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¿De dónde vienen las Piñatas? Where do Piñatas come from?

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1 ¿De dónde vienen las Piñatas? Where do Piñatas come from?

2 Objetivos / Objectives Learn about Spanish cultural traditions and the Spanish language Learn new vocabulary Work with others Practice vocabulary and grammar you have learned in class

3 Where did Mexican Piñatas Come from? Aztecs used them to celebrate Gods, Birth, Death, etc They used goards (coconuts, seeds) filled with treats and covered with feathers

4 Piñatas were also used in Europe Before Europeans came to America, Italians and Spanish children broke piñatas Generally used on the first Sunday of Lent (Catholic holiday)

5 How did Piñatas made it to Europe? Some believe piñatas may have come to Europe from China!

6 What´s the origin of Mexican Piñatas? Mexican piñatas may be a combination of Aztec and Spanish traditions.

7 Vocabulario There are some words that you need to learn….

8 Los Materiales ¡Para hacer la piñata necesitas materiales!

9 Vocabulario General Tijeras Papel globo Goma Pintura Pincel Periódico Scissors Paper Balloon Glue Paint Paint Brush Newspaper Nouns Sustantivos

10 Vocabulario General Cone Starch Model Photo Drawing Carton Fringe Cono Estarcha Modelo Foto Dibujo Cartón Tiras More! Mas!

11 Las descripciones ¡Para describir la piñata necesitas adjetivos!

12 Vocabulario General Original Mexicana Colores Figuras Animal Humano Carácter Original Mexican Colors Figures Animal Human Character

13 Vocabulario General Different Unique Round Long Short Small Big Diferente Única Redondo Largo Corto Pequeña Grande More nouns and adjectives

14 Colores Rojo Azul Amarillo Morado Café Verde Blanco Negro Rosa Claro Oscuro Red Blue Yellow Purple Brown Green White Black Pink Light Dark

15 Los Verbos ¡Para seguir las instrucciones necesitas saber verbos en español!

16 Vocabulario General Doblar Pintar Dibujar Pegar Cortar Romper Imaginar To fold To paint To draw To paste To cut To tear To imagine Verbos

17 After gaining basic understanding about piñatas you will….. Memorize new vocab. Make your piñata Write a speech Present your piñata Write a project reflection

18 Your reflection will include... What did you learn? If you had to do your piñata all over again.. What would you do differently? What did you like best about the project? Explain

19 Describe your piñata Include Spanish vocabulary learned (colors, size, animal, etc) Create a vocabulary list: have at least 15 words + translations. Tell others what you learned When creating your speech outline you will…

20 After making your piñata Your presentation will… Done ALL in Spanish (YES! YOU CAN!) Have an introduction, body & conclusion Be creative! Follow the rubric provided Show what you learned about piñatas and hispanic traditions!

21 Are you ready to make your Piñatas? Make sure you: -Manage your time well -Read/Listen to the instructions -Work well with others -Meet all of your deadlines! -Help with clean up!

22 Make the best Piñata ever! Remember! Have fun making your piñata and share with others what your learned! Your piñata will take part in a exhibition in which the Kamehameha “familia” will have a chance to admire your work. Enjoy!

23 ¿Preguntas? Any questions???? Make sure to give Sra. your picture of your piñata so supplies can be ordered. The sooner you do this, the sooner we can begin!!!

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