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CS Loxinfo Q3 ’ 08 Briefing November 12, 2008. 2 Agenda Highlights Internet Business YellowPages Business Mobile Content & Classified Business Q & A.

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1 CS Loxinfo Q3 ’ 08 Briefing November 12, 2008

2 2 Agenda Highlights Internet Business YellowPages Business Mobile Content & Classified Business Q & A

3 3 Q3/2008 Performance Highlights YTD Stand Alone EPS = 0.46 Baht/share Consolidated Net profit for Q3/2008 was 76 MB or 0.13 Baht per share, an increase of Baht 26 million or 52% from Q2/2008. Normal consolidated revenue was 674 MB, increasing by 3% QoQ Consolidated EBITDA was 145 MB which has normal EBITDA = 132 MB (Q3/2007 = 170 MB)

4 4 Consolidated Net Profit: Q3’08/Q2’08 EBIT for Q3’08 improved 5 MB or 5% QoQ Q3’08 one time revenue consisted of Gain from reversed accrued expenses form LXS 13 MB Restructuring cost from Shinee 5 MB Remark: EBITDA for Q3’08 is 145 MB, consisted of normal EBITDA 132 MB

5 5 Consolidated Net Profit: YTD 2008 Note: 2008 : TMC + ADV + WATTA (9 mths) 2007 : TMC + ADV + WATTA (5 mths) YTD 2008 normal revenue increased 41 MB or 2% from +50 MB from ISP business (Leased Line revenue increased) -90 MB from YP and Mobile content business due to lower growth rate media industry and economic recession +81 from Print classified business resulted from the period of recognition Remark: YTD EBITDA 2008 is 408 MB which has normal EBITDA = 395 MB

6 6 CSL Stand alone Income: YTD 2008 Standalone revenue YTD 2008 increased 44 MB or 4% from leased line services Standalone EBIT YTD 2008 decreasing 25 MB or 15% due to cost and SG&A increased

7 7 Revenue Portion of ISP By Products Q2’08 ISP service rev. = 349 MB Q3’08 ISP rev. = 349 MB Leased line sale continue to grow, revenue contribution reaches 77% of total ISP revenue

8 8 ISP Business Q3/2008 Total ISP revenue increased by 4% (9 mths 08 vs 9 mths 07) due to leased line revenue increased more than declining of dial up Broadband revenue is maintained (Q3’08 vs Q2’08), but ARPU improved as a result of up-selling and shift to premium and SME customers

9 9 ISP Direction 2009 Continue focus Leased Line and corporate segment products Incubate VOIP product to substitute Dial up Improve EBITDA margin by leveraging media leased line expenses to invest (step by step) in last mile media by either self invest or joint invest (First project started in Nov’08 will gradually improve last mile cost in 2009 onwards) Selective investment (step by step) in area with proven demand in order to improve ADSL subscribers in long run

10 10 TMC update Q3/ BKK YP sales decline same as print media industry trend Pathumtani City YP sales increased slightly Distributed 2008 Provincial YellowPages in July 1900 Audiotex shifting to *4XXX  Market affected by economic downturn Launch FAST Search Engine in with new user friendly

11 11 TMC Direction 2009 Maintaining YellowPages and City YP revenue Launch selected vertical in segment YP are strong  Home & Office improvement, Services Business Build YellowPages awareness through 1188 Home Services delivery Incubate Internet/Online revenue  One stop online solution  Build up internet traffic and revenue from FAST search engine Launch new SMS product line Focus on SMS Subscription Services Increase Revenue from Outsourcing Call Center  Inbound / Outbound

12 12 Shinee Update Q3/2008 Stream line Shinee operation and integrate with TMC voice business completed in Aug’08 Segment result in Q3’08 has some impact of restructuring cost Start from Q4’08 it is expected Shinee’ s result will be positive

13 13 Watta Update & Direction Revenue Q3’08 increased slightly from pocket book sale Advertising industry outlook – slow due to economic situation Start stream line negative margin products to improve profitability in 2009 Focus core classified and pocket book Develop more new special guide books in specialize/vertical segment such as Home, Auto etc.

14 14 ISP revenue improved by 2% from leased line revenue NI of TMC decreased by 13% QoQ due to SG&A increased Unit: Million Baht Segment performance 1/2 (Excl one time items in Q3 ’ 08 & goodwill in Q3 ’ 07)

15 15 Normal NI of Mobile content service for Q3’08 improved from restructuring plan business with TMC Revenue from Classifieds Print Directories increased 11% QoQ from sale of advertising space in print classified newspapers increased (Jobs, Real Estate and Cars) Unit: Million Baht Segment performance 2/2 (Excl one time items in Q3 ’ 08 & goodwill in Q3 ’ 07)

16 16 Q3/2007 Normal NI = 87 MB Total NI = 102 MB Q3/2008 Normal NI = 68 MB Total NI = 76 MB Segment Performance : Net Profit (Excl Goodwill ) Q2/2008 Normal NI = 66 MB Total NI = 50 MB Note: Q3/2008: ADV = 0 MB, WATTA = -1 MB Q2/2008: ADV = -5 MB, WATTA = -3 MB Q3/2007: ADV = -2 MB

17 17 Segment Performance : Revenue Q3/2007 Normal rev. = 658 MB Total rev. = 681 MB Q3/2008 Normal rev. = 674 MB Total rev. = 687 MB Q2/2008 Total rev. = 656 MB

18 18 Total Assets as at 30 September 2008 = 2,095 MB Cash and cash equivalent = 412 MB Dec’ 07 2,368 MB Total liability increased 226 MB due to Short tern loan for CSL 160 MB for investing in internet network (Leased Line) in Q4’08 Unearned income from customers of 2008 Thailand YellowPages advertising sale Total equity decreased 499 MB from capital reduction and dividend payment Sep’ 08 2,095 MB

19 Consolidated Financial Ratios Q3/2008 Normal NI = 68 MB Normal rev. = 674 MB Normal EBITDA = 132 MB

20 20 Appendix

21 21  3,020 clients representing 77% of total ISP revenue  2% QoQ subscribers growth  ARPU : 29,461 Bt/month Subscribers Bt/month Leased Line Product

22 22  11,939 Broadband clients representing 17 % of total ISP revenue  3% QoQ subscribers drop  ARPU : 1,655 Bt/month SubscribersBt/month Broadband Product (ADSL,IPSTAR)

23 23 Dial up Product (Narrow band)  56,025 subscribers representing 6% of total ISP revenue  28% QoQ Subscribers drop  ARPU: 104 Bt/month (Average prepaid and postpaid) Subscribers Bt/month

24 24 Return History

25 25 Disclaimer “This document contains certain forward-looking statements. They refer to future events and to the future financial performance of the Companies. Forward-looking statements generally can be identified by the use of forward- looking terminology such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, “intend”, “estimate”, “anticipate”, “believe” or “continue”. Although the Companies believe that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable at this time, it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. Given these uncertainties, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward- looking statements.”

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