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Use your cell phone or/and internet to earn ! GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ! Mobile or Internet Users.

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1 Use your cell phone or/and internet to earn ! GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ! Mobile or Internet Users

2 About D-Loads D-Loads RT is a new way to distribute loads for different telecommunication companies, internet access cards, online gaming access cards and landline prepaid cards for different providers

3 About D-Loads D-Loads RT can be accessed by using your existing mobile number. All you have to do is to register your existing number to the system and you can start selling D-Loads RT's wide array of prepaid load products through mobile texting. You can also accesse D-Loads RT via internet by simply logging in to its website. You can transfer any prepaid load products and get transaction reports online for free.

4 About D-Loads With D-Loads RT's enhanced mobile technology solution and computer applications, you can now enjoy wholesale discounts up to 20% off for over 70 prepaid card and e-load products. No need to buy in bulks. No need to stock up inventory. D-Loads RT is your one way retail store whenever and wherever you need it.

5 D-loads : AWARDS Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards Philippine Marketing Excellence Award National Shoppers Choice Award as the Most Promising Innovative Marketing Company, Most Outstanding Electronic Loading Company and the No. 1 Real-Time Mobile Technology Solution.

6 Traditional loading system : D-Loads? D-Loads carries all mobile network carriers in the Philippines. In ONLY one Mobile Phone, you can sell e-load to all mobile subscribers regardless of what network they are using. You don’t need to buy new CP unit or specialized SIM or Retailer’s SIM to sell e-load. You can sell load using your existing mobile or CP (text) or PC that is connected to the internet.

7 Traditional loading system : D-Loads? Only one product inventory to maintain for all network. No need to buy in bulks. No need to stock up inventory. There is text (SMS), call, email and online support even during the night 24/7. Grow your business by creating new retailers and earn your Over Riding Commission (ORC) from their sales too

8 D-LOADS vs. OTHER 1.Minimal Capital (P100) 2.No need to invest more than 1000 to be qualified as DEALER 3.Real-Time (Fast Service) 4.18 to 24 hours Customer Service Assistance thru Text (SMS), Chat (YM), email, or Call. 5.Mobile and / or PC Loading capability

9 D-LOADS vs. OTHER 6.Sure Refund if you ask 7.Friendly Customer Representative 8.Length in the industry 9.Very Competitive Discount 10.Many products to choose from 11.2 in 1 Account Registration (Retailership Fee is also a Dealership Fee-100)

10 D-LOADS vs. OTHER 12.Other company charge you 2,200 to 20, 000 just to be qualified as Dealer. 13.Use ONLY one (1) SIM 14.No need to buy new mobile unit 15.No need to have retailer’s SIM 16.No Daily, weekly, or Monthly Quota 17.Just sell what you can (Be your own Boss)

11 D-LOADS vs. OTHER 18.Just sell what you can (Be your own Boss) 19.Able to create unlimited retailers 20.No Dealership Fee to create retailers 21.Easy to remember Codes 22.Worldwide business. Good for OFWs 23.Load Fund NO Expiration 24.Fund is secured 25.Account is TRANSFERABLE if SIM is lost

12 Let your CP/PC earn 4 U! You will earn 5 - 20% from your personal sales. Discount will depend on the product you are selling - the highest is 20%. You enjoy the discount for your own / family loads too! SAVE costs! I ncome + save money and load.

13 Let your CP/PC earn 4 U! 1% rebate from every reload of your D- Loads Load Wallet of at least P3,000 plus FREE 10 DCREATE wherein you can create D-Loads retailers for FREE. 1.5 % if you sell SMARTLOAD Wallet to any traditional Smart Load Retailers. If you are a Smart Load retailer you will get another discount.

14 Let your CP/PC earn 4 U! P100 from every D-Loads retailer you make. PLUS Over Riding Commission ( OCR*) 8 Pesos or 1 % -whichever is higher - from every D-Loads Load Wallet you transfer to any D-Loads Members.

15 *Earn Over Riding Commission (ORC) You can earn ORC up to 2 nd Level in your network 0.30 Peso Over Riding Commission (ORC) from every e-load that your retailers will sell 50 -100 pesos or more from every retailer you create  0.20Peso Over Riding Commission (ORC) from every e-load sales of your retailers’ retailers.  Not so much?? W A I T ! P0.30 P0.20

16 REBATES FROM UPGRADE Take note: –When your activated retailers will UPGRADE to SMARTLoad Wallet Dealership account using the VER PIN command, YOU can earn P50 instantly credited to your account. –Imagine if you have 100s or 1000s of retailers who will upgrade, you can earn as much as 50,000 or more. –Because D-Loads charge them P100, you get the half of it (P50). P50

17 OCR – sample calculation 1.You have 5 retailers. Everyday they have 10 e-load transactions That is  1. 1.5 X 10 X 0.30 = P15 will be you Over Riding Commission (ORC), multiply by 30 days, P450 in a month

18 OCR – sample calculation 2.You have 5 retailers. Your 5 retailers have also 5 retailers each. Everyday each of them has 10 e-load transactions. That is  2.5 X 10 X 0.30 + 5 X 10 X 0.20 = P25 will be you daily OCR, multiply by 30 days, P750 in a month.

19 OCR – sample calculation 3.You have 10 retailers. Your 10 retailers have also 10 retailers each. Everyday each of them has 10 e-load transactions daily. That is  3.10 X 10 X 0.30 + 10 X 10 X 0.20 = P50 per day is your ORC, multiply by 30 days, P1,500 in a month.

20 OCR – sample calculation 4.If your place is in the middle of a city or where many people buy load 10 transactions a day is not hard to do. That is  4.UNLIMITED potential! UP TO YOU ! Sell what you can & what you want. You can create retailers anywhere – not only at your place to have greater Income potential!

21 What products can YOU sell? Almost all e-load products from all networks (SUN, GLOBE, & SMART) can be sold via text or internet ! There are 123 e-load products of D-Loads your CP / PC can sell !

22 Who can Join? Investment Needed?  Students  Employees  Businessperson  Entrepreneur  House wife  Out of School Youth  Anybody with / w/out CP!!!!! Internet can be used for loading.  Anybody can join as long as they are willing to sacrifice to earn money.  NO requirements – just join via text !  NO Financial Documents Needed

23 Investment Needed One time & Life Time registration fee (SIM Activation) is 100 Pesos Reduced it to Zero (0)*! ASK for this special offer! Load funds (min. 100 Pesos ) to start selling Upgrade Free of 100 (optional) *In case you pay direct 300 Pesos we will transfer P300 to your load funds = ZERO (P0.00) registration fee (SIM Activation Fee) for you!! What ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW!!!

24 How to Join? Pay the 100 Pesos registration fee thru: smart Money, G-cash, BDO Cash Card, Paypal, Union Bank EON, LBC, MLHuillier, or Western Union (Must) Pay Initial Load Fund at least 100 (Optional) Text your data to 0920 578 0157 (Must) CREATE your Mobile number#*your full Name*Address*Region*your birth date*Gender*occupation Follow the easy steps via text on your CP

25 Where to Pay the registration? : GCASH # 0905 640 3912 : SMARTMONEY # 5577 5155 1756 2111 : BDO CASH CARD #5267 2700 0549 2976 : PAYPAL : UNION BANK EON ACCOUNT Soon : LBC* :M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala* :Western Union Money Transfer* * You may wait the registration 24 – 48 Hours from the time of your payment. You need to include the initial Load Fund payment of at least P500

26 Questions? Contact Us NOW! : 0905 640 3912 : 0920 578 0157 : 0923 978 1143* (*at your request) : 046 696 7966 : ebob77 : eload_all : 00046 682 0277 : Web : We may HELP you! Mailing Address: All Money order/Money Transfer can be sent to this address. Use 0920-578-0157 as the main contact No. Eldefonso S. Roberto 2036 Amon Rd., Balubad II, Silang, 4118 Cavite, Philippines

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