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MPEG-2 Patents Review ISO/IEC 13818

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1 MPEG-2 Patents Review ISO/IEC 13818
Rob Glidden, December 2011

2 Disclaimer Information provided to facilitate consideration of Type-1 / royalty-free MPEG standardization* Not to be used as legal advice Not represented as comprehensive Only public sources considered Corrections, additions & comments welcome * See N12204, Call for Proposals (CfP) for Internet Video Coding Technologies, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11, July 2011, Torino, Italy

3 Motivation MPEG-2 patents are a logical reference point for IPR analysis for royalty-free MPEG Internet Video Codec MPEG-2 patent pool scrutinized by US Department of Justice* Pool list updated regularly since 1996 MPEG-2 is widely deployed (digital TV, DVDs, Blu-ray, etc.) MPEG-2 is a core competency of MPEG/WG11 By July 2013, anticipated completion of MPEG IVC standard: 75% of (US) patents will have expired 25% of (US) patents will remain 11% (15 patents) outside interlace & systems categories will remain * See US Department of Justice Business Review Letter, MPEG LA, L.L.C., et al., June 26, 1997, at

4 Related Materials “US Patent Expiration for MP3, MPEG-2, H.264”*
“Emergence of Essential Patents in Technical Standards: Implications of the Continuation and Divisional Application Systems and the Written Description”** "With regard to the MPEG-2 standard, % are those based on divisional, continuation, or CIP applications." Nero AG v. MPEG LA “Because at least two patents in the original [1996] pool will not expire until 2014, it is impossible that the [subsequently added] patents were added to extend the duration of the MPEG-2 pool because the “new” patents expire before the original patents.”*** * ** M. Omachi, Dec. 2004, at *** Nero AG v. MPEG LA, L.L.C. Case No. 10-cv-3672-MRP-RZ, ORDER RE: DEFENDANT MPEG LA, L.L.C.’S MOTION TO DISMISS THE FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT, 11/24/2010

5 Statistics 134 US patents Including original 1996 list of 27*
92 parent applications Most recently added patent: 7,936,817 (added 7/1/11) * Memorandum, Patent List for MPEG-2 Patent Pool, MPEG-2 IPR Working Group, October 4, 1996

6 Priority Earliest: Dec. 15, 1978 Latest: Apr. 22, 1994

7 Expiration 50% (67) will expire by Oct. 16, 2012
75% (100) will expire by July 31, 2013

8 Expiration By Source Last-expiring Last-expiring of Original 27
6,792,001, 24-May-2017 6,160,849, 11-Dec-2017 6,181,712, 30-Jan-2018 7,334,248, 14-Feb-2018 Last-expiring of Original 27 5,457,701, 5-Jan-2014 5,481,553, 27-Feb-2014 5,420,866, 28-Mar-2014

9 Unexpired as of July 31, 2013 25% (34) will remain unexpired as of July 31, 2013 11 interlace 8 systems 2 systems & video 13 other video

10 MPEG-2 Patents List* * See “MPEG-2 Patent List”, December, 2011 PATENT
Filed Issued Priority Expired US 4,970,590 21-Dec-1989 13-Nov-1990 21-Dec-1988 20-Dec-2009 US 6,188,794 20-May-1999 13-Feb-2001 22-Oct-1991 15-Oct-2012 US 5,298,991 24-Jul-1992 29-Mar-1994 3-Aug-1991 24-Jul-2012 US 4,833,543 24-Dec-1986 23-May-1989 24-Jan-1986 23-Dec-2006 US 6,307,973 4-Dec-2000 23-Oct-2001 US 5,343,248 16-Jul-1992 30-Aug-1994 26-Jul-1991 15-Jul-2012 US 5,453,790 26-Mar-1993 26-Sep-1995 27-Mar-1992 25-Mar-2013 US 7,362,805 2-Mar-2006 22-Apr-2008 28-Feb-1992 29-Jan-2013 US 5,428,396 27-Dec-1993 27-Jun-1995 23-Jul-2012 US 5,291,284 23-Jul-1991 1-Mar-1994 12-Dec-1989 28-Feb-2011 US 7,376,184 4-Nov-2002 20-May-2008 31-May-2014 US 5,461,420 17-Sep-1993 24-Oct-1995 18-Sep-1992 16-Sep-2013 US 4,982,270 3-Feb-1989 1-Jan-1991 2-Feb-2009 US 7,756,202 30-Oct-2007 13-Jul-2010 29-Jan-1992 6-Aug-2013 US 5,481,553 28-Feb-1994 2-Jan-1996 1-Mar-1993 27-Feb-2014 US 5,068,724 15-Jun-1990 26-Nov-1991 14-Jun-2010 US 7,936,817 3-May-2011 US 5,510,840 15-May-1995 23-Apr-1996 27-Dec-1991 29-Aug-2013 US 5,091,782 9-Apr-1990 25-Feb-1992 8-Apr-2010 US 4,958,226 27-Sep-1989 18-Sep-1990 26-Sep-2009 US 5,539,466 26-Sep-1994 23-Jul-1996 30-Jul-1991 22-Jul-2013 US 5,093,720 20-Aug-1990 3-Mar-1992 19-Aug-2010 US 5,227,878 15-Nov-1991 13-Jul-1993 14-Nov-2011 US 5,543,847 13-Dec-1993 6-Aug-1996 14-Dec-1992 12-Dec-2013 US 4,796,087 1-Jun-1987 3-Jan-1989 29-May-1986 31-May-2007 US 5,500,678 18-Mar-1994 19-Mar-1996 17-Mar-2014 US 5,559,557 28-Sep-1993 24-Sep-1996 28-Sep-1992 27-Sep-2013 US 5,235,618 6-Nov-1990 10-Aug-1993 6-Nov-1989 5-Nov-2010 US 5,563,593 8-Oct-1996 US 5,663,763 18-Oct-1993 2-Sep-1997 29-Oct-1992 1-Sep-2014 US 4,706,260 7-Nov-1986 10-Nov-1987 6-Nov-2006 US Re 35,910 12-May-1994 29-Sep-1998 29-Jun-1989 10-May-2010 US 5,666,461 30-May-1995 9-Sep-1997 29-Jun-1992 9-Sep-2014 US 4,813,056 8-Dec-1987 14-Mar-1989 7-Dec-2007 US Re 36,015 2-Oct-1995 29-Dec-1998 26-Mar-2012 US 5,701,164 19-Dec-1996 23-Dec-1997 24-Mar-1993 23-Mar-2014 US 5,426,464 18-Oct-1994 20-Jun-1995 14-Jan-1993 13-Jan-2013 US Re 36,507 21-Oct-1997 18-Jan-2000 US 5,946,042 2-Jul-1997 31-Aug-1999 US 5,486,864 13-May-1993 23-Jan-1996 12-May-2013 US Re 39,276 27-Apr-2000 12-Sep-2006 8-Nov-1991 1-Nov-2012 US 5,982,437 15-Oct-1993 9-Nov-1999 26-Oct-1992 8-Nov-2016 US 5,491,516 13-Feb-1996 12-Feb-2013 US Re 39,278 13-Apr-2001 US 6,040,863 18-Dec-1998 21-Mar-2000 US 5,600,376 20-Mar-1995 4-Feb-1997 3-Feb-2014 US Re 39,280 30-May-2001 US 6,160,849 12-Dec-2000 11-Dec-2017 US 5,796,743 30-Nov-1993 18-Aug-1998 17-Aug-2015 US 5,223,949 17-Apr-1992 29-Jun-1993 18-Apr-1991 16-Apr-2012 US 7,627,041 30-Jun-2005 1-Dec-2009 18-Jan-1993 20-Jun-2016 US 4,394,774 26-Jun-1981 19-Jul-1983 15-Dec-1978 15-Dec-1998 US 5,412,430 4-May-1994 2-May-1995 31-Jul-1991 30-Jul-2012 US Re 35,093 9-Dec-1994 21-Nov-1995 3-Dec-1990 2-Dec-2010 US 4,698,672 27-Oct-1986 6-Oct-1987 26-Oct-2006 US 5,784,107 21-Jul-1998 17-Jun-1991 20-Apr-2012 US 4,800,432 24-Oct-1986 24-Jan-1989 23-Oct-2006 US 5,867,501 7-Jun-1995 2-Feb-1999 17-Dec-1992 1-Feb-2016 US 5,461,421 29-Nov-1993 30-Nov-1992 28-Nov-2013 US 4,969,055 25-Aug-1988 10-Oct-1984 5-Nov-2007 US 4,849,812 24-Feb-1988 18-Jul-1989 10-Mar-1987 23-Feb-2008 US 5,467,086 18-Jun-1993 14-Nov-1995 15-Jun-1992 17-Jun-2013 US 5,289,276 19-Jun-1992 22-Feb-1994 18-Jun-2012 US 4,901,075 11-Sep-1987 13-Feb-1990 13-Sep-1986 10-Sep-2007 US 5,654,706 18-Dec-1996 5-Aug-1997 23-Jul-1992 14-Jul-2013 US 5,365,272 2-Jul-1993 15-Nov-1994 US 5,021,879 24-Sep-1990 4-Jun-1991 6-May-1987 3-Jun-2008 US 6,680,975 2-Nov-2000 20-Jan-2004 29-Feb-1992 12-Mar-2014 US 5,381,181 10-Jan-1995 13-May-2013 US 5,027,206 13-Sep-1989 25-Jun-1991 16-Sep-1988 12-Sep-2009 US 7,609,760 5-Jan-2009 27-Oct-2009 28-Feb-2013 US 5,422,676 22-Oct-1993 6-Jun-1995 25-Apr-1991 21-Oct-2013 US 5,128,758 2-Jun-1989 7-Jul-1992 6-Jul-2009 US 7,616,687 10-Nov-2009 US 5,442,400 29-Apr-1993 15-Aug-1995 28-Apr-2013 US 5,179,442 26-Nov-1990 12-Jan-1993 31-May-1989 11-Jan-2010 US 7,292,657 3-Jul-2003 6-Nov-2007 US 5,459,789 22-Apr-1994 17-Oct-1995 21-Apr-2014 US 5,333,135 1-Feb-1993 26-Jul-1994 31-Jan-2013 US 7,684,490 18-Dec-2008 23-Mar-2010 US 5,483,287 3-Aug-1994 9-Jan-1996 15-Nov-2011 US 5,606,539 31-Aug-1994 25-Feb-1997 5-Jun-1990 24-Feb-2014 US 7,724,821 24-Dec-2008 25-May-2010 US 5,565,923 22-Aug-1995 15-Oct-1996 US 5,608,697 18-Mar-1996 4-Mar-1997 4-Jun-2011 US 7,724,822 US 5,784,110 23-May-1996 21-Jul-2015 US 5,699,476 9-May-1996 16-Dec-1997 22-Feb-1990 18-Oct-2010 US 7,724,823 US 7,020,204 8-Feb-2002 28-Mar-2006 30-Dec-1987 29-Jan-2010 US 5,740,310 28-Jun-1994 14-Apr-1998 13-Apr-2015 US 7,724,824 US 7,334,248 24-May-2002 19-Feb-2008 14-Feb-2018 US 5,844,867 9-Sep-1996 1-Dec-1998 US 7,724,828 16-Nov-2009 US 5,317,397 29-May-1992 31-May-1994 31-May-1991 28-May-2012 US 6,181,712 11-Oct-1995 30-Jan-2001 25-Feb-1994 30-Jan-2018 US 7,724,829 US 5,424,779 24-Nov-1993 13-Jun-1995 12-Jun-2012 US 6,792,001 21-Sep-2000 14-Sep-2004 24-May-2017 US 7,742,522 22-Jun-2010 US 5,467,136 17-Feb-1994 13-Jun-2012 US Re 37,057 18-May-1998 20-Feb-2001 13-Nov-1993 13-Nov-2014 US 7,742,527 US 5,742,344 3-Apr-1996 21-Apr-1998 US Re 37,568 31-Mar-1999 5-Mar-2002 31-Mar-2014 US 7,764,735 2-Jul-2009 27-Jul-2010 US 5,986,713 11-Jun-1998 16-Nov-1999 US 4,954,892 4-Oct-1989 4-Sep-1990 14-Feb-1989 3-Oct-2009 US 7,782,956 24-Aug-2010 US Re 34,965 20-Jan-1989 17-Jan-2010 US 5,072,295 10-Dec-1991 21-Aug-1989 US 7,787,538 31-Aug-2010 US Re 35,158 28-Dec-1992 20-Feb-1996 27-Apr-1989 US 5,268,846 10-Apr-1991 7-Dec-1993 9-Apr-2011 US 5,418,782 6-Jan-1994 23-May-1995 30-Oct-1992 29-Oct-2012 US Re 36,822 2-Oct-1998 15-Aug-2000 6-Nov-2012 US 5,949,489 31-Jul-1998 7-Sep-1999 US 5,420,866 28-Mar-2014 US 5,103,307 18-Jan-1991 7-Apr-1992 20-Jan-1990 17-Jan-2011 US 5,963,258 5-Oct-1999 US 5,457,701 10-Oct-1995 5-Jan-2014 US 5,175,618 30-Oct-1991 29-Dec-1992 31-Oct-1990 29-Oct-2011 US 5,970,175 26-Oct-1998 19-Oct-1999 US Re 37,222 19-Jul-1994 12-Jun-2001 14-Oct-1989 11-Oct-2010 US 4,383,272 13-Apr-1981 10-May-1983 US 5,990,960 9-Dec-1998 23-Nov-1999 US 4,864,393 31-May-1988 5-Sep-1989 9-Jun-1987 30-May-2008 US 5,136,377 11-Dec-1990 4-Aug-1992 10-Dec-2010 US 6,002,439 27-May-1999 14-Dec-1999 US 5,191,436 30-Apr-1991 2-Mar-1993 9-May-1990 29-Apr-2011 US 5,113,255 11-May-1990 12-May-1992 11-May-1989 US 6,097,759 22-Nov-1999 1-Aug-2000 US 5,291,486 7-Aug-1992 19-Aug-1991 6-Aug-2012 * See “MPEG-2 Patent List”, December, 2011

11 MPEG-2 Patents List Fields Tracked*
TERM MPEG LA Notes Name Expired Title PTA Filed Expiring after 7/31/13? Issued 2013 & video PRIORITY Priority 2013 & video & siblings Foreign Priority Term Calculation APPLICATION HISTORY MPEG LA Group Term Notes 1st US Appl. LISTINGS 1996 1st filed per parent 2011 1st US Appl. Date 2011S Appl. # Video Appl. Filed Systems Ps Scope Topic P1 P1 Appl. # Primary US Class P1 filed Current US Class P2 Field of Search P2 Appl. # Current International Class P2 Filed Category P3 MPEG LA Essentiality Claims P3 Appl. # MPEG LA Description P3 Filed MPEG LA Standard Section PCT Appl. # Prosecution History Prosecution History Notes PCT Filed Area Capability Description * See “MPEG-2 Patent List”, December, 2011

12 Conclusion 34 MPEG-2 patents (25% of 134) will remain unexpired as of July 31, 2013 11 interlace 8 systems 2 systems & video 13 other video Last expires Feb 2018 Last of original 27 expires March 2014

13 Thank You!

14 Relevant Dates November 23, 1991
ISO/IEC DIS Coding for Moving Pictures and Associated Audio for Digital Storage Media, Rev. Nov. 23, 1991 (referenced in U.S. Patent No. 5,796,743, col. 1 ll ) November, 1993 MPEG-2 Systems Committee Draft (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11/N0601, November, 1993, (incorporated by reference in U.S. Patent No. 5,457,701, col. 4 ll ) December 1, 1993 "Information technology--Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information--Part 1: Systems" published Dec. 1, 1993, as Draft International Standard ISO/IEC CD (referenced in U.S. Patent No. 6,792,001 B1, col. 1 ll ) March 29, 1994 Latest priority date of US systems patent in original 27 (video + systems) patents (US 5,420,866) June 8, 1995 WTO TRIPS transition, US effective date October 6, 1996 Baseline MPEG-2 IPR Working Group 27 patents in "Patent List for MPEG-2 Patent Pool" June 26, 1997 U.S. Department of Justice Business Review Letter mentioning IP Working Groups patent search, "they account for a total of 27 Essential Patents, which are most, but not all, of the Essential Patents" March 28, 2014 Expiry date of last-expiring US systems patent in original 27 (video + systems) patents (US 5,420,866)

15 US Patent System Notes

16 Glossary Continuation: "a second application for the same invention claimed in a prior nonprovisional application and filed before the original prior application becomes abandoned or patented.... The disclosure presented in the continuation must be the same as that of the original application; i.e., the continuation should not include anything which would constitute new matter if inserted in the original application." MPEP Continuation-in-part: "an application filed during the lifetime of an earlier nonprovisional application, repeating some substantial portion or all of the earlier nonprovisional application and adding matter not disclosed in the said earlier nonprovisional application." MPEP Divisional: "A later application for an independent or distinct invention, carved out of a pending application and disclosing and claiming only subject matter disclosed in the earlier or parent application .... A divisional application is often filed as a result of a restriction requirement made by the examiner." MPEP Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): provides a mechanism by which an applicant can file a single application that, when certain requirements have been fulfilled, is equivalent to a regular national filing in each designated Contracting State. "[T]he applicant has up to 18 months more than he has in a procedure outside the PCT to reflect on the desirability of seeking protection in foreign countries ...." WIPO, Patent Cooperation Treaty Foreign filed application: "Under certain conditions and on fulfilling certain requirements, an application for patent filed in the United States may be entitled to the benefit of the filing date of a prior application filed in a foreign country, to overcome an intervening reference or for similar purposes." MPEP "Foreign priority ... is not considered in determining the term of a patent." MPEP 2701.

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