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Sabay --- Media Information Version 2014.

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1 Sabay --- Media Information Version 2014

2 Sabay Web and Its Networks

3 About Sabay Web #1 website in Cambodia, audience analytics reports Combination of breaking news and unlimited entertainment. Focused on important news related to youth such as entertainment, life & society, technology, and sport. A melting pot of ideas, opinions, gossips, experiences where youths gather to gain and share information and knowledge.

4 Sabay Web Statistics

5 Sabay Web Ads Rate Our pricing is simply unbeatable by any competitor for the same quality of service. We have been serving ads since 2012 and our clients love us. Every $1 is worth 1,000 banners display and is displayed across all the networks.

6 Sabay Web Ads Rate Detail Plans Value PlansPremium 100Premium 300Premium 500Premium 700 #of Banner100,000300,000500,000700,000 Cost$100$300$500$700 Professional PlansPremium 1000Premium 2000Premium 3000Premium 5000 #of Banner1,200,0001,500,0002,250,0003,000,000 Cost$800$1,000$1,500$2,000 Upscale PlansPremium 1MPremium 2MPremium 3MPremium 5M #of Banner1,000,0001,500,0002,250,0003,000,000 #of Press Release1111 #of LCD35710 #of Magazine-¼ page½ page1 page Cost$1,000$1,500$2,000$2,500

7 Sabay Web Ads Specification Details Ads Networks --,,,, Banner Sizes – Leader board 728 x 90 pixels, Big board 300 x 250 pixels File Formats – jpg, png, & gif

8 Sabay Magazine “Sabay Magz”

9 About Sabay Magz Monthly collection of entertainment and lifestyle stories connecting Cambodia to the world. Focused on cutting edge design, fashion, and technology. Our target audience is young, cosmopolitan, age 18 to 30. In Khmer and English, team led by an American Editor in Chief.

10 Sabay Magz Publication Details Monthly FREE issue 5,000 copies per month Available in more than 400 outlets

11 Sabay Magz Rates Professional RatesDouble PageFull PageHalf PageQuarter Page Inside Front Cover p2 – p3$1,000$600$350- Inside pages p4 – p20$850$500$300$175 Inside pages p21 – p37$800$450$250$150 Inside Back Cover p38 – p39$900$500$275- Back Cover-$1,000-- In-Footer Banner$500$300-- Special Feature RatesDouble PageFull PageHalf PageQuarter Page Special Cover$2,500$1,500-- Customized Advertorial$2,000$1,500$1,000$500 Content Rights$1,500$1,000$500$300 * All the content, photoshooting, & design is produced by Sabay.

12 Sabay Magz Specification Details Ads Sizes File Formats – ai & jpg, Bleed: 1cm, CMYK: 300DPI

13 Sabay LCDs

14 Sabay LCD Rates Value PlansPremium 5Premium 10Premium 15Premium 20 #of TV Ads3,1506,3009,45012,600 Cost$300$550$750$880 Professional PlansPremium 5 x 3Premium 10 x 3Premium 15 x 3Premium 20 x 3 #of TV Ads3,150 x 36,300 x 39,450 x 312,600 x 3 Cost$600$900$1,200$1,500

15 Sabay LCD Specifications and Locations Ads Sizes – 30seconds, maximum 15M File Formats – MPG

16 Sabay Social Media Forum 450,000+ Fans A vital media where the articles from the website are posted. A great forum for your product/service.

17 Advertising Integration More than 8 million visits Sabay magz More than 400K Likes Sabay LCD


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