garden Max users 256 / 512 for 2400/2450 WL/ OEM Single hop mesh Access + BH VAPs HS2.0 Tunneling BW mgmt Firewall Online ACS Licensing

47 Proprietary Information. 47 Wavion NMS – Release Plan V 2.0V 2.1V 3.0 DateQ4 2011H1 2012H2 2012 PlatformWavioNet AlvariStar (A*) Products supported WBS WBSn-2400 WBS WBSn-2400 WBSn-2450 WCPEn-2400-I WBSn-2400 WBSn-2450 WCPEn-2400-I New FeaturesWBSn: Discovery Inventory Topology/Map views Fault Management FW Upgrade Bulk configuration WCPEn-2400: Discovery NMS-OEM support WBSn: Performance Monitoring Reports Alarms WCPEn-2400-I: Inventory Alarms FW Upgrade Management tools: Portal AlvariStar Status Configuration Events/Alarms StarQuality PM

48 Proprietary Information. 48 Mobile Data Offloading Solution Solution availability Now AAA integration (SIM authentication, accounting) Partners: Aptilo, Aradial, Inventum, ElitCore … 1Q12 HS2.0 plugfest 2Q12 Alvarion Wi-Fi Cloud Controller (demo) 3Q12 - Local breakout and tunneling support Alvarion Distributed (built-in) Access Controller Alvarion Wi-Fi Cloud Controller HS2.0 support

49 Summary

50 Proprietary Information. 50 2012 is going to be EXCITING! The Wi-Fi market is growing tremendously fast Alvarion has the best offering in the market New things to talk about Indoor AP, Indoor CPE, Offloading solutions, Mesh … Offloading solutions Built-in Access Controller Wi-Fi Cloud Controller Large variety of products Main Points 50

51 Thank You WLOB Product Management Team E-Mail: Phone: +972.52.6097310

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